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The excellently talented :iconannria2002: offers commissions for the very reasonable price of 1200 deviant points. Were I to meet this goal, I would request a commission featuring a piece from one of my fics. I must confess, I don't really expect this to actually get filled up, but if it did, I would probably allow the donors most of the decision as to WHICH part of one of my stories would be depicted. Like I say, I don't really expect this to get filled up (I only discovered it was a thing while fiddling with widgets), but I would be very grateful indeed if youse guys were to donate even a small number of points!

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So I was thinkin' to myself the other day, how could I celebrate not only the fact that I recently received my 100,000th pageview, AND the fact that I've now done four Enhancegirl stories (five, if you count Spectra's little outing). And then it hit me.

I'll hold a contest! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 

So, the brief is this: you can draw a picture or write a story featuring the lovely Sophie Scott, alias Enhancegirl, in which she is captured or kidnapped or something like that. Your work must feature Enhancegirl herself as captive, but it may feature other characters from the EG universe as well (Spectra, Stellar, etc). My preference would be for her to be tied up, being chloroformed, or both, but if you want to venture outside that you may - but it may hurt your chances! If you're writing a story, it needs to be at least 3,000 words long, and I imagine longer stories will have better chances. The closing date for submissions is April 30th (though I might extend that if necessary).

If you need information or a character reference for Enhancegirl, you may find it here:  Enhancegirl Character ProfileName: Sophie Scott, alias Enhancegirl
Age: 18
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Green
Height: 5'8"
Bust size: C
Powers: In her ordinary human state, Sophie has no special powers. Upon use of the phrase "Enhance" she transforms into her superheroine identity, Enhancegirl. In this form, she has vastly magnified senses (apart from her hearing), able to see objects from great distances, to feel the most miniscule changes in temperature, and can smell the faintest of scents.
Skills: In addition to having a good nose for detective work (so to speak), Sophie has an instinctive grasp of the principles of unarmed combat. Though she has had a little instruction in judo, her skills are mostly self-taught, as she has judged that the formal martial arts would not suit someone with her abilities - why allow herself to be limited by them?
Weaknesses: Sophie possesses no enhanced strength, and has ordinary hearing. In addition, her enhanced sensitivity renders her very susceptible to being drugged: the fai

The prizes are as follows:

1st prize: $100
2nd prize: $40
3rd prize: $20

(Note, prizes MUST be payed through Paypal. If you don't have it, I won't be able to pay you)

I will be judging on a number of different criteria, which would be difficult to list exhaustively. However, the following things couldn't hurt to include:
- Sheer quality of art or writing
- Interesting poses, expressions
- Dynamism
- Keeping in character (for stories)
- a point. While I encourage you to be imaginative, I'm no enemy to "classic" scenarios. For instance, a simple, very well drawn picture of Enhancegirl simply bound and gagged could very well be a strong contender.

I look forward to seeing people's submissions, and I hope that people want to participate!




Currently writing what may be my magnum opus...
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
"Miss Stellar!" An attractive blonde of curvy build and medium height grasped the Korean songstress' hand warmly, shaking it with a surprising amount of force for someone of her size. "It's such an honour!"
"Please," Stellar replied, smiling winsomely, "do not mention it!" Normally when exciteable women clasped Stellar's hands, either she or her security detail would be swiftly removing them from her presence. This time, however, not only were there no burly men rushing to separate the two, but they were not present at all. Stellar had asked them to wait outside her luxuriant hotel room, while May Springtide conducted her interview.

"So, before we start," May said, getting out a small tape recorder, "can I ask why you wanted me to interview you?" Much was unusual about the situation. For one thing, Stellar wasn't in costume. She was being interviewed as Yumi Tae-Yong. Not that she didn't look fabulous, of course - she was clad in a very fetching, short black dress, with translucent sleeves, and red heels at the end of her long legs. May was dressed to impress as well, in a dark blazer and mini-skirt, but she still felt a bit out of place. Stellar had never given an interview to a Western journalist before.

"I have read your articles about seem to admire her, yes?" May smiled.
"Well, I guess that's one way of putting it." May had become Enhancegirl's unofficial chronicler, regularly reporting on her heroic exploits, and trying to paint her in the best light possible. Recent events, however, had not been kind to Sophie's public image.
"Heroine Humiliated," the headlines had read. "Enhancegirl defeated twice in one night: rescued by Valora." With a rather sickening glee, Seacouver's papers had happily reported Sophie's double defeat. Valora had even received credit for defeating Cybelle, though not through any lie of her own. The old man Sophie had helped had simply been too drunk to remember accurately what the heroine looked like. Misremembering which was which, he described Sophie as blonde - which both Cybelle and Valora were - and the paper interviewing him had reported accordingly.

"I wish to say what really happened on that night," Yumi said. "I thought you would listen to what I say."
"I'm all ears," May said, crossing her legs, her flesh-tone stockings rubbing against each other as she did. And so Yumi began to relate what had really happened, how Enhancegirl had been the one who'd defeated Cybelle, how she'd come to rescue Yumi from Arachna, and only been beaten - as Stellar saw it - by chance.

It was as she was explaining this that the guard posted outside the hotel room door noticed someone approaching him. A tall, blonde woman, taller than the guard himself.
"Hey there stud," she drawled, "you work security here?" He wasn't supposed to talk to people, but the dame talking to him was quite a looker, so he decided to make an exception.
"Not exactly," he said, trying to sound cool. "I'm, uh, private security."
"Oh, a bodyguard, huh?" She got close to him. "I don't suppose you'd be interested in guarding my body, would you?"
"Well, ma'am, I -" The guard realised something, and his eyes widened. "Wait a minute, you're -" He reached for his gun, but too slowly. From underneath the woman's long, red coat, two steel tendrils emerged. One seized the guard by the throat, and hurled him to the side.
"Ungg!" he grunted, as he slid to the floor, stunned almost to unconsciousness, blood trickling from a gash on his forehead.
"Sorry, Mr Bodyguard," Cybelle said, "but you ain't the one I want to play with."

"So you think the press has been unfair to Enhancegirl, then?" May asked. It was a leading question, but it wasn't like the interview was going anywhere Stellar didn't want it to.
"Unfair? Yes, Enhancegirl was very brave. I owe her a...I owe her much." It was Yumi's turn to cross her legs, but she did so out of discomfort. She wasn't quite able to express herself as she meant. She was trying to plead Sophie's case, but it wasn't coming out right. Sophie had saved her, that was what Stellar felt, not Valora. Enhancegirl was definitely coming out in a better light, but she was not yet the hero of the story.

May sensed the same thing. She was trying to pose questions that would lead Stellar in the right direction, and she might have come up with something, had the two not been interrupted. The door to Stellar's hotel room opened, and Yumi huffed slightly. It was probably her guard coming to update her that nothing untoward had happened, as he was wont to do. However, her back was to the door, so it was May who saw the intruder first. Like the guard, she failed to recognise her as well.

The woman in red strode in confidently, hardly even looking at May, who was staring confusedly at her. She stood between the two women, arms akimbo.
"Um," May said, rising to her feet, "do you mind?"
"Oh, I'm sorry darlin'. I didn't mean to be rude, but, I'm afraid this interview is comin' to an end." The voice was very familiar to Yumi, to whom the intruder had her back turned. When she worked out why, her blood froze.
"Cybelle!" she gasped.
"In the flesh," the villain said. She whipped off her coat, revealing four long, metal tendrils. "So to speak."

"A Black - mmmphh!" Yumi had leapt up, and tried to activate her powers, but Cybelle was too fast. One of the tendrils shot out and wound around Yumi's mouth, preventing her from activating her powers. She tried to pull free, but she wasn't strong enough. Two more tendrils shot out at her, mechanisms within them already in the process of spooling out strong, fibrous white cord. Their pincers seized Yumi's arms, pulling them behind her back, and turning her around. "MMMPHH!" she protested as with ruthless efficiency the two tendrils began wrapping the cord around her wrists and up her forearms, binding the slender maiden."No! Not again!"

"Hey, let her go!" May leapt into action, and swung fiercely at Cybelle's face. But the cyborg didn't even flinch. She snatched May's arm in mid-air with one of her organic hands, and then grabbed the other before May could react. "Aah!" May cried out, as her arms were wrestled behind her as well. Grabbing May's waist with her last tendril, Cybelle spun the reporter around, before crossing May's wrists over each other. "Get off me, you robotic tramp!" was all she had the sense to say. She was breathing hard, her heart thumping against her chest. Panic and adrenaline shot through her, though it did her no good. "What the hell is going on? Why is she here? How is she here?!"
"Oh, that ain't very ladylike," Cybelle laughed. Holding May's wrists together with one hand, she pulled out what looked like a simple roll of silver duct tape from a pocket. May craned her head back, but couldn't see what Cybelle was doing. She heard the ominous tearing sound, though, as tape was pulled away from the roll, before being twisted round her wrists and upper arms, binding them together.
"No! Stop!" May protested. "Someone help! Help m-MMMPHHH!!" A strip of duct tape had been slapped over her pouting lips, gagging the plucky reporter. She shook her head from side to side, but the tape was not so simple after all - it was specially designed to cling to skin, to hold tight without causing harm when it was pulled off. "MMMMPHHH!!" May cried out again, but no-one could hear her.

Both Yumi and May's arms were now bound, and both damsels were gagged. Cybelle believed that she was in total control of the situation, with both women so secured. But she was perhaps a little too sure of herself, for she relaxed her grip on the blonde reporter - who promptly stamped on Cybelle's foot with her heel and ran for it.

Cybelle's feet, unlike much of the rest of her, were not robotically enhanced, and she yelled in pain from May's attack. But the lapse in concentration was only momentary. Throwing the duct tape from her human hands to one of her artificial ones, she shot out two tendrils towards the fleeing reporter. One seized her by the shoulders, the other by the waist.
"NNMPHH!!" May cried out, panic beginning to set in as she wriggled vainly against the metal limbs. "Mmph?" The limb grabbing her waist began sliding down her stocking-clad legs, slowly, as if feeling them up. If she had known that Cybelle had tactile sensors wired directly from her tendrils into her nervous system, May would not have dismissed that thought so easily.

At any rate, May was soon aghast to find duct tape being twisted around her ankles, pulling them together, and making it impossible to walk or run. A few circuits were tied around her thighs as well, just above her knees. May looked down at herself, realising that she was now completely taped up, hand and foot. "What the hell do I do now?!" she thought, eyes wide and forehead damp with sweat.

At the same time, Yumi's lower body was being secured as well. Cybelle had a little more fun with the whimpering popstar, encircling Yumi's bare legs with her tendrils, and running them up and down, feeling her as she wiggled in her captor's grip. But Cybelle didn't want to have to devote her limbs to binding the maiden. She spooled out more rope, and began criss-crossing it down Yumi's legs, ropes biting into her soft skin, and keeping her from even wriggling noticeably.
"Mmmm-nnnmmmphhh..." Yumi moaned, watching herself be trussed up. "I can't do anything...I'm so powerless..." She could feel something moving in the tendril ensnaring her mouth. Something was emerging from it, some kind of fabric which was pressing over her mouth. "It's gagging me," Yumi realised, and when the tendril unwound from Yumi's face, it left behind a thin, but very effective cloth gag, tied in place by the tendril's pincers. Yumi looked at May, struggling in the tape which bound her limbs, and thought that, somehow, she still looked strong. She was fighting, even if it was pointless, and the tape had a kind of rough-and-ready quality to it that made May look as if she had been hard to capture.

Yumi, however, was tied up in pure white ropes, with a thin cloth gagging her pretty lips. She looked like something out of a fairy story, and not just for her beauty: she was like a princess captured by a dragon, whimpering and feminine, as fragile as porcelain. She hung her head in the shame of her captivity.

It was very unexpected for both captives when Cybelle released them. Not that she untied them or anything of the sort. She merely unwound her tendrils. It was no mercy, though, as Yumi and May both realised. With their much-flaunted legs tied up so tightly, neither could balance, and they began to collapse to their knees. But before they could even hit the ground, Cybelle had snatched them up again by the waist. She pulled them in, spinning them like ballerinas, vulnerable and beautiful as they were. They fell helpless into her arms, as she held them both up by the smalls of their backs, a disturbingly intimate gesture. They squirmed in her grip, but to no avail.

"Now, darlin's, that wasn't so hard, was it?" Cybelle laughed. "In fact," she said, turning towards Stellar, "you might say it was kinda pathetically easy." Yumi turned her wet, hazel eyes away, blushing with embarrassment. Her tendrils folded back on themselves, all four doing something with Cybelle's back pockets. Not able to see what she was doing, the captives found their eyes turned on each other.

"Why isn't she doing anything?" May wondered as she looked at the downcast beauty before her. She seemed so far removed from the Stellar of the stage that she actually wondered whether she really had any powers at all - but then there were many heroines whom a quick enough hand over the mouth could make helpless. She just seemed so helpless, so feminine and delicate, it was hard to believe that Yumi and Stellar were one.
"Mmmmmphhh..." Yumi was thinking the same thing. She could hardly bear to look at the gorgeous blonde out of shame. She was a superheroine. She was meant to rescue damsels in distress, not become one herself. She was so absorbed in her feelings of defeat that she didn't notice the damp cloth until it was already pressed over her mouth.

"Mmph!" Yumi squeaked.
"MMMMPHHH!!" May screamed. The difference in volume meant nothing - both were being subjected to the same fate. Cybelle had pressed chloroform soaked rags over their mouths, and now only had to watch as they fell even further under her control.
"Sleepy time, my little honeys," she crowed. May had no intention of giving in peacefully, though. She thrashed and fought, wriggling as hard as she could in the tape that kept her powerless, trying not to think about the insidiously sweet odour, and the warm, soft feeling spreading through her.
"Just gotta stay awake...just gotta stay awake..." she repeated to herself. But it was not so easy. Her limbs were slackening, and her eyelids were already feeling heavy.

"Mph...mph..." Yumi mewed, shaking her head in some vain gesture of defiance, or denial, she wasn't sure which. The scent of chloroform was familiar now, after her ordeal at Arachna's hands, and she knew what her perfect body would experience. Her extremities began to weaken first, her arms and legs, her knees shaking as she lost the strength to support herself. Her mind grew cloudy, drowziness wrapping around her like a blanket. "I can't move...can't fight it..." she thought despairingly, feeling herself grow ever sleepier. She met May's eyes, and saw that even the feisty reporter now looked almost totally vulnerable as well, her eyelids drooping, her expression increasingly tamed.

"That's it, girls, just drift right off..." Cybelle whispered. Taking them by the waists again, she began to ease them down to the floor, as their legs couldn't hold them up any longer. Her moaning, bound captives sank down, and Cybelle herself kneeled down with them, positioning their heads on her lap. By the time they reached the ground, neither had the strength to move. All they could do was turn their eyes up to the villainess who had captured them. They whimpered gently, breathlessly, feeling themselves grow ever more still. Before they lost consciousness completely, however, Cybelle took the cloths away. Yumi and May were left teetering on the edge of giving in.

"Why...did she stop?" Yumi wondered. But that soon became clear. Cybelle wanted them to be awake as she started to show them just how much they were in her power. She started running her hands over their chests, squeezing their breasts - May's round and soft, Yumi's perky - sliding her hands wherever she pleased.
"Mmmmmphhh..." May moaned, feeling herself being dominated by the cruel cyborg. "Why...we're already helpless...why is she bothering?"
"Nnnnmmmmmppphhh..." Yumi whimpered in a long breath, as she felt Cybelle's hands touching her naked legs, stroking her thighs and eliciting another blush. She began writhing sinuously in her bonds, only noticing after it was too late that she was rubbing quite intimately against her fellow captive, her bare legs rubbing against the toned, stocking-clad legs of the blonde. She stopped moving, paralysed by humiliation. It was only when the cloth went back over her mouth that she started moving again, as she wiggled and moaned almost involuntarily. May was subjected to the same thing, the damsels' eyes darkening as they gave in, warm and soft and completely overwhelmed.
"Mmph..." May gave a gentle sigh as she passed out, only seconds before Yumi did the same. Cybelle held the cloths in place for a few moments to make sure that they were unconscious, before taking the rags away.

"Nighty night, gals," she said, before standing up, letting Yumi's head fall onto May's chest. She grabbed them both by their clothes, hauling them onto their feet. She did so with such force that May's blazer ripped, exposing her left shoulder. Cybelle would have called that serendipity. She held them like that for a few moments, enjoying seeing their struggles reduced to absolute meekness, enjoying taking in how utterly she had tamed the pretty young women. But she curtailed her indulgence, and, used her tendrils to lift both damsels up, tossing them over her shoulders. Both wore short dresses, not designed for such a defeated pose, and it was simplicity itself for Cybelle to slip her hands under their hemlines, feeling the tops of May's soft thighs, which her stockings didn't reach, and squeezing Yumi's tight ass. She almost hoped the Korean captive had some semblance of wakefulness, so she'd know Cybelle was doing this to her.

"There," she said, as she began walking off with two beautiful maidens draped over her body, "that stupid little redhead won't be able to resist bait as hot as this..."
Enhancegirl 4-4: The Interview
What's this? A fourth chapter? What kind of sorcery is this?! 

(Oh, by the way, any artists or writers reading this, be sure to check out my Enhancegirl contest! See my journal page for details! <da:thumb id="506087501">)

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