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1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Three years. Good grief.

2.What does your username mean?

I wouldn't have thought that would be altogether difficult to define.

3. Describe yourself in three words.

Enthusiastic, perverse, non-committal.

4. Are you left or right handed?


5. What was your first deviation?

Senshi Defeated"Ami! You're here!" Usagi called out excitedly to her friend. The blonde haired girl ran up to the new arrival, and hugged her tightly.
"Uh, good to see you too, Usagi." Ami's reply was subdued. Looking over Usagi's shoulder, she saw that she'd been the last of the five to get there. The other three - Makoto, Minako, and Rei - were standing together some distance away. Streetlights flickered pathetically, barely keeping the night from encroaching upon the alley in which Ami had been instructed to meet the group.
"Usagi, this isn't the time for pleasantries!" Makoto barked.
"Oh, right," Usagi said sheepishly. Ami looked at the others. They weren't looking at each other.
"What's happened?" Ami asked. "Why wouldn't you tell me on the phone?"
"Because we don't know who might be listening," Makoto said. "Whoever's done this knows about us."
"Done what? What's going on?" Usagi pressed something into Ami's hand, a piece of paper with something written on it.
"My dear Makoto," Ami read. "Or sh

Senshi Defeated.

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

Fantastical fiction in which lovely ladies are cruelly captured. (Add "alliterative" to question 3).

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

The composition of music.


8. What was your first favourite?

Nami and Robin Strong World 2 by lostonezero

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Damsel-in-distress art.

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

Visual art? Too many to count. I'll mention two: :iconlostonezero: and :iconshibaji:

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

:iconpoorusername: probably!


12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

:iconjjavangard: helped me tremendously in the development of my first OC story, even producing artwork that really brought the ladies of Trouble in Paradise to life. :iconpoorusername: and :iconjackmackhack: helped me out a lot, especially in the early days when I was still developing a style. :iconcamiocorvus: :iconmad-man-with-a-pen: and :icongundam20012005: have also been awesome in helping to inspire me.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

Deviantart, and the brains of my friends.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

In discussion with one of the many imaginative people I've mentioned.


15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

The first comment on my first story.



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The two were carried along for quite some time. Looking through her captor's legs, Jill even saw a very faint, weak glow in the East, the first herald of the Sun's arrival. Both bound, gagged young women were getting to the point of exhaustion, but their struggles continued in some form or other. The nylon ropes wrapped around Jill and Ada's beautiful bodies may have been relatively soft, but they bit hard into them after such a long time keeping them trussed up, and it was impossible not to struggle at least a little. Neither captor seemed to care overmuch. They knew the pair were helpless.

But then, they were not entirely helpless. While bound back to back, Ada had started trying to untie Jill's wrists. She hadn't got far, but she had loosened the S.T.A.R.S. officer's bonds a little. In the hour of struggling while slung over the villager's shoulder, Jill had managed to loosen them even further. Moreover, she saw the blade in the villager's back pocket...

Ada was still feeling the effects of the move that the woman had used to knock her out. She felt weak, not as though she would pass out, but...scrambled somehow, unable to think clearly enough to find a way out of her captivity. It was like she was being forced to play the role of damsel-in-distress in mind as well as body.
"All I need is a handsome prince," she thought bitterly.

No prince was coming: Ada would have to make do with a princess. She heard a grunt behind her, and looked to see Jill and the villager behind her collapsing onto the ground.
"Whhmmphh?" It was possible that the slouching, stumbling villager had just happened to trip, but she saw vile coloured blood trickling along the ground. Then, impossibly, she saw Jill standing up.

What Jill had managed to do was, in order: untie the knots around her wrists; reach for and grab the knife in the villager's pocket; slit the bonds around her chest and elbows; plunge the knife into the villager's back and sever his spine; cut the bonds on her legs. Ada blinked in astonishment, and even Jill would have been rather impressed with herself, if not for more urgent matters at hand: namely, freeing Ada.

The thump of his co-captor hitting the ground did eventually draw the dim-witted villager's attention, but by then Jill was already rushing towards him. I have called the weapon she wielded a 'knife', but it was a formidable, serrated number of considerable length. Thus, when she slashed his arm, she left a huge, gaping wound in it, that weakened it enough that he dropped Ada completely.

"Mmmphh!" she grunted, landing on a muddy track. She looked up to see the wounded man-creature lunge at Jill. He was much more purposeful than a T-Virus zombie, Ada realised, but he wasn't all there. His reactions were slow, and he missed the first punch by a mile. Realising he was armed, he reached for his knife, but by this time Jill had attacked again: and completely severed his head.

"Oh!" she gasped. As the ugly skull rolled away, Jill was a little shocked. She'd done such things to zombies before, but never at close range, and never to one that seemed so human. Its body still stood, which only made things eerier. Jill left it where it was, and started to cut Ada free.

"Are you okay?" she said, as she removed the damsel's silk gag.
"Yeah, peachy," Ada replied, rather aware that Jill, in rescuing her, was being honestly heroic. Ada thought herself smarter and savvier than this more naive seeming woman, yet she'd ended up just as helpless, and even more in need of saving. 

It was just as Jill cut the last of Ada's ropes, untying her ankles, that the Chinese agent saw that the beheaded villager was not quite finished with them. Its neck stump was throbbing, something spurting out of it - not blood, but some viscous liquid. Then, quite suddenly, something burst out of the stump. Ada jumped. Jill turned her head, and saw a thorny, green tentacle burst out of the villager's wound.

She jumped up, brandishing the knife, as one single, bloodshot eye opened on the tendril, and looked straight at her. It was revolting, and it stank of things Jill didn't want to contemplate.
"Hey, Crocodile Dundee," Ada said from behind her. "I hope you're really good with that knife." Jill looked, and saw the villager that had been carrying her. He too was back up, but walking backwards at the two women. This was because, like the other, a tendril had sprouted from him: out of the wound in his spine. 

"Oh, god," Jill said, putting her hand to her mouth. Everything she'd seen thus far had been vile, or monstrous, but this...this was the first that Jill had been truly horrified by. It was an abomination of the human body. This poor man had been infected by this thing, this parasite, and it now made a mockery of his very form.
"Jill, pay attention!" Ada hissed. So disgusted and appalled had the young woman been by one monster, she'd forgotten the other. It was already on her by the time she noticed it.

"Ugh!" Jill groaned, as it seized her wrists. It was slow, but strong, stronger than Jill, and it was more than capable of preventing her from using the knife again. The tendril writhed to and fro, and Jill hoped that it was not as sharp as it looked. She didn't get to find out, fortunately, as the monster holding her was itself blindsided by a very powerful spinning kick straight into its stomach. Ada's heels didn't make the blow any less painful.

"Ghhhkkhh!" The creature made an unpronounceable noise, and it seemed more angered than hurt. Yet it was enough for Jill to wrest her hands free. No conference between the two women was needed: they ran. They ran and ran as fast as they possibly could, with no clear sense of where they were going, just away from their captors.

There was some pursuit, but it didn't last long. The parasites' hosts were broken, and there was no real chance of them catching up. That was not to say that they gave up though. The one that had been carrying Ada turned its eye stalk towards the sky, and it let out a hideous shriek. The former captives heard it, of course, but they were not the only ones that did...

"Okay...okay..." Jill panted, coming to a stop. "I think we've lost them."
"I think you're right," Ada replied. She looked down at herself: she and Jill both glistened with sweat, and their skin was marred by a little grime on their legs and shoulders. "Unarmed, no equipment...there's no way I can complete my mission like this..."
"That woman...who was she?" Jill thought. "How did she move like that? And why was she even here? I don't think she's working with the villagers..."

No answers came to either woman's question. But there was still one question to be decided between them. Go back...or go on?
"It feels like we were expected," Ada said. "Like this whole damn thing was a trap."
"But surely we have to find out what's going on here," Jill said. "That infection, those parasites...we have to stop it from spreading."
"I hate to break it to you, Jill, but that's not what I'm here for." Ada fixed a cold gaze on her. "You can save the world, if you like. I've got...other business."
"Then this is where we separate," Jill said simply. "Before we get in each other's way."

As the two damsels started walking in opposite directions, both realised that neither of them were armed. They were less equipped, and less well oriented than they had been at the start, and yet even with their armaments they'd been handily defeated and captured by her.

Ada wasn't quite as content with leaving things to fester as she'd suggested to Jill. She, too, was disturbed by what they had found there: more so because thus far whoever or whatever was running the show had done a fine job of keeping things under wraps. She wondered if other investigators had been captured like she and Jill almost were, but had a strange feeling that unless they too were attractive young women, they'd probably just have been disposed of.

The wind seemed to pick up, but in intermittent gusts rather than a strong breeze. Ada's dress fluttered, and the green-eyed beauty found herself looking rather picturesque. Not that she cared too much about her appearance by that point: she was more concerned with how to do what she'd been sent to do: get a sample of the parasite for Umbrella's scientists to work on. She sometimes still thought of Leon, the hero-cop she'd met in Raccoon City, and what he'd have to say about her working for them again.

Further glimmers of sunlight were making their lazy way across the land, and Ada felt herself slightly warmed by a particularly adventurous sunbeam. She shivered as a large shadow passed across it. She looked up to see what had cast it, at first thinking it had to be a condor or eagle, certainly a massive bird. Then she looked again, and her mouth fell open.

"A...a moth?!" Ada spluttered. There was no mistaking it. It was a moth, with huge bulbous eyes, wriggling, fuzzy legs and vast, beating wings. Ada had no particular like for insects, but she would not normally have been so shocked to see a moth. What shocked her was that its wingspan was at least fifteen feet.

Ada thought that it was about to just pass over her and fly off, and it flew over her, alright, but with astonishing speed for something of its size it turned back on itself, and hurtled towards Ada.
"Aaaah!" she cried out, as its legs, bristling with spiny fur, grabbed at her. She ducked under them, and began running as fast as she could in the other direction.

"What...the hell?" she gasped, astonished and disgusted by the giant insect. Something about its proportions, that it was just a moth grown to vast size, made her particularly horrified by it. It seemed wrong: like a character in a cartoon drawn an entirely different style from everything else around it.
"Aaah!" Ada tripped on something, and was sent hurtling towards the ground...but she never reached it. In mid-air, the moth snatched her up in its arms, and before Ada knew it, she was being hauled up into the air.

"Wh...what?" Ada saw the ground getting further, and further away, as the moth lifted her higher and higher. She looked up at the great insect, and saw its fangs, its quivering antennae, its roving, segmented eyes. "Euggh!" Ada cried out in revulsion, and she began to wriggle fiercely to get away. The moth grabbed at her with more of its bristling limbs in response, holding her arms against her body, and gripping at her bare legs. She was lucky that it did. They were already quite high up.

Ada happened to glance down, and she very quickly looked back up again. They were three hundred feet up at least. Ada realised that she had no choice but to stay put. If she did manage to writhe out of its grasp, it would not end well for her. She had to sit there, and at the very least wait for it to get lower.

Seized, Ada did not think about how her situation might get worse: but get worse is precisely what her situation did. She could feel something within the moth pulsing, as if its heart were pounding. She didn't get what was going on. Suddenly, the moth's mandibles began to chatter, and its grip on her tightened. Suddenly, the moth turned, so that Ada was not being held up, but underneath its body.

"Aah!" Ada cried out, now looking straight down and facing the distant ground. But she continued to feel the pulsing beneath her. Until there was a kind of bursting sound, and Ada felt something sticky and warm against her back. Before she could even express her disgust, the moth's legs grabbed her tight, and then turned her around. Ada found herself facing the creature's belly, and she saw what had stuck to her back: from the creature's mouth was a trailing, white string of sticky, white thread. In turning her over, it had drawn this thread from the small of her back, to around her taut, flat midriff.
"Why is it...? Oh...oh no..."

The moth turned Ada over again, and this time it did not pause. She span over, and over, and everytime she did, more of the sticky white thread was drawn around her slender body.
"No!" she cried out loud, now realising what the creature was doing. "Don't! Don't tie me up again!" It did not heed her cries. With each circuit, more thread was wound around her, and as it got further up her, the moth seized her arms, and pulled them behind her with its legs. "Unnhh!" she groaned, as the threads reached her hands, and with another dizzying spin, Ada's wrists were bound to her back.

Ada was spun over and over, each spin winding more tight threads over her. Regardless of the height, Ada began struggling in earnest, but the sticky, moist threads were even tighter than the ropes she'd been tied up in before. Ada could feel her arms being pulled ever more tightly against her back, as her so-far unbound legs kicked uselessly. She saw flash after flash of the monster's belly, before another glance at the ground. But every time she saw her captor again, the bonds were even tighter, until at last it stopped, once it had finished winding a circuit around.

Ada looked down at her body, and saw the web clinging to her silky dress, adhesive strings soaking into the fabric. Ada was covered in circuit after circuit of sticky thread, but her body was not being obscured completely. It left gaps, almost as if it still wanted to be able to look at her. A thread
"Aah!" Ada felt herself being shifted slightly by the monster's limbs. She didn't understand why...until she felt sticky, white threads against her thighs.

"No!" she cried, as the spinning began again. This time it was her long, supple legs which were being tied, and the creature actually shifted her dress to the side so that it could bind her naked skin uninterrupted. The webbing clung tenaciously to her smooth limbs, pressing her thighs, and then her calves together. The slinky, Chinese maiden wriggled her gorgeous body more and more pointlessly, as she was hemmed in from all sides, entwined and bound, until she could twitch - and do nothing more.

"I can't move!" She raised her eyes back to the underside of the insect that had webbed her up. "What's it going to do with me?" she thought. She'd assumed that because she was completely trussed up, it had finished with its webs. But it had one more surprise for her. It spooled out a fair amount of web from its mouth, before pressing it over Ada's mouth.

"Mmm-mmphhhh!!" Ada moaned, her pretty lips now sealed with web; soft, warm and sticky against her mouth. The moth teased the stuff round her head, until a thick, tight seal had been formed around her lips. Now that her voice was stolen from her, all Ada could do as the moth carried her off was to whimper, and wiggle her long, webbed up legs.

It was just a few minutes after Ada had been snatched into the air that Jill, walking in the other direction from Ada, first heard heavy, strong wingbeats. She turned, and smiled, admiring a large hawk that was just ascending with a shrew in its mouth. It was the only remotely pleasant sight she'd had in a while, and even it was tinged with death.

Despite her heroic talk, Jill had no idea how she was going to accomplish what she'd set out to do. She had no gun. She had no sense of where she was going.
"All this cross country stuff isn't my deal at all," she said. "Now, if these...things had infected a haunted mansion, then they wouldn't stand a chance." She considered that the best possibility of stopping the creatures was if she were to just go back to the ones who'd asked her to come out here in the first place and just have them send in troops.

But she was not about to be given that chance. She heard wingbeats again, and this time it was nothing so ordinary as a hawk. Her bare shoulders shivered as a shadow passed across them, and Jill looked up.
"Oh, come on!" she stammered, irony a scant defence against the horror of the gibbering beast.

But her situation was not identical to what Ada's had been. The unfortunate, red-clad beauty had been caught in a wide area with little cover. The moth had been sensible enough to make itself known to Jill in a small meadow - but it was small. Thinking quickly, Jill ran for the thickest group of trees she could see. The moth was massive, and it was impossible for it to maneuver in the trees.

It shrieked, and dived for her, but she was too quick. She'd already got into the trees, where it could not follow. At least not at that altitude. Jill heard the beast tear the air apart with the rapidity of its wingbeats, as it climbed, as quickly as it could. As Jill ran through the thick, gnarled trees - their twistedness now much to her benefit - the moth's compound eyes never lost sight of her. Something inside it began to churn. Its mandibles chattered, as it watched carefully the path of the maiden running beneath it. Then it struck.

Jill heard something whistling through the air, but she couldn't work out quite what it was, and she didn't dare stop to look. If she had, it would have missed her. The creature's aim had depended on Jill continuing to move. As it was, Jill was struck in the back by a thick, wet strand of tenaciously adhesive webbing.
"Ughh!" Jill groaned, the force of the impact knocking her to the ground. "Oh...oh god!" she cried out, as she saw the web against her back, stuck fast. "Aah!" Jill, having been pushed, was now pulled, as the thick strand hoisted her up. She struggled, and thrashed, but it didn't accomplish anything. The web held her much too tightly.

As if that were not bad enough, as it hauled her up, the moth began to coil her up in the long, thick strand.
"No!" Jill moaned, as she was hauled higher and higher, spun round and round. Her torso was beginning to vanish beneath the web, her slender arms become pinned to her sides. She reached desperately with her forearms while she still could, trying to prise off the webbing on her back, but all this meant was that, when they too fell under the tight confines of the moth's web, they were bound behind her back.

"No! No, no, no!!" Jill cried again and again, her bare legs kicking madly in the air, as she was captured for a third time. By the time Jill reached the moth's grasping forelegs, everything from just below her shoulders to the hem of her skirt was wrapped up in webbing. "Let me go! Let me go! Le-mmgghhh! Mnnnmmmmppphhhhh!!" Jill moaned, as hot, white web slapped against her mouth, drawn over and over to seal her lips.

"MMMMMPHHHH!!!" Jill screamed through her sticky gag, as she felt its limbs seize her bare legs. More webbing was exuded from its mouth, drawn over her feet, by its bristling, powerful limbs. The web covered her boots completely before being wrapped over her calves, binding her legs together, to make her all the more helpless. She couldn't resist now, at all. She wiggled her bare shoulders, but that was it.
"I'm tied up again...I can't...I can't get away..."

The webbed-up maiden was carried by the great insect for about three minutes, before it began to descend.
"Mmmphhh...nnnmmphhh..." its captive continued to protest, as the beast dropped to the level of the trees.
"Mmmmmmmphhh!" A muffled female voice rose up, struggling to be heard through a silky gag. But it wasn't Jill. As the S.T.A.R.S. officer descended, she saw a white and red object in one of the trees. When she looked closer, she realised that this was Ada Wong: the red came from her dress, the white from the thick strands of webbing that the moth had tied her up in.

"Mmmnnmmphh..." Jill moaned, when she saw that both leggy damsels had been captured by the great beast. "Whmph?" Jill felt the bristling limbs of the moth grab her by the shoulders, bringing her close to where it had stuck Ada. Without the slightest difficulty, it took Jill, turned her around, and stuck her firmly to the tree, right next to Ada.

"Nnnnmphh..." Jill mewed, both humiliated captives trying to avoid eye contact with each other. Again they'd been defeated. Again they'd been tied up. Jill saw how threads bit tightly into Ada's body, and she certainly sympathised with her, but when she happened to glance at herself, she blushed. The way the moth had bound meant that, while her bare shoulders and thighs could be seen, nothing else below her neck could. "It looks like...I'm naked..."

The moth hovered in front of its two captives, as if admiring them. An object of that mass shouldn't have been able to hover with such slow beats, yet it remained in place nevertheless. It began to beat its wings faster, and faster, until Ada and Jill were almost worried that the wind it was generating would blow them away. But the wind was not the only thing being produced by its wings.

"What's that?" Jill saw it first: shimmering, gold particles that flew towards the two, a dust that started to gather, particularly on their sticky bonds. Neither understood why the moth was doing this at first. But then it began to kick in.
"Unnhh...feeling...drowzy..." Ada found her body was getting weak. As the dust settled more and more on her body, and she breathed more and more of it in, she could feel what it was doing. Her legs stopped twitching, her shoulders stopped wriggling, as her strength drained away, she realised that she was beginning to lose consciousness.

"Mmmhhnn...mmmphh..." Jill's head had already slumped onto her shoulder, as she watched more and more dust settle on her, every particle seeking to suck away her strength. "It's...drugging us...but we're already helpless..." Her eyes fluttered. She could hardly stay awake. She could feel the webs against her body, soft and warm like a smothering blanket. She happened to catch sight of Ada, and she could see that she was faring no better.
"Nnmph...nmph..." the agent mewed, as she was defeated by the moth's powder. Her head fell onto her chest, her pretty face now hidden from Jill. Jill herself didn't last much longer. She felt overwhelming drowziness spreading through her body. It had weakened how, now it all but paralysed her, then finally, it sent the limp, webbed-up maiden tumbling into drugged slumber. "Too weak...we're both so weak..."

When the villager that had watched Jill put a hole in its friend happened upon the two damsels about an hour later, they were both not only still trussed up, they were still soundly asleep. The moth had even been kind enough to leave them within reach. Half-grinning, half-grimacing, the parasite-infected man reached up, taking Ada by her calves. With a strong tug, her webs came away from the tree, and she slumped down into his arms. He dropped her onto her knees, and she fell against his leg. Jill came a little more difficulty, but ultimately both young women - webbed up and knocked out - had been reduced to the same state of helplessness.

"Egh," he grunted, as he allowed Jill to fall neatly over his shoulder.
"Mmhh..." she sighed softly, falling obediently where she was laid. She was soon joined, as the villager's parasite-enhanced strength allowed him to lift Ada to her feet and - with some effort - take her by her thighs, and lift her over his other shoulder. Despite being so thoroughly tied up, both damsels' bare legs were still on show, and as their newest captor gripped them, his hands were on naked skin. As the two maidens were carried off in the pale light of a less than entirely enthusiastic dawn, a woman in a tight, black outfit watched them, and smiled.

"Mmmmphhh..." Ada moaned, as she began to come to. "Whhmphh?!" Shock threw off her drowziness. She found herself bound and gagged - this was no surprise. What was a surprise was that it was not in webs. She was tied up in thick, strong rope, wrapped thoroughly around her calves, and completely obscuring her stomach. She could feel her hands caught in the mesh behind her back, and independently bound to each other as well. A thin cloth covered her lips, keeping her quiet.

That was not the worst thing. Evidently, in tearing the webs from her body, her captors had not cared much for the state of Ada's dress. As it was, the silken garment was torn in many places, her legs now scarcely covered at all by scraps of cloth. At least, Ada hoped that it was because they had not cared that her captors had torn her dress. She did not want to think that they had purposefully stripped her.

She looked around to see stone walls, stone floor, and a stone ceiling. It was like being in a medieval dungeon. She herself was lying on her back, on top of some kind of metal slab. There was another slab next to her, but it was unoccupied.
"Mmmmphh!" she whimpered, as she tried to see if these ropes were less formidable than the webs. They were not. The rope creaked and strained as Ada wriggled around, but it showed no signs of giving way. "Helpless again..."

It was just as she had this thought that Ada saw the heavy wooden doors of the room open, before a supple maiden clad in nothing but a tube top and some white underwear was carried in, her legs and feet completely bare. Her beautiful body was wrapped from head to foot in ropes: much like the moth had done with Ada before, Jill had been trussed up with yards and yards of rope, but her captors had been sure to leave as much of her skin exposed as they could.

"Mmmphh..." she mewed gently. She was gagged with a dirty rag over her mouth, and she wiggled her legs weakly in her bonds. She seemed much more drowzy than Ada, as if her resistance to the moth's powder was lower. But then, she had already been chloroformed by their enigmatic foe mere hours earlier, so it wasn't a fair comparison. Nothing, indeed, that had happened to Jill since she left her contact in the Spanish police seemed remotely fair.

"Mmmhhnnn..." Jill whimpered as she was lain down on the slab next to Ada. She'd been carried by a hooded figure in a grey robe, who seemed much more purposeful and intelligent than the villagers from before, but still somehow inhuman. He flicked some kind of switch on the slab where Jill lay, and instantly three clamps shot out from the side of it, constricting Jill round her thighs, waist and chest, squeezing her soft, white breasts. "Mmmnmmphhh! Mmmmnnghhhmphh!" she protested, shaking her head in protest and refusal. But if the hooded figure noticed, he didn't care.

"Whhmmphh!" Ada cried out. A second figure had entered without her noticing, and pressed a switch on her slab. Ada soon found herself fixed in place, her wriggling now completely useless. "They don't want us to be able to move...what are they going to do to us?" This question began to be answered, when the two hooded figures reached into their robes, and pulled out two small glass jars. They were dirty, and Jill couldn't see what was inside. She could see that it was moving, though.

"MMPHH!!" Jill looked to her right. Ada had screamed because the man at her feet had opened his jar, and taken out a large insect, five inches long, not unlike a woodlouse in appearance, although dripping with slime.
"Mmph!" Jill echoed Ada's muffled cry, when she felt something on her feet. "Nnnnmphh!" It was another of the very same creatures, and it began crawling up Jill's bare legs, leaving a trail of slime on her skin. "Nmmphh! NNMMPHH!!"
"MMMMMMMPHHHH!!" Ada half-roared, half-moaned, as she felt the same thing, a large, hideous insect slithering its way over her, marring her beautiful, smooth skin with its repugnant, thick slime, dripping all over her warm thighs.

The insects crawled up and over the two damsels, leaving slime all over them in their wake. They climbed over their waists, and stomachs, before the captives felt spindly legs pressing on and between their breasts, almost seeming to cup them as they scuttled across. Their target, it seemed, was the damsels' heads.

"Mmmphhh! Mmmphh!" the captives whimpered fearfully, as the insects clung onto their necks, apparently halting.
"Hmm...hhmmphhh..." Jill breathed hard. She couldn't move, certainly couldn't fight this thing. She was helpless before whatever vile ritual was being performed on her. "Mmmphh!" The insect began to reach with its forelegs for the edge of her gag. "Mmph?" Jill didn't understand. It seemed as though it was trying to un-gag her. "Why would it -?"
"Oh god..." Ada realised first. "The parasites...this insect wants to get a parasite into our mouths..."
That was it, then. As Jill also figured out what the insects were doing, her spirits fell lower than they had ever done. She was going to be infected, to become like those...things. She was powerless. She was bound. She was gagged. She was prey.

But there was one woman there who was still a predator. As the insect sitting on Ada's neck pulled off her gag and reared up to deliver its payload, a bullet tore through it, launching it straight off Ada.
"Whmph?" Ada looked up as best she could while clamped down. Unfortunately, this was not very far. She did see Jill's insect share the fate of its brother, but how she still did not understand. She heard shouts, and gunfire of a different kind from the first, then the sound of something the weight of a man being thrown against a wall.

Jill had a better view. She saw someone moving faster than anyone should have been able to move, taking out not only the hooded men that Jill had seen before, but two others that came to help.
"Who is that...and how is she...?" Jill watched in awe. When she was done, the woman in the black bodysuit walked into the centre of the room, in plain view of both.

"Well gals really aren't very good at this, are you?" Neither Ada nor Jill understood. Why was she - the woman who had defeated and captured both of them - now rescuing them from a grizzly fate? "Now where is...ah!" She turned back to one of the hooded men she'd taken down, rifling through the contents of his pockets. "Gotcha!" Like the others, he too carried a vial containing a wriggling, slimy insect. She slipped it into a pouch in a small pack she carried, before turning to the damsels.

"I hear the guys running the show here have a thing for pretty ladies like you. So getting you captured seemed like a great way of getting them to reveal just how this new infection worked." She smiled as she undid Jill's clamps. "Good thing you were the ones who get sent, huh?" She winked.
"This...this whole thing was a set up?!" Jill couldn't believe it. She and Ada hadn't been selected for their respective missions because of their skill. They'd been chosen because they were pretty.
"That's impossible!" Jill thought. "Umbrella were the ones who sent me here! There's no way..." Ada realised that there was no reason why Umbrella couldn't have been in on it. And they trusted this woman over her. She was just the bait.

"I mean, who could resist kidnapping such helpless little hotties? Coming on a dangerous mission in those skimpy outfits, flashing your stems at everybody...I wouldn't be surprised if you liked being captured." The woman ran her hands up Ada's long, bare legs, her body defenceless.
"Mmmphh!" she complained, but found a finger put to her lips.
"Oh, keep quiet," Alice said, a little sharpness creeping into her voice. "I thought that the pretty princess was supposed to be grateful to their rescuer."
"Mmmnn..." Ada turned her head away.

"Come on, girls." The woman started untying Ada's legs, still moist and sticky from the insect's slime. "You've done your jobs, so now we can all go home." Unbinding Ada's legs, the woman helped her up to her feet. She then did the same to Jill, cutting her legs free before pulling her up. Both damsels waited for the woman to untie their arms. But she didn't.
"Oh, don't get me wrong," she said, grinning. "You're still my captives."
"Mmmmphh..." the two whimpered, as the woman approached them with the rope she'd just taken from their legs.

A minute or two later, Jill and Ada were following the woman down a series of oppressive corridors, decorated like someone from Soviet Russia had received interior design lessons from the twelfth century: red and austere. Their arms were still bound, which made it difficult to keep up, but they were not given the luxury of tardiness. The woman had used the rope once binding their legs to tie the two together, rope trailing from Jill's stomach to Ada's back. And not just that: from Ada's midriff, the length of rope extended, until it reached the hand of their captor.

Leashed and humbled, the two captives were led in silence through the castle. The silence was interrupted only when they were disturbed by enemies, but the woman was deadlier than anything they met.
"She...she's like a hurricane," Ada thought.
"She makes us seem so pathetic..." Jill was almost more ashamed at the manner of her rescue, still all tied up and muzzled, than she had been by her initial capture.

"Mmphh!" Ada mewed as their captor-rescuer tugged them along, her heels clacking against the ground. She'd never felt so ashamed, so helplessly feminine. She'd been manipulated, humiliated, and used. And who knew what this woman would do to them now? She and Jill were led, by meandering paths, to the very top of the building, to its roof in fact.

"Gaahhh!" There were two watchmen looking out over the forest from which the castle sprang out, and though they'd been looking in the opposite direction, they quickly turned their attentions to the three women. Immediately they opened fire.
"Mmmmmphhh!" Jill moaned, as their rescuer shoved the two onto the ground. She looked up to see the woman dancing through the hail of bullets, moving with unbelievable power and speed.
"She can't...she can't be human!" Ada thought. "This isn't just a reconnaissance's a test of her abilities. Damn you, Wesker!"

"Hyakkk!" one of the hooded guards cried out, as a kick from the woman snapped his neck with one blow. The other trained its rifle on her, but she ducked below his first shot, rolled, and launched a flying kick that sent him rocketing the edge of the roof.
"There," she said, dusting off her hands. She took out a small radio transceiver. "Buzzard One, this is Looking-Glass. Got here a few minutes early. Head on over, would you?" There was a garbled response, but it seemed to satisfy her.

For the next few minutes, Jill and Ada lay on the stone ground, not quite sure what they were even supposed to try to do. They were that woman's captives, there was no question about that. But what would they do even if they escaped? Go back into the castle? They'd surely be caught again. And even before that, with her speed and strength, she'd defeat them again easily.
"We're completely powerless..." Jill thought, shifting uncomfortably in her bonds. She looked at Ada, who had seemed as deadly as a viper when she'd first met her. Now, though, in her torn dress, trussed up and muzzled, she looked about as deadly as a kitten.

The helicopter arrived about as quietly as a helicopter could. It was painted black, the pilot in a completely face concealing helmet. It shrieked anonymity. The woman hoisted Ada and Jill to their feet, and hauled them in.
"Mmph!" Jill mewed, as the woman grabbed her behind to push her up into the vehicle. It was the latest in a cascade of embarrassments.
"Sit," their captor ordered, and they obeyed, sitting next to each other, facing the woman. "You ever been in a helicopter before, ladies?" Even if they hadn't been gagged, it was doubtful that she really would have wanted them to answer. "It can get kinda bumpy." She reached over, and began strapping them in, tightening the seat belts to the point where they were essentially another layer of binding.

As the helicopter took off, the woman took off her pack, and began rifling inside for it. She took out a small glass jar, and the bound damsels feared for a moment that it contained the insect. But it didn't. It was a vial of clear liquid. Jill realised what it was first, when she also saw the woman take out a thick, white cloth.

"Mmmnnmmphh!" she protested. When Ada cottoned on, the first traces of the overpowering sweet smell reaching her nostrils, she too began to whimper in dismay. That whimpering only increased when the woman dosed not one, but two cloths in the sweet-smelling liquid, and then pressed one each over the mouth and nose of her two captives.

"MMMNNMMMPHHHH!!" the muffled cry went up, as they started thrashing and writhing, desperate to avoid being drugged.
"Oh, come on, girls," the woman said. "Do you really think that you can stop me doing this?" Neither did, not really, but how could they not fight?
"Nnnmmphh! Mmmmnnn..." Jill mewed. This was her third dose of narcotising chemicals in one day, and she had no resistance left. Her bare legs and feet stopped shifting, and her eyes grew heavy. "No...too weak...can't fight it..."

"Nnnmmph! Nnnmph! NNMMPHHH!!" Ada screamed, feeling weakness spreading through her slinky, supple body, feeling clouds settling over her thoughts. It was like her captor wasn't just drugging her - she was sucking away all her skill and strength, so that she would be left a feeble, powerless maiden for the rest of her life.

"Mmmmmmhhh..." Jill sighed, as her head fell onto Ada's shoulder. " sleepy..." She couldn't even try to resist any longer. Her eyes fell closed, as she gave in to the warm embrace of her drugged slumber. Ada felt Jill's body against hers, and somehow the feeling of her fellow captive's warm, soft body made her feel even weaker.
"We're...ooh...defeated..." Ada thought, as she felt herself go limp, too weak to stop her body from falling against Jill's. The two beautiful, helpless maidens looked as though they were very intimate indeed.

"Aww, don't you look sweet. Who knows? Maybe I'll let you go for real if you keep being so damned cute."
"Mmmmhhh..." Ada mewed, almost completely unconscious. She shifted a little, rubbing her smooth legs against Jill's. She blushed, but was too sleepy and disoriented to know why.
"Oh by the way," the woman said, "I don't think I ever told you my name! It's Ali-"

Ada didn't hear the rest of her name. She didn't hear anything. The chloroform-soaked cloth had done its work, and she too lost consciousness. She settled against Jill, the two damsels appearing to find solace from the cruelty of their captivity in each others' bodies. The hunted damsels were now thoroughly caught in Alice's net.
Jill Valentine and Ada Wong: Hunted, Part Two
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen! I'm taking a break from my OC stories to bring you a spooky tale of two gorgeous, leggy young maidens, who get caught up in a situation beyond their control...

This story is a commission from my erstwhile patron, :iconthedidsquid: with whom collaboration continues to be extremely rewarding. Enjoy, everyone!

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What does one do after one's home city explodes? Especially when one's city is blown up because of a ruthless mega-corporation hell bent on covering up their own misdeeds. Some, I daresay, would simply have tried to rebuild their lives elsewhere, to forget their woes. Some might have thought to themselves how lucky they were to get away at all, and leave it at that.

Jill Valentine was not such a person. She had been there from the very beginning, had been witness to the madness that Umbrella had concocted at Spencer Mansion.
"Madness with a capital 'Z'." Was one still to call people infected with the T-Virus 'zombies'? Calling them just 'the infected' seemed too tame, but unless Jill had very much misinterpreted Albert Wesker's revelations, there was no Voodoo Shaman controlling them either. But, call them what you like, they had spread like panic through Raccoon City, and the government had nuked the city both to stop the infection spreading, and to wipe out evidence of their own involvement in the disaster.

It had been a year since then, and Jill had been at somewhat of a loss. Moving with fellow survivor and former S.T.A.R.S. member Barry Burton to San Francisco, the two had dedicated themselves to exposing and destroying Umbrella.

At least in theory.

In point of fact it had not been easy for them to find any information at all. Since it is difficult to define the nature of the existence of a 'corporation', it is difficult to define parameters by which to look for it. There was always money, of course, but that had taken them only so far.

Jill looked out across the bay. It was peaceful, and Jill could hear the pleasant buzz of the people of the city beginning their days. She smiled. Another person might have been hardened to unfeeling by the experiences Jill had had, but the young woman felt only renewed appreciation for 'normal' life.

"Penny for your thoughts, Jill," Barry said, seeing his friend so reflective.
"Oh, Barry," Jill realised she had been gazing out at the water for quite some time. "I guess I was just admiring the scenery."
"Well it's definitely admirable as scenery goes," he replied, a trifle gruffly. He'd been out all night staking out a former Umbrella employee that he'd tracked to Sacramento. Jill had warned him that anyone they could find as easily as that was either too low-grade to be bothered with, or was setting them up for a trap.

It turned out to be the latter, and Barry had escaped getting shot in the face by the skin of his teeth - indeed he'd had to rough up a couple of the man's heavies to boot. In a way this was good - it showed they were getting somewhere - but it was beginning to seem as if the trail was going cold. Geoffrey Grimes had been given standing orders to kill anyone who was looking into Umbrella, but he was not in continued communication with them. He had no new information to give them.

At any rate, Barry was working on exactly zero sleep, and near-zero patience.
"Barry, get some sleep," Jill said. "You've earned it."
"Alright," he said, "I guess I'm not much use like this." He got up, and left Jill alone, mumbling something about a sandwich.

It was then that Jill's cellphone rang, and at this she was very surprised indeed. It was the size of a modest brick (the best that the late nineties had to offer) it rumbled mightily on her desk. She was surprised because she had not yet, to her recollection, given anyone but Barry her phone number.

"Am I speaking with Miss Jill Valentine?" A male voice sounded through the receiver, strong and baritone, but it seemed oddly distorted.
"You are," Jill replied. "How did you get this number?"
"We of the United Nations, ma'am," he said, "have our ways." Their 'ways' were not quite as enigmatic as he made out. Jill had remembered incorrectly: she'd also given her number to Rebecca Chambers, another former comrade. Her number could be found in the phonebook. The U.N. representative had merely called her, and asked for Jill's number.

"The United....what? What do you want with...I mean, how can I help you?" Jill was rather flustered. She was used to taking her orders from Raccoon P.D., not from inter-governmental unions.
"Miss Valentine, this is not a secure line. We'd like for you to meet us in person." Jill wasn't sure what to do. This could turn out to be time-wasting, or another trap.
"But it's not like we're getting anywhere on our own..." Jill thought. "Alright," she said, "but I decide where."

When Jill did meet them, at a corner café on Lombard Street, she was instantly convinced not only that her contact was legitimate, but that he could not possibly have been the person she'd actually talked to on the phone. He was a small, bookish looking fellow with an air of fusty superiority that suggested itself immediately to a governmental position.

"Miss Valentine," he said, too quickly to be truly polite. He put down a heavy briefcase onto the desk and adjusted a pair of thick spectacles. "I'm very - ahem - pleased that you agreed to meet with me." The man - one Mr. Johnson - was a little embarrassed: Jill was a very shapely young woman, with wide brown eyes and pouting, red lips. Though her clothing was by no means revealing - she wore a grey trouser-suit - she had a lovely figure that was quite plain to Mr. Johnson.

"What can I do for you?" she said, when Mr. Johnson failed to make himself clear.
"Er, yes," he said, snapping open the briefcase, and fumbling around for a document inside. Finding it, he handed it to Jill, as if it would explain all. Jill looked at it, and it was clearly a medical chart, but she was no doctor, and it meant nothing to her.
"What is this?" she asked.
"It's the, er, medical chart of a Spaniard named Nicoleta Sanchez." He took another document. "And, er, this is the medical chart of an American, a former resident of Raccoon City. Please compare the two charts." Jill did, and as far as she could tell the two were very similar. "The second, the American, was infected with the T-Virus at the time this sample was taken."
"The T-Virus?!" Jill put two and two together. "The other person, the Spanish think she had the T-Virus too?"
"If that were all we wouldn't be having this conversation," Johnson said. "She was infected - if she was infected, we're not entirely certain - in Spain."

This was grave news. It was the first infection outside of North America, and it was a fair indication that Umbrella's scope was widening.
"What's the Spanish government doing about it?" Jill asked.
"Nothing until we tell them otherwise. But normal infection procedures don't apply here. For one thing, the infection was detected in an extremely remote village." He removed his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "For another thing, victims of Ebola don't attempt to eat their doctors." Jill realised what he was saying.
"You want to send me." Johnson smiled at her apologetically.
"We...have no idea how to deal with this sort of thing, Miss Valentine. But you've been involved with these...with Umbrella, twice and lived to tell the tale. You are currently the closest thing we have to an expert in these matters."
"Alright," Jill said.
"Really? But I haven't even -"
"You're right," Jill said. She smiled slightly. "I'm already involved in this, and I don't want to just leave it to other people to fix what Umbrella started. I have a duty to help, if I can."

After this, it was just a matter of packing her bags. Barry protested - for one thing, he hadn't been given the opportunity to join her - but Jill wouldn't relent. She was determined to prevent Umbrella spreading itself even further, and she was perfectly willing to risk her life in order to do this.

So, three days after she'd spoken to Johnson, Jill found herself in sunny Spain for the first time in her life, though under less than ideal circumstances. She was herded from one 'contact' to another, as different levels of authority within the U.N. and the Spanish government passed the buck in a frightening zig-zag of responsibility.

When Jill eventually reached Puebla de Desbloqueo, or rather its outskirts, she had been reduced to dealing with local P.D. She was driven up by a very friendly, chatty young man, who did not quite realise that Jill's Spanish couldn't keep up with him. He was just in the middle of telling her something about - as far as Jill could tell - his mother's cooking, when he came to an abrupt stop.
"Can't go past here," he said. "This is as far as I can take you." While Jill had permission to enter the no-go zone, where it was suspected the infection might be spreading, the Constable did not. Jill had to proceed on foot from there.

So far, Jill had been quite taken with Spain, but this was not like the sparkling coasts or handsome, rugged plains she had seen so far. This was an ugly part of the country, full of spindly, almost twisted trees. It was not yet dusk, but the light seemed to fade from the place much more rapidly than it should have done. It wasn't cold, but Jill shivered.

Her shivering wasn't the fault of her outfit, though one might have thought it could be. Jill wore a light-blue tube top which completely bared her arms and soft shoulders, and a short, black skirt, which did a fine job of baring her slender legs. A holster was strapped to her thigh, but not-quite knee high boots were all that covered her legs. She'd chosen the outfit deliberately, not out of any particular wish to wear something revealing, but because in Raccoon City she'd been wearing the very same thing. It had proved not only to offer good freedom of movement, but it felt simply...lucky. She'd survived incredible odds wearing it, and it somehow made her feel a little bit more capable.

Besides, she did still have two straps over her shoulders, attached to her belt and carrying additional supplies: ammunition, and a spare pistol. This made her a little more confident in herself.
"Still, this place is really starting to give me the creeps," she said. She was heading for a small village: "stuck in the Dark Ages" was the way it had been described to her. It was here that the infected woman had been found, though no-one could tell Jill anything more than that.

As she walked through the creaking wood, with wooden fingers that seemed to reach out towards Jill, she couldn't help but feel increasingly nervous. The air felt still, but it couldn't have been. Jill could see branches moving in the wind, but the air around was choking, not just still but solid. The sun had started setting faster, Jill thought, than it should have done, and its orange glow was not beautiful in the least. It filled the sky with a harsh, burning coldness, seeming to suck all depth from the sky. There were no clouds, just the fading, burning coals of the sun, and the shadows cast by the twisted trees. Jill's breath was rapid, and she suddenly felt very disoriented.

Jill was walking, then jogging, then running, but she had no idea where to, or rather what from. Something was wrong, terribly wrong. It didn't feel like the T-Virus, it didn't feel like Umbrella - it felt inhuman. Evil. She just knew that she didn't want to be there.
"What the hell is going on?" Jill said out loud, shaking her head to try to break from this all-encompassing dread, but it had almost entirely taken hold of her. She was drowning in it. Her ears were ringing. She was -

"Stranger!" Jill froze. But not in fear, merely confusion. She was so surprised to hear a strong, cockney accent barking at her in the middle of a Spanish forest, that she almost didn't notice how surprised she ought to have been at the fact that she was being spoken to in English and indeed at all.

The speaker turned out to be rather difficult to describe, mostly because they were shrouded in a thick, black cloak.
"Strrrranger," he said again, in a manner that no-one who heard the man could fail to render in bold, "funny seeing a girl like you in these parts. Very funny indeed."
"Who are you?" Jill said. She put her hand on the pistol in her holster, but didn't draw it. Yet.
"Me? I'm no-one, friend. I help when I can."
"I can't think what help you could give me," Jill said. "Other than telling me what you're doing here. I'm guessing you're not from around these parts?" The cloaked man laughed.
"I'm not from anywhere, darling!" he said. "But those gentlemen..." He pointed, and Jill saw two burly, short men in  walking towards her.
"Huh?" Jill moved to face them. She glanced back, but the British man was gone. It was almost as if he'd never been there to begin with.

The two men had spotted her, and looked nervously at each other. If these men were infected with the T-Virus, then it had not taken hold of them yet.
"Oh, hello there," Jill said, first in English, then again in Spanish. They seemed equally uncomprehending of both languages. Jill got closer, holding her hands out to show that she meant them no harm. She could now hear that they were talking to each other, and though their voices were guttural, they were conversing in Spanish. Why, then, had they not understood her?

"The Master wants..." Jill heard, then: "She is madura." She didn't understand the word, but she was no longer liking the way that the two men were looking at her. Nor indeed did she like the way they looked, period. Their skin was a sickly grey, their eyes bloodshot and jaundiced. There was something else.
"You come," one of the men said. "You come now."
"Why?" Jill replied. Once again, she had her hand at her sidearm.
"You come now," the other said, and both men started walking towards her.
"No," Jill thought, "they're advancing on me..." She noticed that one of them was holding a piece of lead piping. Why they were doing so was a mystery, but she was fairly clear that their intent was malicious.

"Back away," she said, drawing her gun. They didn't stop, or even slow down. "I said get back!" She aimed her gun in the air and fired. The sound of the shot rang out, and would have carried for miles if it hadn't been held in by the trees. Neither man even paused. They continued to get closer, moving a little faster than an ordinary walk, but not as fast as one would expect under the circumstances either. Jill fired again, but they didn't get the message.

They were creepy, that was for sure, but as far as Jill knew they were human beings. She didn't want to kill anyone unless it was vitally necessary. So she ran - or at least she tried. The twisted trees did for her again, and she tripped.
"Agh!" She hit the ground hard, and it took some skill for her not to set off her gun. Just before she could get up, she felt a greasy hand grab her bare leg. "Aah!" To her horror, Jill found herself being dragged across the forest floor. She kicked at the hand grabbing her, but it wasn't shaken. "Alright, fine, you want to play it like that?" Jill twisted herself round, took aim at the back of the man dragging her, and fired.

"Ughh..." he groaned, and he released Jill's leg. She scrabbled to her feet, and took aim at the other man, who watched the scene unfold from a few metres away. He didn't seem particularly alarmed that Jill had just shot his friend through the back. And it had gone right through him, leaving a gory hole. Jill couldn't believe he was still on his feet, and her incredulity only increased when he turned to face her.
"You come," he said, and started walking towards her again.

"Oh god," Jill muttered. It seemed different from the T-Virus, but this person wasn't human, not properly. Perhaps he was another kind of experiment, more of Umbrella's bastardisation of human life, but he was something wrong. Jill took aim at his head, and fired again. The bullet went straight through his forehead, and he blinked a couple of times afterwards, before slumping to the ground.

"Oh," the other man said, mildly surprised. "Hey!" Jill ran past him, shoving him in the chest as she went. She was perfectly prepared to kill him, but she didn't want to waste ammunition. She was not equipped to start blowing heads off left, right and centre: she was on a reconnaissance mission.

She could easily have doubled back, taken out the other 'person', taken a sample for her superiors (employers?) and left, but she needed to know more. Something was festering there, something foul, something rotten. Maybe Jill didn't have what she needed to burn it away completely, whatever 'it' was, but she could certainly make a start.

She kept running for a little while, the fit and athletic young woman able to keep going for quite a distance. She leaned against a tree when she did at last begin to tire. Her breathing was hard, but strong, her supple form a picture of youthful vitality. She looked round the tree, not aware that there was someone admiring her. As she readied her pistol, making sure that she had not been followed by her assailant, she was looking in precisely the wrong direction.

Calm, confident footsteps approached Jill almost completely silently. They drew nearer and nearer to the bare-shouldered brunette, until their owner drew near enough to reach out and touch the former S.T.A.R.S. member. And that was what they did - after a fashion. A white cloth, dampened with a sweet-smelling liquid.

The brunette did, in fact, smell the substance when it was a few inches from her.
"Huh? What's - mmphh?" Jill didn't quite seem able to react when she felt the damp cloth being pressed over her mouth and nose. It didn't seem as if it were real. A dark forest, full of strange creatures and monsters, and now this: a lovely maiden being chloroformed and kidnapped.

Jill could feel it happening to her, feel her body starting to get weak. A thick, overpowering sweetness flooded her senses, keeping her docile.
"How do I...?" She didn't know what to do. The grip around the cloth was unbelievably tight, and she could barely move her head. It was when her attacker's free hand snatched away her pistol and tossed it aside that the reality of Jill's situation hit her.

"MMMMPHHHHH!!!" she screamed, and began to struggle as ferociously as she could. But Jill had left it much too late. The S.T.A.R.S officer was much, much weaker than she'd been a few seconds ago. Her limbs were getting heavy and while she batted at the arm of the one drugging her, it was useless effort. She felt her knees buckling, and she would have fallen, but a slim, strong arm wrapped around her waist, and held her up, pulling her close.

"Mmm! Mmmhhnnn..." Jill was starting to feel dangerously drowzy. Who had grabbed her? Why? Why were they drugging her? As she grew more and more limp and soft, her smooth body falling more heavily against her captor, she began to lose the clarity of mind to ask these questions. Her brown eyes fell open and shut, the last of her strength draining away.
"I...I can't...can't..." she thought, as her arms flopped down. She felt hot breath on her slender, milky-white neck, and she felt incredibly vulnerable.

"Down you go, sweetheart," Jill's assailant said, a silky female voice in the brunette's ear. Down was precisely where she was going: the cloth was taken away and she was released, and her bare, trembling legs hadn't anywhere near the strength to support her. Her body drained of strength by chloroform, she seemed to float as she fell, her knees hitting soft grass, before with a gentle whimper Jill fell forward, flat onto her chest.

"Unnhhh..." Jill moaned, writhing feebly on the ground, hardly able to move. Her gun was easily within reach but she couldn't reach out to grab it. She heard footsteps approaching her. She lifted her eyes - all she could do - to see a feminine figure standing over her, though her vision was too blurry to see detail. "Wh...whh..." She couldn't form one syllable.
"Don't speak," the woman said, and knelt down. She gently lifted Jill's head, placed the damp cloth under her mouth, and let her head back down.
"Mmmmmmmhhhnnn..." Jill mewed languorously, as she felt her weakness rise. She'd been ambushed and overwhelmed in seconds, and now she was helpless. "I...messed up..." she thought, blushing with shame, before her conscious mind faded, her eyes fluttered closed, and she surrendered to drugged slumber.

Jill's captor watched her bare-legged quarry's defeat with pleasure: it wasn't every day you had such a lovely young woman wriggling against you in such a skimpy outfit, palpably weakening in your grip. Now she had Jill; defenceless in her clutches. However - well, it wasn't as though the red haired woman, clad in tight black, was at a loss. But she'd encountered Jill a little earlier than expected. But then, she was nothing if not adaptable.

She looked down at the mini-skirt clad brunette, turning her over with her foot. Her arms fell to the side, and she gave a gentle, feminine moan. Her captor looked at the straps over her shoulders, and noticed something stuffed into one of their pouches: a thick roll of bandage. She took it out, looked at the unconscious maiden at her feet, and grinned.

"Mmmmhhh...mmmhhh..." Jill moaned as she eventually came to. She awoke slowly, in great disorientation. She remembered strong hands grabbing her in the forest...but that was all. How she'd come to be here she didn't know. Nor did she know where 'here' was. It was completely dark. On a very cloudy night, in the remote Spanish countryside, one might expect this pitch blackness, but something was wrong.

Indeed, it was when Jill tried to wave her hand in front of her face that she realised what that was.
"Mmmph?!" She couldn't lift her arm. She could feel it behind her back, but she couldn't move it. Something was holding both of her arms in place, very close together at the wrists and elbows. As more sense returned to her, she could feel that her bare legs were in much the same state. Her ankles were bound together with three circuits of bindings, and the same treatment had been given to her knees. "I'm...I'm tied up!" Jill realised with horror, awakening a captive.

And it got worse than that. As Jill wriggled, writhing in bondage on the forest floor, she realised the reason for the eerie blackness: she was blindfolded. A soft material had been wrapped over her eyes and tied tight - and the same had been done for her mouth, a single piece of soft, absorbent fabric covering her lips and gagging the maiden. It wasn't the strictest gag there had ever been, but the bound and blindfolded young woman found it more than a match for her, reducing her shouts and screams to muffled whimpers.

Jill realised, after a few more minutes of struggling, that she had been restrained in bandages. Beneath the blindfold, Jill's cheeks reddened at the embarrassment of being so utterly bound up in such a makeshift fashion.
"There' to be some way I can get out of this!" She lay down, and began to feel on the ground. There was a chance, she thought, that she could find something to take her blindfold off, at least. Perhaps even something to cut her bonds.

But as the fair-skinned young woman rolled around on the damp ground, her long, bare legs getting moist with dew, something nearby began to take notice of her. It could see no more than Jill could, but unlike her it was not disadvantaged by this. Its main mass was fastened firmly in one place, but the trussed-up maiden was within its long reach.

When Jill first felt its touch, she thought that it was just a large leaf brushing against her calf, wet and slightly slippery. But it took much more interest in her than she did in it. Its long, green appendage reached out again, and Jill felt positively as if her legs were being stroked. In and of itself, it wasn't entirely displeasurable, but Jill hoped that it was some stray vine and nothing more. It was when she felt the slimy tendril coil around her ankles that she realised something was wrong, and the thing realised that it had found something soft, warm and oh-so smooth.

"Mmmphh!" the blinded woman whimpered, trying to wriggle away from the whatever-it-was that had her in its grip. But her struggles only seemed to encourage it, and it twisted round and round her ankles, and then up her slender calves. "What is this?" Jill was worried that a snake or something had caught her, but it didn't feel like a snake. When she began to be dragged by the feet towards the thing, she still entertained, however fearfully, that same possibility - it was when the second tendril grabbed her, and slithered its gibbous length around her waist, that Jill realised for sure that it was something...else.

"MMMPHH!" the trussed young woman screamed, writhing her curvy body with some force. Sensing resistance, the thing reached out again, and Jill felt a wet, slimy limb twisting around her tender, white thighs, yanking them even more tightly together than the bandages had. Jill found that she couldn't move her legs separately at all. But she could move them as one, and she kicked, groping desperately in the dark at some target, though she found none.

More tendrils responded to Jill's attempts at resistance, shooting out to wrap around her chest. Jill felt them coiling around her, pulling her forearms tightly against her back, and pushing up her soft breasts.
"MMMPHHH!! MMMNNNMMPHHH!!" Jill cried out, feeling the wetness of the tendrils through her tube top, feeling herself become more and more helpless with every slithering coil round her body. She was turned to the side as it hauled her in, and she rolled over. As this happened, her blindfold happened to snag on an upturned tree root, and Jill's sight was suddenly restored.

As the brunette blinked, she saw a sliver of moon above her, giving just a little light to the otherwise dark forest. She looked down to see what this light would reveal to her - and saw a hideous, wriggling mass of tentacles, pulling the helpless maiden further and further towards it.
"Mmh..." she breathed sharply, stunned by the appearance of this monster. "MMMPPPHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

As if sensing that Jill had seen it, the monster reintensified its efforts. More tendrils reached out to grab her, lifting her up into the air so that they could better manipulate and immobilise her. They spun her around, Jill getting flashes of the beast, then of the moon, then the beast again, as its limbs slithered over her, seeming to seek out bare skin wherever they could find it, twisting around her bare shoulders and long, smooth legs, wriggling and moist against Jill's vulnerable body. She could even feel their slime seeping through the bandages she was already bound in.
"Mmmmnnnmmphhh..." Jill mewed, feeling her lovely white skin become more and more slick from the monster's touch. "Mph!" To Jill's horror, she felt one of the vines slipping a little way under her tight, short skirt, and stroking her behind.

"Mmmmphhh! Nnnnmphh!!" the brunette moaned in embarrassment, as she was wrapped up ever more tightly, the slithering, living bonds binding her with a sickening eagerness, like lusty fingers grabbing at her gorgeous body. Jill felt them running up her white neck, and to her surprise, they ripped her gag from her mouth. She tried to scream, but it became clear just why the tendrils had ungagged her - when they elected to stifle her screams themselves.

"MMNNGGHH!" Jill felt slippery coils whip around her mouth two, three, four times, sealing her lips much more tightly than the bandage had done. Her mouth was covered, but she tried very hard not to open it anyway. She could taste the tendrils' slime on her lips already, and as they squirmed over her mouth she couldn't help but swallow a little of the bitter liquid.

As Jill whimpered and thrashed, she realised that she had been left there by the woman who'd tied her up deliberately, for this monster to finish off. The tendrils slithered between Jill's breasts, and she turned her head away, powerless to stop the beast having its way with her shapely form. As it wriggled over her naked legs, Jill wished her skirt had not been quite so short. Like Andromeda, she - Jill Valentine, who'd survived Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City - had been left for a monster like a helpless little damsel, who could do nothing except pray for rescue - and in the real world, Jill knew just how unlikely that was. 

Yet even in the real world, unlikely things do happen. There were three of them there in that part of the forest: Jill, the monster, and one other. Like Jill, this other was a beautiful young woman - yet in a rather different way from Jill. She was a little taller, with dark hair and green eyes. She was slinkier too, with incredibly long legs and a smaller - though still very fetching - bust.

Though upon finding the squirming plant monster she'd been almost as surprised as Jill, this woman had had the advantage of being able to give the rooted creature a wide berth. It was only on hearing Jill's muffled screams that she decided to risk herself by taking a closer look.

"Oh my," she said, almost lowering her gun in surprise. The slithering beast had someone in its clutches: an attractive young woman in a tube top and mini-skirt, and it seemed to be rather enjoying her company. From her wriggles and whimpers, however, it was clear that the young lady was not enjoying the monster's attentions one bit. "I suppose I could spare a moment or two..." the second woman said.

Raising her compact but powerful pistol, this second woman took aim and fired, not at the monster's centre of mass, but at the tendrils holding Jill up.
"Whhmmph!" Jill didn't hear the gunshot, but she heard the wet thwack of the bullet snapping through two of the appendages holding her. They split off, though Jill was still held up by several other tentacles. The monster squirmed fiercely in anger.

"Don't get mad," the second woman said, stepping out into view. "Unruly animals should expect this kind of treatment." Jill stared. The woman could hardly have looked less suited to what she appeared about to do. She was wearing a long, tight, red dress, with a long slit right up to the top of her thigh, and mauve heels.

The beast seemed as incredulous as Jill, for it hesitated for a moment. But the woman shot again and another tentacle holding Jill snapped off the main body.
"Mmph!" she moaned. Even as the tentacle snapped off, the part wrapped around her tightened.

The monster hesitated no longer, and it smashed down on the ground where the woman had been standing, but too slowly to harm her. Two more tendrils shot out to ensnare her as it had done Jill, but she was too fast. Jill watched as this woman danced between the beast's tentacles, firing every other step, and every shot hitting its mark.

"Mmmphh!" Jill was now being held only by the tentacle around her ankles, and she slipped down, being dangled in the air by her feet. In that position, she felt she was more concerned than she should be with whether or not her skirt would slide up.
"Don't worry," the other woman said, "I'll have you down in just -" She paused to shoot at a tentacle that was approaching her from behind. "- one second," she finished. She then took aim right at Jill.

"Nnnmmphh!!" Jill didn't think that she was actually trying to hit her, but the tentacle holding her feet. But it was wiggling from side to side, pulling Jill this way and that. There was no way that the woman could possibly hit her target with any accuracy.
"Steady..." the woman muttered. A tendril whipped out towards her, and without even looking she gracefully sidestepped it. "There."

When the shot rang out, Jill winced, thinking for sure that for sure she'd be killed. Yet she didn't feel the sting of a bullet - but the grip of gravity.
"Mmmnnnmmphh!!" Jill cried out, as she began to fall to the ground. But the ground she never hit. Instead, she felt herself fall into a pair of slender arms. "Mmmhnn?" Jill looked up to see herself being carried like a fallen princess.
"Well, hey there," her rescuer said. "Just hold tight for a sec."
"Wh - hmmphh!!" To Jill's great surprise and consternation, she found herself being thrown the woman's shoulder - no longer even treated with the dignity of a princess.

"Sorry," the woman said, "but I just don't have time to untie you right this minute." A tendril shot out for the pair, but she dodged again. Sensing an opening, she ran.
"Whhhmpgghhph!" Jill exclaimed, as she felt the woman's hands grip her bare thighs thighs tightly. She avoided blow after blow from the monster, until she was firmly out of range. She left the monster enraged, and Jill astonished. "She's so skilled," Jill thought, feeling herself wholly inferior by comparison.

"I'm going to take a wild guess," the mysterious woman said, when they were safely out of range of the plant-like monster, "and say you're not from around here." She laid Jill down on the grass, and began to unwind the tentacle that still clung tenaciously to her mouth.

"Aah!" Jill gasped, when her mouth was free. "Thank you," she said, "I would have been toast if you hadn't come when you did. Who are you?"
"The name's Ada," the dark-haired woman said. "Ada Wong." She was about to start untying Jill, but it occurred to her that this might not be to her advantage. After all, Ada had no idea who Jill was, or what she was doing there. She might have just rescued an enemy.
"I'm Jill," the brunette replied. "I guess you could say I'm a tourist."
"What do you know?" Ada replied. "Me too."

A moment passed.
"Um...are you going to untie me?" Jill asked. She wiggled a little: the vines were just as tight as they had been when attached to the monster.
"I haven't decided yet," Ada replied. She circled Jill, her dress fluttering around her as she moved to reveal her legs, almost as if she was showing off. Jill got the strong feeling that, for Ada, sensuality and strength were closely linked. Jill got a better look at her now: she was a very, very beautiful woman. She had fine, feminine features, and Jill suspected a mix of Asian and Western heritage: it was a very successful blend. "Tell me what you're doing here."
"Of course," Jill replied, "if you tell me why you're here." Ada smiled.
"Darling, of the two of us, one is holding a gun, and one is trussed up, and lying on the floor. Do you really think we're negotiating?"

Jill flushed a little. What Ada had said got under her skin: Jill had been ambushed, captured, and then helplessly wrapped up and fondled, and she felt very much like the whimpering damsel-in-distress to Ada's capable agent. But she had to remind herself that she was extremely capable herself. Just because she wasn't invincible, that didn't mean she was weak.
"Listen," Jill said, "I don't know who you are. I get the feeling that 'Ada Wong' isn't even your real name. I'm very grateful to you for saving me, but I'm not going to play games. You're either the kind of person who's going to untie me, in which case maybe we can work together, or you're not, in which case you're my enemy, and I know I have no reason to co-operate with you."

Ada was impressed. Jill was made of sterner stuff than she'd thought.
"Alright," she said. "I'm convinced." She knelt down, and started unwrapping the many vines twisted about Jill's body. The monster had done quite a number on her, and it took Jill ten minutes to get them all off - and that was before she even got to the bandages.
"I'm guessing this wasn't the little beastie?" Ada said, as she finally undid the last of Jill's bindings.
"No it -" In all the excitement, Jill had quite forgotten about the woman who'd drugged her. "Someone grabbed me...she knocked me out with chloroform and then left me for that thing!"
"So we've got another third party, huh..." Ada thought. "Oh, Albert's not gonna like that..." She extended her hand, and helped Jill to her feet.

"Thanks," Jill said, rather enjoying the feeling of being able to move again. "I've kind of...lost my bearings. I'm guessing you were headed for the village as well." Ada winked.
"That would be telling," she said, but she started walking, and Jill followed.

It didn't take too long for Ada to realise that Jill was not the only person following her. She pretended not to notice, so as not to put her pursuer off, and to get as much information about them as she could. She - assuming Jill was right and it was a 'she' - was extremely quiet, but she was moving very quickly. Ada wouldn't have noticed her at all, but for the fact that what Jill told her meant she was listening out for the signs of pursuit.

"Jill," Ada said in as low a voice as she could, "we've got company."
"Company? What kind of -"
"The human kind. Keep going in this direction. I'm gonna see if we can't get the drop on our new guest." Before Jill could say another word, Ada had vanished. Jill was irritated at first - but rather more than that when she realised that Ada had not only taken the only torch, she'd taken the only gun.

"Oh that's great," Jill hissed, now plunged into almost total darkness, and entirely unarmed. She took a few steps forward, but there was a loud *SNAP* beneath her feet. She had not, alas, been given such fancy equipment as night-vision goggles by her employers, but she was aware that her company might have been. And, if they were, then Jill was making herself extremely obvious.

Dark though it was, Jill wasn't completely blind. She moved over to a tangle of brambles which was locked in permanent stalemate with a tree with which it had become tangled. She thought that her outline would appear more hazy on night-vision in contrast with the rough lines of the brambles. She was right, but it didn't do her much good.

Jill had correctly deduced that her enemy - assuming Ada was right and the pair had been followed - had the advantage in terms of how much she could see. Jill was not right, however, in assuming that her pursuer wore night-vision goggles. She used her eyes only, but they were more than sufficient.

"MMPHH!" For the second time in one night, Jill felt this woman's hand over her mouth. Yet there was no drugged cloth this time: just cool, black, leather. "MMMMPHHH!!" Jill cried out, shaking furiously. She tried to pull the hand away, but she was astonished that, when she gripped the arm that was no more muscular than her own, she couldn't move it. She couldn't even budge it.

"You know, I'm glad you got away from that monster," the woman said, in a clear, American accent. "I was hoping I'd get a chance to play with you a little more."
"Play with this!" Jill thought, before elbowing the woman in the stomach. She grunted slightly, but despite the fact that Jill had hit her hard enough to send a fully grown man reeling, she did not seem remotely seriously hurt. "Body armour? No...I definitely felt myself hitting her stomach!"

Whatever she'd felt, Jill now felt her enemy kicking her feet from under her. There was nothing weak about Jill's stance, but she was easily tripped, and she fell to her knees, cushioned only by leaves underneath her.
"Aaah!" Jill winced as her enemy released her mouth and grabbed her wrists, crossing them behind her back with great force. Jill wiggled, but her grip was like iron. She held her wrists together with one hand, while groping in the dark for something with her other hand.

Jill had a fair idea of what that something was, and when she first felt white, nylon cord winding around her wrists and upper arms she was not proven wrong.
"No!" she cried out, feeling her arms being cinched together.
"Oh, yes," the woman said, yanking the cord tight at Jill's elbows. She continued with the same piece of rope, wrapping it round Jill's torso, just under her soft bosom, biting into her as it held her arms tightly against her back, her hands fumbling uselessly against the bottom of her spine.

"It isn't very often I get to truss up such a fine specimen as you," the woman said, gently sliding her index finger up Jill's long, white neck. "It's very enjoyable." She then pulled the straps off Jill's torso, the ones with the rest of her equipment in them, tossing them aside.
"Don't - mmphh!!" Jill hardly even began to protest when a strong white cloth was pressed down over her mouth, so tightly that the outline of her lips was clearly visible. "Mmmmnnnmmphhh!!" Jill whimpered, muzzled again. She shook her body, furious at the feeling of rope keeping her lovely form restrained.
"Calm down, sweetheart," her captor said, and placed her hands on Jill's shoulders.
"Mmmphh..." Jill blushed. Now that her straps had been removed, her warm, white shoulders were completely bare. She was suddenly acutely aware that she was a very attractive young woman, in a very skin-baring outfit, and she was all tied up to boot. Now that her shoulders were uncovered, she felt naked.

That feeling only increased when the woman took her hands off her shoulders, and put them on her long, naked legs.
"Mmmnmmm!" Jill felt her supple thighs under her captor's hands, before they were forced against each other. More rope: and three circuits later, Jill's thighs were inseparable from each other.
"Mmmmphhh!" Jill groaned, sweat trickling down her neck from the intensity of her vain struggles.  Bound and gagged, helpless in the dark, abandoned by her former savior, Jill was utterly defenceless before her captor. She didn't know what to do. She couldn't think of anything.

"Don't you look a sight," Jill's enigmatic enemy said, stroking her pretty captive's hair. Then, as if amused by the contrast in the way she treated Jill, she kicked her in the back, sending her down hard onto her front.
"Mmmhhnn..." Jill found herself no more capably of untying herself in this position than she had been when she was kneeling.
"Now," her captor said, "what say we -" It was her turn to be interrupted. But she was not silenced by a hand over her mouth, but by the click of a gun, held an inch from her head.

"Now then, sister," Ada said, pressing the pistol against the back of the woman's head just to reinforce precisely what it was that she intended, "why don't you get down on the ground? I'd prefer not to have to blow your brains out." Ada had had no intention of leaving Jill to her fate, but neither was she particularly concerned with her safety. When she'd heard the woman following them, she decided that her companion might make herself more useful as bait than as comrade-in-arms. "Three seconds. One. Two. Thr - shit!"

The woman ducked, and launched an unbelievably powerful kick towards Ada. It didn't hit the woman herself, but it knocked the gun out of her hand, sending it sailing through the air, in fact. In a flash, the woman was back on her feet, and facing the stunned, half-Chinese agent, allowing the two their first good look at each other.

The woman was a little shorter than Ada, with long-ish, reddish hair. She was good looking, around thirty years old, clad in a tight, black commando style outfit, with everything covered below her neck. There was something funny about the way she looked at Ada. It wasn't just that she was smiling. There was something about her eyes...

But Ada had no time to contemplate. The woman attacked, and Ada barely had time to dodge the first punch. Another blow came, and another, and Ada couldn't dodge either. The first caught her in the calf, the second in the shoulder, and both were designed to keep her off balance. Ada almost fell, but she was caught by her attacker, and pushed back onto her feet.

"She's toying with me!" Ada shifted stance, and went on the attack. She kicked at the woman's waist, her long dress sliding back to show off her limbs. She kicked like a mantis - but she missed. The woman not only ducked Ada's kick, she grabbed her ankle, stopping her from pulling it back.
"Wow," she said, "another cutie with absolutely wonderful pins," she said, running her hand slowly towards Ada's knee. Ada scowled with irritation: this woman wasn't taking her remotely seriously. "Well, perhaps I'd better show her why that's such a stupid thing to do." She crouched slightly, then sprang up with the speed and ferocity of a cat and slammed her other leg into the side of the woman's head. This time, Ada's blow connected - but the woman hardly flinched.

She did, however, let go of Ada, who used the momentum from her kick to spin back into a crouching position. She was breathing hard, but her enemy didn't seem even slightly uncomfortable. She was about to feint to the left, in order to make a run for her gun. But the other woman moved faster. Much faster.

Before Ada could get so much as a phoneme out of her mouth the woman closed the distance between them, and struck Ada in a small soft spot between her left shoulder and her neck.
"Nnhh...uunnhh..." Ada moaned, suddenly unable to move. " body..." The capable agent was suddenly feeling exceptionally weak. With one blow, it was as if she'd been fighting for hours. "Unnhh..." She couldn't raise her arms. She couldn't take a step. She couldn't fight. She could feel her consciousness fading, her eyelids fluttering. "I can't...can't..."

"You're surprisingly strong," the woman said to the helpless, astonished agent. "Normally people don't last more than one move against me." She poked Ada in the chest, very lightly, and the slinky maiden fell back. Jill, craning her head to see what was happening, watched her rescuer fall. By the time Ada Wong hit the ground, she was completely unconscious.

"Mmmphh!" Jill whimpered. She looked up at the other woman in shock: she couldn't believe that she'd manage to defeat both her and Ada quite so easily. The beautiful, mysterious young woman lying prone before her no longer seemed seductive and dangerous. As the enigmatic victor crossed Ada's arms behind her back, and began lashing them together with white, nylon rope, the damsel in the red dress looked tame, and fragile.

Connecting Ada's box-tied arms to her chest by way of cord slipped just above her pert breasts, the woman yanked the joining rope so tightly that, had she been conscious, it would have been impossible for her to move her arms at all. The woman moved onto Ada's lower body next, turning the defeated maiden onto her back. She looked right at Jill as she pushed the lower half of Ada's dress aside, baring Ada's long, supple legs completely. The woman smiled as she fondled Ada's silky thighs, before she started binding them. She very, very slowly wound the soft, white cords just above Ada's knees, allowing Jill to see her ally's bindings get tighter, and tighter.

"I don't understand it," Jill thought. "Why is she doing this? She could just kill us." It occurred to Jill that the woman might be attempting to kidnap them. But then, why would she have left Jill to the mercy of that creature? And then there was the creature itself. What connection did it have with the men she'd seen before? Was it a bio-weapon? Were they? There were an infinity of questions, but Jill - bound and helpless - was in no position to answer any of them.

"Unnnhh..." Ada moaned softly, as the woman began binding her ankles. She was just starting to come to, not that this would do her any good. As her high-heeled feet were pressed together by the five circuits of rope just above them, Ada's wide, sleepy eyes opened. "Wh...what?" She murmured. "I...oohh..." She didn't stay awake for long. Before she could even comprehend her situation, she swooned, and lost consciousness again.
"Haha!" the woman chuckled. "I didn't think you'd be so...feminine, Ada."
"Mmmphh?" Jill's eyes widened. "How does she know her name?"
"Don't look so surprised, Jill," she said. "Unlike your superiors, mine saw fit to actually, y'know, brief me." She left Ada bound and half-exposed on the grass, while she turned her attentions back to Jill.

It was only now that the former S.T.A.R.S. officer realised the disadvantage she was in. This woman had been waiting for her. Waiting for Ada too.
"Mmmmphhh!!" Jill tried kicking at the woman as her ankles were grabbed, but since her knees were so tightly tied together, she couldn't do much more than wiggle her calves. The woman tucked Jill's ankles under her arm, then deftly lashed them to each other. Jill couldn't really do more than watch as the woman finished tying her up. "I'm...I'm completely helpless!" she thought despairingly, watching her bare legs become too tightly tied up to move.

"Alright then," the woman said, dropping Jill's legs back down. She walked over to Ada, and took her by the ropes around her chest, dragging her over to where Jill lay. The woman propped Ada's slender, limp body against Jill's, the two maidens now back to back. Once that was done, she took more rope from the small pack she wore on her back, and then started wrapping them in it.

"Mmmphhh! Mmm-mmphhh!" Jill complained, as she and Ada were tied together, their shoulders and arms pressed against each other as the loops of rope grew ever tighter. Her struggles and whimpers accomplished nothing in the way of getting her loose. They did, however, manage finally to stir Ada.
"Whh..." she mumbled, but this time her green eyes managed to stay open. "What's going on?" she wondered, sleepily. "I...unnh...I can barely move, what's -?" It was at this moment that it occurred to Ada to look down, and she saw her beautiful body tightly trussed up. "I-I've been captured..." She began wriggling and struggling, but her slender frame was no match for her bonds. As she writhed, she found the white ropes that so closely embraced her arms and her long legs were very soft, almost as soft as her silken, red dress.

Ada and Jill's captor watched the pair wriggle for a while, before returning to business.
"Hey," Ada said, when the woman came into view. She was trying to stay cool. "Let me assure you, the organisation I'm working for is not going to look kindly on people interfering in its business. You want to stay alive? Probably a good to idea to untie us. Now."
"Oh, Ada," the woman said, "what makes you think we're not working for the same organisation?"
"What are you talking about?" Ada didn't get an answer. The woman walked over to her and, to Ada's shock, took one of the straps of her dress, and tore it clean off. Ada's left shoulder was now completely bare, and her damaged dress was in danger of slipping down even further.

"What are you doing? You - mmphh!" Ada was most disconcerted when the torn strap was shoved over her lips. "MMPHHH!!" Ada cried out, gagged now as well as bound. "Mm-mm-MMMPPHHH!!" She wiggled from side to side as the woman knotted the torn piece of cloth behind her head, but all she accomplished was that she rubbed herself more vigorously against the lovely young lady behind her.

"Oh, Ada, you look so cute all trussed up like that," the woman said. She ruffled Ada's hair mockingly.
"Mmmphhhh!" Ada complained, cheeks reddening with embarrassment. Whenever she tried to speak, she felt her lips rubbing against soft silk, and the luxury of the gag was a stark contrast with the seriousness of her situation. She and Jill looked over their shoulders at each other, and saw a mirror reflecting their own helplessness.

"Now," the victorious woman said, "you should probably thank me for muzzling you, kittens. After all, it's pretty dangerous around here. You don't want to draw attention to yourselves." She picked up Ada's gun, and fired it three times into the air. "Whoops," she said, grinning, before vanishing into the night.

"Mmmphh!" Ada complained. "Oh, I'm going to enjoy getting my revenge on her..." she thought.
"Mmm-hhmmmphhh," Jill tried to attract Ada's attention. She could feel that the ropes binding them to each other weren't quite as tight as the ones wrapped around their limbs, and there was a little bit of wiggle room. She was trying to tell Ada to help her untie her wrists.

It took two minutes of whimpering, wriggling and prodding for the gagged Chinese agent to realise what Jill was trying to do. When she did, she set about trying to find weaknesses in the knots keeping Jill's wrists together, but this was not an easy task. Another three minutes of fruitless fumbling passed, when they heard something.

"Madura..." Both maidens turned at the same time, eyes wide. Something was coming towards them. Someone was coming towards them. A villager, dressed in rough, cheap looking clothing. His eyes were set on them, with a dull, glassy quality. His motions were clumsy, but determined.

"Egghh..." Another voice from behind them. The pair turned their heads, to see two more 'men' coming towards them. They had the same grey skin and glassy eyes as the other and they too had their eyes fixed on the roped up, long-limbed captives. They were getting closer and closer.

"Mmmmphhh!!" Ada began furiously writhing, trying desperately to free herself before the half-men got to her.
"Nnnmmphhhh!" Jill was no less afraid. They were completely helpless, and who now knew what these things were going to do to them. With an involuntary whimper, Jill thought that the creatures simply disposing of the pair would probably end up being a mercy.

"Madura..." another of the creatures said. They moved torturously slowly, their dull eyes never straying from the two young women. Their hands already began to reach out for them.
"MMPHHH!!" Ada screamed, as the things got closer and closer to her. Helpless, she realised how the people of Raccoon City, those not as deadly and skilled as herself, must have felt when confronted with Umbrella's zombies. She and Jill wiggled their lovely bodies to as little avail as before, only succeeding in rubbing their soft, bare shoulders together.

Finally the foul men-things got close enough to touch the pair, and that they did. Their coarse hands grabbed at smooth, feminine flesh, attempting to prise the two apart.
"MMMNNNMMPHHH!!" the pair moaned, hands on their legs, on their shoulders, roughly squeezing them in an effort to separate them.
"Get off! Get off!" Jill demanded mentally, though even an audible command would have gone unheeded.

Finally one of the dull-witted trio worked out what was preventing them from being taken, and with preternatural strength snapped the cords keeping them together.
"Mmmgghhmmphh!" Instantly, Ada tried to start wriggling away, but she was snatched before she could get anywhere. An arm went under her bare, supple legs, while another seized her round the midsection. "Whhmmphhh!!" she moaned, as the slender damsel was suddenly scooped up into the air, her dress failing utterly to cover her lower body. Her calves dangled from her captor's arms. In her heels, and her long dress, Ada suddenly resembled nothing so much as a captive Chinese princess.

Jill, meanwhile, managed to kick one of the man-creatures coming for her, her boots hitting the thing straight in the stomach. It grunted in pain, but its flesh felt wrong somehow when Jill's feet hit it. At any rate, another one managed to get Jill by her shoulders, hoisting her up onto her feet.
"Mmmnnnmphhh!" she protested, as it grabbed her by the waist, and flung the skimpily dressed woman over its shoulder. Jill found herself upended, her brown hair flying up towards the ground. She could feel her breasts begin to strain against her tight, blue top, and she hoped dearly that it would restrain them. She kicked her bound legs against its back, but this only made it tighten its grip on her bare thighs. The sensitivity of her skin made her hope that the creatures didn't retain their capacity for lust. Jill was very aware of the shortness of her skirt, and just how much of her was exposed in her present state.

"Nnnmphh! NNMMMPHHHH!" Ada watched as Jill was hauled up and over the thing's shoulder. She couldn't believe it. They were being kidnapped. "Mmhh!" She was hoisted into the air slightly, her abductor getting a firmer grip on her soft skin as he began carrying her away.

Ada, trussed up and carted off, craned her neck to look past her captor, seeing Jill slung over the monster, wiggling her lovely, pale body, kicking and thrashing her bound legs, but achieving precisely nothing. Ada suddenly felt another wave of embarrassment, but she didn't immediately know why. It then hit her: Jill, in her short, leather skirt, tossed over her captor's shoulder, certainly looked powerless. Yet Ada, in her long - yet revealing - red dress and high heels, being carried like a stolen bride, felt far more feminine and vulnerable. A light gust of wind blew over her bare shoulder, and she was reminded of the silky gag torn from her dress and wrapped around her lips. She whimpered gently, feeling utterly defeated.
Jill Valentine and Ada Wong: Hunted
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen! I'm taking a break from my OC stories to bring you a spooky tale of two gorgeous, leggy young maidens, who get caught up in a situation beyond their control...

This story is a commission from my erstwhile patron, :iconthedidsquid: with whom collaboration continues to be extremely rewarding. Enjoy, everyone!

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Three years. Good grief.

2.What does your username mean?

I wouldn't have thought that would be altogether difficult to define.

3. Describe yourself in three words.

Enthusiastic, perverse, non-committal.

4. Are you left or right handed?


5. What was your first deviation?

Senshi Defeated"Ami! You're here!" Usagi called out excitedly to her friend. The blonde haired girl ran up to the new arrival, and hugged her tightly.
"Uh, good to see you too, Usagi." Ami's reply was subdued. Looking over Usagi's shoulder, she saw that she'd been the last of the five to get there. The other three - Makoto, Minako, and Rei - were standing together some distance away. Streetlights flickered pathetically, barely keeping the night from encroaching upon the alley in which Ami had been instructed to meet the group.
"Usagi, this isn't the time for pleasantries!" Makoto barked.
"Oh, right," Usagi said sheepishly. Ami looked at the others. They weren't looking at each other.
"What's happened?" Ami asked. "Why wouldn't you tell me on the phone?"
"Because we don't know who might be listening," Makoto said. "Whoever's done this knows about us."
"Done what? What's going on?" Usagi pressed something into Ami's hand, a piece of paper with something written on it.
"My dear Makoto," Ami read. "Or sh

Senshi Defeated.

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

Fantastical fiction in which lovely ladies are cruelly captured. (Add "alliterative" to question 3).

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

The composition of music.


8. What was your first favourite?

Nami and Robin Strong World 2 by lostonezero

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Damsel-in-distress art.

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

Visual art? Too many to count. I'll mention two: :iconlostonezero: and :iconshibaji:

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

:iconpoorusername: probably!


12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

:iconjjavangard: helped me tremendously in the development of my first OC story, even producing artwork that really brought the ladies of Trouble in Paradise to life. :iconpoorusername: and :iconjackmackhack: helped me out a lot, especially in the early days when I was still developing a style. :iconcamiocorvus: :iconmad-man-with-a-pen: and :icongundam20012005: have also been awesome in helping to inspire me.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

Deviantart, and the brains of my friends.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

In discussion with one of the many imaginative people I've mentioned.


15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

The first comment on my first story.

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