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As straightforward as the title implies! Which of the many lovely ladies the esteemed Time Lord has travelled with would you most like to see trussed up and gagged, and why?



We've been defeated...someone...rescue us...
"I don't think she has the nerve," Mariko Asakura said, as she strolled confidently into the dark warehouse. "Not after such a total defeat."
"I don't know," Sophie Scott replied. "She got back on the horse pretty quickly last time." The two lovely young maidens were a little way from their native Seacouver, in the nearby port town of Wesston. Normally neither of them would be seen dead in such a dump, but duty called.

For they were not just pretty young women: they were superheroines, and rather famous ones at that. Mariko, the tall, slender Japanese beauty, was also known as Spectra, Mistress of Light, with all the power that implied. Sophie, with her charmingly freckled face and bouncy red hair, went by the moniker Enhancegirl, possessed of vastly increased senses - minus her hearing.

They had heard that, not three weeks since her attempt to kidnap and enslave them had ended in ruinous defeat, the criminal known only as Madam Black had resurfaced in Wesston, back to her old tricks. Her operation was, of course, much smaller now, but rapidly growing in size. A little reconaissance had told the pair that this was where Black might well be stashing her 'wares', prior to transporting them on.

"I suppose," Mariko said, "I might be prepared to believe that she's returned to criminality. I doubt her perverse mind could succeed in any other arena. But I still maintain that she's unlikely to have gone straight back to the kidnapping trade."
"It wouldn't surprise me at all. Even if she thought it might get her caught again, she wouldn't give a rat's ass. Before she's anything else, that woman is a sadist. She wants to inflict misery and humiliation on as many women as she can."

There didn't appear to be anyone around. Thinking it would be a touch unsubtle if they were walking through town in their uniforms, the pair had waited until they were inside before accessing their powers, but now there was no restriction.
"Spectrum is Green," Mariko said, her clothes vanishing, only to be instantly replaced with the strapless leotard and half-skirt of her outfit as Spectra. Knee high boots covered her feet, and a small, silver mask covered her eyes.
"Enhance!" With a flash of light, Sophie found herself covered in the gold mini-dress of Enhancegirl. A red domino mask covered her eyes - and her eyes became far more than they had been.

Whenever Sophie transformed, it was a thrill. The sensory overload had been overwhelming the first few times, but she was more than used to it by now. The whole world opened up for her in a way few others could understand. She could see every single facet of everything around her, could tell which support beams were weakest, could taste tobacco in the air that had been smoked days ago, could smell in exquisite detail the perfume lingering on Mariko's slender neck.

She scanned the environment quickly, and from footprints that were so faded only she could have seen them, deduced that someone had been here recently. She smelled the air, and detected something on the very edge of even her senses, but it was too faint to place. She didn't smell Black, and she recognised that scent well by now.

"I don't think she's been here herself," Enhancegirl said. "But I -" Just then, she caught a scent of something. A powerful, sweet scent. Her stomach tightened - but it was only lavender. She turned to the source, and saw a thick, steel trapdoor. "Something's in there," Sophie said.
"Something or someone?" Spectra asked.
"No clue. Unless Madam Black's decided her new evil scheme is to sell lavender pillows, or something."

The trapdoor was locked tight. Not only that, but Enhancegirl couldn't see all the way through it.
"Think you can bust it open?" Enhancegirl asked. Spectra merely snorted in reply.

She opened her palm, pointing it directly at the trapdoor. She focussed herself, before a beam of pure, white light burst from her palm, slamming straight into the metal door. White hot cracks began to appear in it as Spectra concentrated her powers. Sophie looked on in wonder. She had met many people who could do some very strange things, but she continued to be impressed by Spectra's might.
"There," Spectra said. "I've burned through the lock."
"Did I mention that I was grateful you came along?"
"Yes, but you may mention it again, if you wish," Spectra said, smiling slightly.

The two of them worked together to actually open it, as neither of thing was physically any stronger than they looked. With a mighty heave, the two managed to throw it open.
"Hey, alright," Enhancegirl said, panting slightly. "Now, let's -" Enhancegirl suddenly found herself overwhelmed by the strong scent of lavender. It completely clogged her sense of smell. "Somebody really likes that stuff," she growled.
"Oh, hell," Spectra said. "I was right."

As the two looked in, they saw another pair of young women, bound and unconscious. One was short, and blonde, the other a tall and slender brunette. Both were tied up with thick, strong looking red ropes, clad in short summer dresses.
"I hope these are the only two..." Enhancegirl said, scanning her surroundings again. She wasn't just looking for other captives: she was looking for a trap. These two might have been locked up, but they were unguarded. It seemed very fishy indeed.

"I'll untie them," Spectra said. She hopped down into the hatch, and begin slicing away the cords binding the two girls' bodies. She didn't have Enhancegirl's sense of smell, but even she found the smell of lavender discomfiting. She realised as she unbound them that the smell was coming from the captives themselves.
"Why would Black soak them in lavender?" she wondered. As she finished untying the second girl, she noticed her begin to stir.

"Ooohh..." she moaned. "Where am I?"
"You're alright," Spectra said. "We'll get you - aah!" Spectra hadn't noticed that the other girl was awake too. Nor did she notice her creeping towards the silver clad heroine, nor indeed - until it was too late - did she notice the blindfold.
"Gotcha," the brunette said. She grabbed the now blind - and, because of the way her abilities worked, powerless - Spectra and with the help of her fellow 'captive' began wrestling her to the ground.
"No! Let me go!" the maiden cried out, but they were more than a match for her.

Enhancegirl noticed what was happening, of course, and rushed to help her ally. But it was then, once the trap had shut, that she realised the purpose of the lavender. It was to hide another smell.
"Mmmphh!" Sophie mewed, as a strong hand clamped down over her mouth from behind. She stopped in her tracks, not because of the hand, but because of what lay between it and her mouth - a thick, damp cloth. It, too, smelled sweet. But it wasn't lavender it was soaked in.

"Hello there, Sophie," came a familiar voice. "Been well?"
"Mmmphhhhh!! MMMMMPHHH!!" Sophie moaned. She was beginning to feel weak, her bare legs already trembling. She batted uselessly at her captor's arm. She recognised the voice, but she hadn't expected it. "No...not her..."
"Well you certainly feel as great as ever," said Nyx, the Mistress of Sleep. "Such a shame that you and your pals managed to get away...but then I suppose it's just given me a chance to capture you all...over...again."
"Mmmnn...mmmnnnmmphh..." Enhancegirl could barely move now. She couldn't focus, her arms hung limply by her side, and she could feel that Nyx was supporting her weight. "Can't...can't move...uhh...I fell for it...captured again..."

At the same time, Mariko was feeling just as foolish. The helpless victims had turned out to be her enemies and, with one piece of cloth over her eyes, had now made her helpless instead. Her hands were forced behind her back, and held in place.
"Get off! Release me now!" Spectra ordered, but the girls only laughed.
"She's a feisty kitty, isn't she?" one said.
"Maybe we should wrap this kitty up, just to be safe," the other replied.

Spectra's heart sank when she felt the first bite of red cord around her wrists.
"No!" she yelped. In moments, her hands were bound, but her captors weren't content with that. They began coiling cords around her arms and torso, pulling cord underneath her breasts, then pulling a rope between her cleavage, meeting and tying to rope which was wrapped around her slim, soft shoulders, then hooked over them. The result was that her arms were anchored in place incredibly tightly, and whenever she moved, the rope between her breasts rubbed them.
"Unnhh...unnhh!" Spectra moaned, as she struggled to loosen the ropes. But it was useless.

They took hold of her long, supple legs next, and though she kicked, the two of them were able to hold her lovely limbs down. While the blonde held them together, the brunette tied a circuit of thick cord around her thighs, pinching her soft skin.
"Stop!" Spectra demanded, a note of dismay creeping into her voice. "Stop...stop tying me up!" They laughed at her plea, and only continued. They tied ropes just below her knees, and then around her ankles, until Spectra was completely immobilised.
"A captive...again!" She wriggled, but was so tightly bound - perhaps more tightly than she'd ever been before - that her movements were hardly noticeable.

Poor Sophie had had to stand there and watch, completely helpless. The chloroform in Nyx's cloth had been massively diluted, which was why she was still awake at all, but it didn't help her. Holding her by her bare shoulders, Nyx took the sleepy, whimpering heroine to where Spectra lay bound.
"And I catch that delectable Japanese friend of yours into the bargain. What a day!"
"What...oohh...what do you want?" Sophie mumbled weakly.
"Oh, nothing much. Don't worry, I'm not running a slaving operation or anything. That was just a rumour I planted to get you here." She began running her hands through Sophie's red hair. "I just wanted to...have the pleasure of your company again." Saying that, she pushed Sophie in the back.

"Oh..." she mewed, teetering for a moment on the edge of the hatch, before tumbling in. She fell straight into the arms of the brunette girl, caught like a superhero might catch a falling damsel-in-distress, dangling in the air like a bride - albeit one in a very revealing dress. At the same time, the blonde hoisted Spectra to her feet. Nyx knelt down, so that Spectra, standing in the hatch, was level with her knees.

"Now, my delicious, Oriental maiden..." Nyx said, "why don't we try something a little different."
"What are you - mmpphhh!!" Spectra cried out, as she felt Nyx's lips against hers. "Mmmm-mmmphhhh!!" Nyx's mouth was soft and warm, but that wasn't what Spectra noticed first. She first noticed the strange taste of her lipstick. "Mmmmphh! Mmmm....mmmmphhh..." Something was wrong. Mariko could feel herself getting weaker. "It's's like..."
"It's like being chloroformed, isn't it?" Nyx said, pulling away for a moment. "That's because it is. Drugged lipstick," she said, smiling. "I believe dear Enhancegirl's already familiar with the effects."
" witch...I'll...mmmphhh..." The kiss resumed before Spectra could finish her threat, and her slinky, trussed up body grew ever weaker. "" Spectra thought, confusedly and groggily. "She's defeating me...she's defeating me with a kiss...oohhnn..." The Japanese heroine could last no longer. Her body grew soft, and limp, and she collapsed back into the brunette's arms, completely knocked out.

Sophie had not been left alone while this was happening. She too was bound, and her gorgeous, feminine body soon felt the bite of cord from all sides. Her tender breasts were squeezed from above, below and between, her slim arms tied inescapably behind her back.
"Such a sexy little redhead," the blonde said, stroking Sophie's naked, moist legs, feeling the yielding firmness of her thighs, the slender curve of her calves. Sophie blushed brightly, her powers making her extremely sensitive to being touched. "If Nyx let me keep you, I'd make it so you begged to be tied up."
"" Such words as Sophie could still think to say were stolen from her by a thin cloth pulled between her ruby red, wet lips. "Mmm-mmpphhh..." She blushed again as her legs were stroked, not by hands this time, but by ropes as red as her mouth. 

Ropes were drawn around her thighs, with the cinch between her legs, squeezing them tightly. Then just above and below her knees, Sophie was trussed, so that by the time the blonde got to her ankles, her legs were already reduced to one useless - if very shapely - limb. She was allowed to fall to her knees, and she knew that she couldn't get herself up.
"Too weak...unnhh..."

As Sophie knelt, Mariko's chin dropped to her chest, as the unconscious maiden stood passive and tamed before her captor. Now that she was helpless, there was no danger in removing her blindfold.
"Such a pretty face," Nyx said, as she lifted her chin to get a better look. "It's a shame you supers feel the need to cover up." She casually removed the mask from Mariko's face, though the sensuous young woman was not aware of the shame that had been inflicted on her. Her blindfold went back on - but not over her eyes. Instead, it was wrapped around her mouth, sealing her lips.

She was lain gently down against her fellow captive, her head resting against Enhancegirl's breasts. Too sleepy and weak to do anything about it, Sophie merely felt the warmth and softness of Mariko's slinky form against her own.
"Now girls," Nyx said, as her accomplices climbed out, "I'm not keeping you. I'm not on the job today - this was personal...and rather pleasurable. I just felt you needed to be reminded, after that little victory of yours, that you can still be defeated. You're still vulnerable. You're soft, feminine...and oh so sexy." She winked. "Have fun, my dears." With that, her accomplices closed the hatch, plunging the pair into darkness.

"They beat us..." Sophie thought, sleepily. "They took was...easy..." She wriggled slowly and sinuously, causing the slumbering Mariko to shift a little in her drugged sleep, her hair brushing against Mariko's cheek. "We're so weak..." Sophie thought, as she began passing out, her struggles sapping too much energy from her. "We're...unnhh...helpless..."

Well well well, here's yet ANOTHER awesome commission from :iconlilith-fetish: This time it's the lovely Enhancegirl and Spectra who've been captured! Direct any praise to the artist...and do have a look at the little narrative I cooked up, too! Enjoy!
As straightforward as the title implies! Which of the many lovely ladies the esteemed Time Lord has travelled with would you most like to see trussed up and gagged, and why?

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