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The excellently talented :iconannria2002: offers commissions for the very reasonable price of 1200 deviant points. Were I to meet this goal, I would request a commission featuring a piece from one of my fics. I must confess, I don't really expect this to actually get filled up, but if it did, I would probably allow the donors most of the decision as to WHICH part of one of my stories would be depicted. Like I say, I don't really expect this to get filled up (I only discovered it was a thing while fiddling with widgets), but I would be very grateful indeed if youse guys were to donate even a small number of points!

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"MMMPHHH!! MMMPHHHHH!!" Ruhani screamed, hazel eyes wide with fear as Nadja loomed over her guardian. At this point, Sirena realised something was amiss, but she didn't react to her princess' muffled warnings until it was much too late. Just as she was about to turn her head, she felt a damp cloth being pressed over her mouth.
"NNNMMMPHHH!!" Sirena cried out, attempting to twist herself round in order to grab at her assailant. But, on her knees, Sirena couldn't turn around easily enough. She was about to raise her arms, but Nadja wrapped her free arm around Sirena's torso, pinning them in place.

"NMMPHH! MMRRMMPHH!!" Sirena growled through the cloth. She might have been a far superior martial artist to any of Liese's crew, but in terms of raw physical strength, Nadja had the upper hand. To make matters worse, Sirena could feel something happening to her body. "I feel strange...getting dizzy...the cloth! It must be drugged!!"
"Thought you were so badass, didn't you?" Nadja taunted. "Well I don't care how much you've been training with ancient kung-fu masters, or whatever, that doesn't mean you can stop yourself getting chloroformed."
"MMMPHH!!! Mmphh!! Mmm...nnnnmmmphh..." Sirena's moans were becoming gradually quieter, her mind more and more overwhelmed by the potent drug that, with her alarmed and rapid breathing, she couldn't help but inhale. She was still putting up quite a fight, though, prompting Nadja to wrap her legs around Sirena, further pinning her arms. She pulled the warrior woman so that both women ended up on their backs. Though both were on the floor, it was quite clear who was winning.

To be continued!


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