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At LONG last, after god-only-knows how many hours of writing, I have finally completed "The Perils of Enhancegirl 5"! I'm really proud of this one ladies and gents, so if you're of a mind, please do take a look, and let me know what'cha think: I would love to have some feedback on this one.

So, enjoy - and don't forget about the Enhancegirl contest, which finishes at the end of next month, details of which can be found in my previous journal entry.




At LONG last, after god-only-knows how many hours of writing, I have finally completed "The Perils of Enhancegirl 5"! I'm really proud of this one ladies and gents, so if you're of a mind, please do take a look, and let me know what'cha think: I would love to have some feedback on this one.

So, enjoy - and don't forget about the Enhancegirl contest, which finishes at the end of next month, details of which can be found in my previous journal entry.

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
While Mariko, Sophie and Natalya were locked in intimate embrace, Nyx and Cybelle watched each other, though both pretended not to. Both were on retainer to Black and Mesmeredith's partnership, and both were very much aware that they might be double-crossed at any time. The money, however, was too good to ignore.

What could have been an even more awkward, even more protracted silence, was broken by the sound of guards rushing past the room in which they sat.
"Hey!" Cybelle called out. "What's goin' on?"
"We've got another intruder, Miss Cybelle!" Denzel Bindon said, snapping unnecessarily to attention. "Security cameras picked her up a minute or two ago!"
"'She'?" Nyx stood up. "Is she pretty?"
"Er, yes, Ma'am! Er no! I mean, she is...but -"
"Would'ja mind shuttin' up, hun?" Cybelle said. Her eyes lowered. "What does she look like?"
"Um...well, she's blonde...white dress...she looked kinda Asian?" Cybelle leapt to her feet.
"Well, I'll be damned. Some gals never learn." She turned to Nyx. "Keep the coffee warm, Nixie. Come on, dumbass."
"Sweet!" Denzel said, and hurried after her. However, Denzel was extremely unobservant. He, and the rest of his company, hadn't noticed that there was a second intruder.

Stellar moved quietly through the sparse undergrowth of the island. Using the powers of the Blue Star, it had been easy to reach the island, but she was now clad in the white mini-dress and boots of the White Star.
"Are you going to do anything?" May had asked her. "Don't glamorous super-hotties have to stick together?" Though the way she'd phrased it was certainly eccentric, the reporter had stirred Stellar's heroic instincts. She thought she'd dodged all of the cameras, but unfortunately one had caught her.

As it was, she was rather unexpectedly confronted with a number of armed guards, wielding sub-machine guns.
"Okay, you!" came the unconvincing voice of Denzel Bindon. "You drop your..." There was a moment of conference. "Drop your whatever-you've-got and come quietly!"
"Quietly?" Stellar said. She put her hands on her hips. "You can't ask that!" She wagged her finger. There was another moment of conference.
"W-why can't we ask that?" Denzel stammered.
"Because!" Stellar laughed. "You are seeing a Star! A Star never shines in silence!" She opened her mouth, and drew in breath. As the White Star, Stellar could absorb ambient light through her skin, much like Spectra absorbed it. However, she released it not as light again, but as sound. However, before Stellar could make another sound of any kind, cold metal limbs gripped her shoulders and spun her around, before a piece of silver duct tape was slapped over her pretty lips.

"Mmmmphh!!" Stellar squealed, coming face to face with Cybelle.
"Oh, hey, darlin'. Fancy seeing you again so soon," the cyborg said. She seized Stellar with all four of her tendrils, and wasted no time in deploying silver tape from all four.
"Nnnmphh!! NNNMMPHH!!" Stellar wailed, as the tape was stuck to her gorgeous body, her arms pressed against her sides, her legs swiftly trapped together, the lovely maiden's soft skin vanishing beneath the sticky bonds. Cybelle knew from their first battle that the White Star needed her skin to be exposed to be able to absorb enough light for her powers, and being wrapped up would keep her helpless. As more and more tape was wrapped round Yumi, her limbs were pressed in tighter, and tighter and tighter, until the Korean popstar could barely even wriggle. "Mmmmphhhh!" she moaned, having been tightly bound up in a matter of seconds, her rescue effort ending in instant defeat. As she whimpered, Cybelle finished wrapping her up, covering her from her ankles all the way to her mouth, wrapping two or three circuits around it and trapping her famous lips.

"You know, sweetie," Cybelle said to her new captive, who looked at her with wide, plaintive eyes, "you really are very pretty...but you're also really, really stupid." She coiled one of her tendrils round the slender damsel five or six times, before lifting her up over her head.
"Nnnnmmmphhh!! NNNNNNNNMMMPPHHHH!!" Yumi moaned, as she was hauled off in her defeat, carried over the head of the victor. Though, it hadn't exactly been much of a fight.

"Mmhhnnn...mmmhhhnnn..." Sophie whimpered, as she began to come to. With no drug in her system, there was not even the barrier of disorientation to what had happened. As she lifted her head, she met the sorrowful yellow eyes of Natalya, remembering every kiss she inflicted on the shy beauty, remembered making her swoon. The only surprise was the reapplication of her gag.
"I...I couldn't help it...I couldn't control myself..." Natalya heard her thoughts, and knew she spoke true, but it didn't matter much. Mariko woke last, and she could not bear even to look at the others.

"Welcome back, girls," Black said. "I thought you might want to know that we have a new guest."
"Mmmphh?" Sophie mewed. At this point, she was so overwhelmed with humiliation that nothing could move her much. Or so she thought. For when the door of the lounge opened she saw Cybelle walk in with a very lovely young woman coiled up in her tendrils, wriggling in the shiny confines of silver tape. "Oh no no..." Sophie said in her head, over and over again.
"Is that...Stellar?" Mariko thought. "What's she doing here?"
"Why...why did you all come for me? I'm not worth it..." Sophie thought, filled with despair.

"Well, y'know I was taking a nice stroll outside," Cybelle said, "when I found a pretty little flower I had to pluck." She slapped Stellar on her tight behind.
"Mph!" the popstar squeaked.
"You just keep falling into my lap, don't you?" Black laughed. "One stupid, sexy little creature after another. I should really -"

Whatever Black's taunt was about to be, it was swiftly forgotten in the chaos that followed a few moments later. The upshot was that the room was completely totaled, and Cybelle was knocked unconscious, within about twenty seconds. To give you the long version: the assembled company were very surprised indeed when, with scarcely any effort at all, Stellar burst out of her bonds, tore off her gag, and socked Cybelle on the jaw, sending her sprawling through the doorframe, the enhanced strength of the Black Star more than enough to knock her out. As Stellar grinned, she pulled off her blonde wig to reveal her black hair, kicking off her boots and tearing away her dress to reveal a black, leather skirt and tube top, with flat black shoes. The maids leapt into action, and Mesmeredith herself prepared to subdue the heroine, but the efforts at fighting back were somewhat hampered when the floor exploded beneath them.

"AAARRGGHH!!" Hammerblow cried as he was hurtled up, crashing not only through the floor, but continuing up through the ceiling of that room as well. The maids, and Mesmeredith too, were thrown back. It was as well that they were, for a wiry man with thick black hair, and skin almost as red as blood leapt through the hole.
"What the hell?" Black sputtered. "Who the f**k is he?!"

This question was on quite a few minds, but not Stellar's. Some maids got in her way, but she batted them aside easily using her enhanced strength. She pulled off Sophie's gag and bonds, and - to the redhead's surprise - embraced her.
"I'm so happy you're safe!" she said.
"Uh...thanks," Sophie mumbled, as Stellar freed Spectra and Insyte as well.

"You!" Meredith said. "I don't know who you are, but you will stop." She fixed her eyes on the blood-red man, and spoke one word: "Kneel."
"Heh!" The man did not kneel. Nor, indeed, did he respond at all to Mesmeredith's powers.
"Kneel, I said!" Mesmeredith commanded. It again had no effect. She concentrated as hard as she could, staring directly into his eyes.
"You...did not control me before..." the man snarled. Meredith suddenly remembered why he'd looked faintly familiar. He'd been rather less red in the Penitentiary Supreme, but he still hadn't responded to her hypnotic commands, unlike the four other Catastrophe Gang members held there. "AAARRGGHHH!!" As Angermax roared, he lifted his hand, the intellect he'd gathered deserting him as he gathered his terrakinetic powers. He might well have killed Meredith then and there, if a fireball had not struck him in the back.

"Angermax!" Big Shot had appeared in the doorway. "What the hell are you doing?"
"GRRAAGGHHH!!" The last superhuman member of the Catastrophe gang banged his fists together, unleashing a wave of energy that ripped up the floor and smashed into Big Shot, knocking him senseless.

"Spectrum is Green!" The two heroines, helpless captives until mere moments earlier, saw their skimpy underwear vanish beneath their heroic outfits. Natalya was not so lucky as to be able to cover herself up so easily.
"So, is there time to explain why he's fighting against his comrades?" Spectra asked Stellar in Japanese. She was the only one in the room apart from Stellar who'd recognised Angermax.
"He wanted to help. He said "the Gang aren't kidnappers! We're bank robbers!" May Springtide was the one who thought Hypnotra had something to do with them." Enhancegirl heard her friend's name
"What did May have to do with this?" A maid tried to get in her way, but she - with great pleasure at the return of her power - knocked her aside.
"She advised me to be disguised, so they would try to...ah... capture me wrong." Yumi was less confident in English. "She spoke to Angermax."
"Okay, well remind me to kiss her when we get outta this place," Sophie said. She was about to make for the door, where Mindblow and Catastrophe were trying to squeeze themselves in, but Spectra merely blasted a hole in the wall next to them.
"I think this way will be easier," she said.

The heroines barreled through the hole, all except Insyte. Still dressed in nothing more than heels and underwear, she braved the fray to look for Chloe and Saskia, the two brainwashed servants of Mesmeredith. She found them sprawled near where Angermax had crashed through, both unconscious. She grabbed Saskia, and just about managed to put the tall woman over her shoulder, but she realised that there was no way she could get Chloe as well.

"Here, give her to me." Insyte felt Saskia's unconscious body being taken from her shoulder by a superhumanly strong arm. Soon Chloe was taken by another arm, and Stellar was carrying two unconscious maids. Insyte looked up at the leather-clad songstress, and felt a mind full of kindness and selflessness. It was warm relief to the telepath, who'd been surrounded by greed, villainy and despair since she'd been captured.

As Mindblow was tossed aside by a stray shot from Catastrophe, the two heroines made to follow Enhancegirl and Spectra. However, a shockwave from Angermax crumbled the already severely weakened wall. Stellar could have cleared it with her strength, but not while she was carrying Saskia and Chloe.

The Blue Star or the White Star, with their aloof and peppy personalities respectively, might have thought of something a little less daredevil-esque. As it was, Stellar - with the arrogance and flair of the Black Star - leapt down the hole in the floor that Angermax had created. Insyte started, but a stray blast from Catastrophe soon convinced her to follow.

In the confusion, it had been impossible for Enhancegirl and Spectra to return for their fellow heroines. All they could do was run for the exit, and hope that Insyte and Stellar would meet up with them.
"Spectra," Enhancegirl said, halting the Japanese heroine. "There's gonna be about ten goons on us if we keep going this way, and they've got some pretty heavy artillery." She'd seen through the walls of the hallway. "We should double-back. Getting shot wouldn't be much of an improvement on what they did to us before." She sounded a little hysterical - she was all too aware that their cunning enemies might snatch their newly found freedom from them at any moment.

"Don't forget whom it is you have at your side, Enhancegirl," Spectra said. She raised her hand. "You might want to shield your eyes." Sophie knew better than to attempt to dissuade her. She did as Spectra suggested, and covered her eyes with her hands. It was still extremely painful for her sensitive eyes, though, when Spectra sent a multi-coloured, dazzling cascade of photonic energy at the guards who appeared from behind the walls of the corridor. When Enhancegirl dared to open her eyes again, the guards were all defeated.
"Doubling back doesn't really fit my idiom," Spectra said, quite satisfied with her display of strength. She continued on immediately, not even giving Enhancegirl's eyes time to recover.

It was unfortunate, then, that she herself did not have the ability to see through walls. Had she done so, or had she bothered to let Sophie recover, she would have seen a tall, voluptuous cyborg lying in wait for her a few feet from where she'd defeated the goons.
"Wha -" was all Spectra had time to say when she saw Cybelle's tendrils shoot out for her, before they slapped thick, sticky tape over her eyes.

"NO!" she cried out, as she was instantly robbed of her powers, unable to absorb light anywhere but through her eyes. She reached up to pull the tape off, but strong, metal pincers grabbed her delicate wrists, and pulled her hands behind her back.
"Hey there, hottie-san," Cybelle said, as she wound tape in multiple layers over Mariko's green eyes to ensure her blindness.
"Let me go at once! Release me or I'll - RMMMPHHH!!" Spectra felt more of Cybelle's tape pressed down over her lips, before being wrapped round as well, sealing her voice with three full layers of tape.

"Come on!" Stellar said, rushing ahead of Natalya. She, for her part, followed as fast as her tall heels would enable her. It wasn't long before the two had reached the room into which Natalya and Mariko had first broken upon their initial ingress. They could have just left. All they would have had to do was keep going. But when someone, anyone, hears a loud noise from behind them, it is virtually psychologically impossible not to turn around.

"Insyte!!" Natalya recognised the voice, even if Stellar didn't, though it did her little good. She turned around to see Mesmeredith, breathing hard, her face twisted with rage. Insyte clenched her fists, but it took her too long to realise that Mesmeredith was not looking at her.

Natalya heard a soft pair of thuds as Saskia and Chloe were dropped onto the ground. She realised what was happening, and turned her eyes to Stellar, but much too late. The Korean beauty was standing, staring at Mesmeredith, her arms by her side and her mouth slightly open.
"Oh...oh..." Stellar twitched slightly, almost as though she were trying to struggle, but couldn't remember how. "Can't...unh..." she moaned, unable to take her eyes away.
"Stellar, no! You mustn't give in!" Insyte cried, seeing the popstar fall under Mesmeredith's control. She reached out with her own mind to try and curb the process of brainwashing, but she wasn't strong enough. Mesmeredith's hypnosis worked too fast, and her mental powers were too subtle.

It occurred to Insyte to try a different tack, and she ran at Mesmeredith herself. But again, she thought of it too late. She only just saw Stellar lunge at her, and only the pseudo-prescience granted by her telepathy stopped her from getting knocked out.
"That's it, Stellar," Meredith said. "Get her! Remind her that no-one escapes Hypnotra!"

Things were not going any better for the other duo.
"Spectra!" Enhancegirl ran forward to rescue her fellow heroine, but Cybelle sent three of her tendrils to intercept. Her vision still recovering from Spectra's blast, it was all she could do to avoid the tentacles, much less rescue Spectra.
"Mmmmphhh!! NNNMMMPHH!!" the blinded damsel whimpered, as Cybelle's remaining tendril began wrapping her torso in tape. She moaned and thrashed, but was effectively helpless. Silver covered silver as her outfit vanished beneath her bindings, her slim arms tightly tied behind her back. "Idiot, idiot, idiot, IDIOT!" Spectra cursed herself bitterly. "How could I have let them capture me again?!"

Mariko felt her knees being pulled together, before her calves were completely covered with tape. She strained against her bindings, but they were unbelievably tight. She could hardly move her arms or legs at all. But, as Cybelle bound her latest catch, Sophie managed to trick two of the tentacles into tangling with each other.
"You just don't know when to quit!" Cybelle spat, shoving Spectra to the side, where she landed on her front. She'd realised too late that, as advanced as her internal processors were, it was not altogether easy for her to concentrate on two enemies at once. She'd put three of her tendrils on full A.I, and they'd promptly bugged out.

As she tried to return them to manual control, Sophie closed the gap between them. Cybelle struck like a scorpion at her red-haired enemy, but missed. As Sophie attacked, Cybelle was reduced to using her actual limbs to fight. They were cybernetically reinforced, but not nearly as strong or versatile as her tendrils, and Sophie knew it.
"What is with you?" Sophie said as the two fought. She was much faster than Cybelle was in her current state, and she was driving the cyborg back with blow after superhumanly accurate blow. "You seriously get your jollies from kidnapping people this much?"
"Not just people, darlin'," Cybelle said, bringing her functional tentacle back to bear. "Only super-hotties like you two. And you in particular just seem to loooove getting wrapped up in my arms."
"Oh, kiss my ass!" Sophie hissed, punching Cybelle straight in the face. The sheer violence of the blow took the cyborg very much of guard, and she reeled. "I hate people like you! Moronic villains with no real ambition, no serious goal. At least people like the Supremacist actually want to use their powers to, like, establish a new world order. You? You're just a nuisance! You're the reason people with superpowers never have time to, like, fix global warming or cure cancer or whatever. We have to spend every minute of the day dealing with you assholes!"

Cybelle had stopped listening about ten words in. She was much more interested in re-installing her tendrils' manual subroutines. Once they finished, just before Sophie said 'dealing with you', Cybelle flexed them to make sure they worked, and when she said 'assholes' she launched them, from behind Sophie, straight at the redhead's back. It was well, then, that Sophie deftly sprung out of the way, causing the tendrils to hit their wielder at full force. She flew back, slamming hard against a wall with a sickening thwack.

"Unnngghhh..." Cybelle groaned, scarcely conscious.
"Two all," Sophie said, dusting off her hands, having drawn the number of defeats and victories she'd had against Cybelle level.
"Mmmmpphh! Mmmm-mmmphhh!" Spectra wriggled around on the ground, bound, gagged and blindfolded, embarrassedly trying to get Sophie to save her.
"Don't worry Spectra, I'll -"

She knew. Somehow, she knew. When she felt the first whispers of chloroform at the edges of her olfactory senses, it could easily have turned out to be Nyx behind her. It could have been Madeleine, or Hypnotra, or any of the maids. But it wasn't. As she turned around, already starting to feel weak, she knew that the woman behind her was Madam Black.

"Downgrade!" Enhancegirl shouted, shedding her powers, and her weakness to chloroform. It was as well that she had done so, for within a few seconds she would have been too weak to fight. But Black was fast and she leapt at Sophie, pushing her against a wall, and shoving a drug-soaked rag over her mouth.
"Oh no, oh no no no no no," she hissed, as the building shook from Angermax's battle with Catastrophe. "You're not getting away. Not this time."
"Mmmphhh...mmmphhh..." Sophie could feel herself weakening. She wiggled her now almost entirely naked body, feeling a thick, warm cloud settling over her, making her soft and pliable. "No..." Sophie thought, blackness creeping into the edge of her vision. "!" With a fire born of too-great a humiliation, Sophie found her strength, and thrust her knee into the pit of Madam Black's stomach.

"Ooofff!!" Black groaned, dropping the pad and sinking to her knees.
"Unnhh..." Sophie was very lightheaded from the fumes, and held a hand against her forehead. She shook the effects off as best she could, before reaching down to pick up the pad. She looked at Madam Black, groaning on her knees. She grinned. "My turn."

She leant down, intent on making Black endure what she'd endured so many times, but she hadn't taken her own dizziness into account. She reached, but missed. It wouldn't have mattered much, except that the delay gave Black a little more time to recover. She snatched the cloth out of Sophie's hand, and the redhead - taken very much by surprise - was grabbed by the wrist, and judo-tossed to the ground.

"What the - MMMPHH!!" She hadn't expected Black to have much combat proficiency, and now the villainess was sitting directly on top of her, pinning Sophie's arms with her knees. "MMM-MMMPHHH!!" she cried, feeling herself begin to go under once again.
"Feel that, Sophie?" Black spat. She'd learned Enhancegirl's true name from Hypnotra before, but only now chose to reveal that she knew it. "That's the feeling of you losing. Again."
"Nnnmmphhh...nnnmmmphhh..." Sophie whimpered, her eyes fluttering shut. "Can't move...can't...can't..." She was getting weaker by the second, and her kicking legs were now barely moving at all. She felt a hand on her bare thigh, and realised that Black now only needed one hand to actually knock her out. Her scantily clad, svelte body was helpless, and Sophie was in Black's control once again.
"Mmm? Mmmmpphhh?!" Spectra, still blindfolded and taped up on the ground, couldn't tell what was happening. She only knew that she could hear Sophie's muffled cries. "Have we lost?"
"Nighty night, you stupid cape. When you wake up, we'll make sure your new owner knows what a naughty little girl you can be."
"Mmmnnphh...mmmnnnphh..." Sophie moaned, as her body became still. Her chest rose and fell, her soft breasts straining against her brassiere. "No...don't knock me out...she's too strong...too...unnhh..." She sank down, and down into darkness, until she could not rise. Her eyes fell shut. She was defeated.

"Ah!" Insyte cried out, dodging out of the way of another of Stellar's punches. She'd been able to keep ahead of her, but it wasn't going altogether well in any other respect. Stellar was far, far more powerful than Insyte, and it was only a matter of time before she won their fight. Indeed, Insyte realised, it was only because Mesmeredith did not want Insyte grievously injured that she had lasted as long as she had. She'd been scanning Stellar's mind for some kind of weakness, but she only found something about extremely soft materials - nothing of the sort was available to hand.

"A Blue Star!" Stellar said, her leathery outfit vanishing in favour of a translucent, gossamer thin robe which billowed all about the now white-skinned, blue haired heroine.
"Oh no..." Insyte instantly read her opponent, and discovered her new set of powers. Things were about to get very, very cold.

"There's no point, Insyte," Mesmeredith said, as flurries of ice shot all around the room, Insyte scarcely able to avoid them even with her powers. "You'll lose. You'll lose and you'll be mine. Even if I can't hypnotise you, I can still have plenty of fun with you when you're all tied up." Her taunts were designed to put Insyte off balance, and they worked to a tee. She glanced at Mesmeredith, and was suddenly aware of just exactly what Mesmeredith intended to do with her. She lifted her hands to her mouth, and did not see the ice spreading under her feet. She took another step, and slipped in her heels, falling on her back. Before she could get up, she saw Stellar standing over her, palm outstretched.
"It's over," the brainwashed singer said.

It was just then that Insyte, thinking it would be useless, scanned Stellar's mind again. Only this time, she found something she could use. She just wasn't sure she could bring herself to do it. As Stellar's thin robe fluttered, revealing her smooth legs, Insyte closed her eyes, gulped, and reached up Stellar's robe.

"Oh!" Stellar gasped, feeling Insyte's warm hands on her bare legs. "Ooh..." Mesmeredith didn't understand what was happening. Stellar had been about to shackle Insyte in place with her powers, but just a touch from the busty telepath had completely taken the wind from her sails.
"I'm sorry!" Natalya said, as she began running her hands up and down Stellar's thighs. Her skin was growing warmer, steam rising from her body.
"Unnhh..." Stellar moaned, feeling an inescapable sensuality as her legs were stroked by the beautiful, dark-haired woman at her feet. She felt weak, but it was a pleasant weakness, one which invited her to surrender to it. She dropped to her knees, weak as a kitten.

Natalya found herself face to face with the beautiful songstress, who looked her in the eye, overcome by the Blue Star's weakness to sensual pleasure. But she wasn't quite out yet. Natalya knew what she had to do, but a lifetime of shyness kept her from doing it. Yet when she looked at Insyte, it seemed almost as if the beautiful young woman wanted her to do it.
"Please don't let her remember this..." Natalya said, before pressing her lips against Yumi's.
"Mmmmphhh..." the Korean damsel moaned, as steam rose from her body. Going limp, she fell against Natalya, cushioned by the ivory-skinned maiden's voluptuous breasts. There was a great rush of steam, and when it faded, Stellar was gone. She was now Yumi Tae-Yeong, kneeling in her underwear, almost passed out.

Mesmeredith had been transfixed by the spectacle, so much so that it did not occur to her that her weapon against Insyte had been taken from her.
"Oh sh-" she spluttered, as Insyte rushed towards her. Before Mesmeredith could react, she had been kicked in the back of the knee and chopped in the shoulder. Reeling, she lost balance, and fell onto her back. Insyte stood over her, her yellow eyes glinting with cold fury. She grabbed Meredith by the temples, and stared into her eyes.
"I...have never hated anyone," she said, "as much as I hate you."
"So what?" Meredith grinned. "What are you going to do about it, girl?"
"This." Insyte reached deep, deep into herself. She summoned up all the telepathic energy she had, driven on by a vast, red loathing. She took everything she could muster, and she poured it all into Meredith's brain.
"AIIIEE!" the hypnotist cried, head racked with migraine-like pain. It didn't last very long, but when it subsided, Mesmeredith could feel that something was very wrong. 

Telepathy worked in very strange ways sometimes. Some telepaths, like Mindblow, wielded the equivalent of mental hammers. Mindblow in particular benefited from a kind of mental static that made it difficult for other telepaths to get a bead on him. Even Mesmeredith had had to work pretty hard to mesmerise him. As for the villainous hypnotist, her mind was opened, allowing her to open the minds of others. But this left her vulnerable, and it was this vulnerability that Insyte instinctively exploited.

"What...what have you done?" Meredith said.
"I reached into your mind...such a horrible place to be..." Insyte said. "I found the part that controls your power, and I switched it off." Meredith recoiled. A half-smile appeared on her face.
"You''re bluffing."
"You know I'm not. You're never going to control anyone again, Hypnotra." Beware the shy, when you finally push them too far.

"Unnhh..." Yumi moaned, starting to come to, and Natalya rushed over to her. Meredith didn't move. She wouldn't for a while.
"Stellar, are you alright?" Natalya said.
"Yes..." she said weakly. "I think so..." With Natalya's help, she stood up. "What happened? I remember...eyes - purple eyes."
"Don't worry," Natalya said. "Those eyes won't be doing any more harm." There was a loud bang uncomfortably close to the heroines' location.
"We must go from here," Yumi said. Natalya nodded, and was about to follow her, when she thought of something.
"Stellar...can you get these two out of here?" She referred to Saskia and Chloe.
"I think so," the Korean responded. "I just need...a moment..." Her sensual depowering at Insyte's hands had left Yumi feeling very weak. But she tried anyway to haul Chloe onto her shoulder. But she overestimated her strength in her current state, and she and Chloe fell to the ground, the songstress almost unconscious.

"Stellar!" Natalya was not very strong, and she wasn't sure how she would get all of the women out. It was fortunate, then, that an answer appeared. A battered, bruised, and somewhat burned man entered the room, one shoe missing, thick brown hair falling down his face.
"Bunch of...weak minded fools..." he muttered. "Don't...know why I ever joined up with them." It was only with a brief telepathic scan that Insyte realised she was looking at Angermax.

The criminal ambled towards her, limping slightly, but seeming rather the better for wear, all things considered.
"Hey, you're Insyte, aren't you?" he said.
"Yes," Natalya replied, suddenly realising her state of undress. She yelped, and covered her sizable chest with her hands.
"Oh, relax lady," Max said. "I'm on the, ah, other side of the fence." He was telling the truth. Sheepishly, Natalya lowered her hands slightly. "Hey, what happened to her?" Max pointed at Yumi.
"Listen to me," Natalya said suddenly. "I - I need you to get these three to safety. Can you do that?"
"One condition," he said. "You - you're a psychic, right?"
"When this is done, can you fix my friends?" Max asked. Natalya smiled gently.
"I'll try." Max nodded. Another advantage of telepathy was that Natalya knew when a person was trustworthy. Seeing that, for now at least, Max was such a person, she gulped - and ran back into the mansion.

"Mmmphhh! Mmmhh-mmphh?" Spectra whimpered, lying taped up on the ground, writhing powerlessly in the tape binding her. She couldn't see what was happening, as Cybelle had blindfolded as well as bound and gagged the Japanese maiden, but she knew that Sophie had been brought down as well. When she picked up a faint whiff of chloroform nearby, she realised how.

"Would'ja look at that?" Black said. "Two supergals completely helpless at my feet. And I don't even have any powers!" She was giving herself too much credit: it had been Cybelle who had defeated Spectra, but Mariko found her taunts no less embarrassing. Black turned Sophie onto her back, and pulled out a spool of microfibre cord, designed to be as compact as possible. She unwound some, and Sophie's wrists were suddenly meshed in artificial rope.

"Unnh..." the sleeping redhead moaned as her arms were tied, rope twisting up her wrists, forearms and elbows. Black yanked tight, and Sophie's arms were tightly bound.
"Mmmmphhh! MMMPHHH!!" Spectra protested. She could hear the whizzing of more rope being unraveled from the spool, and guessed what Black was doing to her fellow heroine. The lovely co-ed's slim ankles were tied next, swiftly cinched with three circuits of rope.

Bound hand and foot, Sophie's half-naked body was turned over, her hair spreading around her like a halo. Picturesque as she was, Sophie was given no peace. A piece of cloth was stuffed into her mouth, before being sealed in place with a strip of duct tape, taken from one of the unconscious Cybelle's tendrils.

"Mmmphh!" Mariko felt Sophie's body being rolled into her, and could now feel for herself the ropes binding the sleeping redhead. "It mustn't end like this...I have to save her!" But as much as she tried to fight the tape keeping her shapely body in check, she couldn't escape its sticky coils.

"Now..." Black mused, "the only question left is how to haul the two of you outta here." She grabbed a radio from her back pocket. "This is the boss. I'm on the third floor, corridor C. Need help moving two wrapped-up superbimbos." She holstered the radio, and bent down by the fallen damsels.

"Rrrmmphh!" Mariko growled, feeling Black's hand on her thighs.
"Oh, is it embarrassing? Are you feeling angry because you got taken out so easily?" She moved her hand up Mariko's body, over her hips, before raising it, and giving the willowy beauty a firm smack on her behind.
"MMMPHH!!" Mariko's cheeks went scarlet, as she wriggled and writhed in her bonds, her helplessness stinging her as much as her spanking.
"A-hahahahaha!" Black laughed. "God damn, you're pathetic! It's like anyone who associates with the dynamic dumbass here," she said, pointing to Enhancegirl, "is just totally useless." It was certainly true, Mariko realised, that since she'd begun to associate with Enhancegirl the number of her defeats had increased noticeably.

Leaving Spectra with her thoughts, Black made some efforts to rouse Cybelle. The blonde groaned half-consciously, but she was still not responsive. While Mariko writhed blindly, and Sophie lay completely subdued, someone approached who had answered Black's call for help.

For different reasons, neither of the two captured young women saw what happened next. Mariko heard the sound of rapidly approaching footsteps, tacking against the ground in swift steps. She then heard a yelp, a thump, and the sound of someone crying out in pain. Poor Sophie wasn't aware of anything. It was only when Mariko felt someone taking her by the head, and unwinding the tape covering her eyes that she realised what was happening.

As Mariko's jade eyes opened, Insyte, who had overheard Black's call for help and had come running, felt a potent mixture of astonishment, relief, gratitude and intense embarrassment at how she'd again needed rescue.
"I came as soon as I could," Natalya said, not knowing what else to say, really. She unwound the tape from Mariko's body, which because of the tall model's height, and the security with which Cybelle had bound her, took a surprisingly long time.

When Mariko was finally free, she leapt onto her feet, and aimed her palm at Black, who was slumped over by Cybelle, clutching her stomach. She'd been no match for Insyte.
"Try taunting me now, you harlot," Mariko spat. "Try telling me how inevitable your victory was!"
"Ghhkkk..." Black couldn't yet speak clearly, but she was genuinely unsure whether or not Mariko would fry her.
"Don't, Spectra," Insyte said. "She... isn't worth throwing away your conscience."
"Fine," Spectra said, turning her hand to Sophie instead. With a flicker, her mastery of light had severed the redhead's bonds.
"What do we do with them?" Insyte asked, as Mariko slipped her hands gently under Sophie's body, and lifted her sleeping form into her arms.
"We leave them. Their operation is exposed now." She shifted Sophie's body closer to her chest: she was not all that physically strong, and svelte as Sophie was, she was difficult for the slender model to carry. "They can be rounded up at any time." That wasn't the real reason, and Mariko had forgotten that Insyte would know that. They could - perhaps should - have spent more time rounding the criminals up then and there - but Mariko decidedly did not want to risk recapture, not again. Insyte was rather of the same mind.

Enhancegirl 5-4: All good things...
Alright alright alright, ladies and gentlemen! Step right up for what is easily the longest, most action-packed, and CERTAINLY most D.I.D packed tale I have ever offered! We left our heroines on a cliffhanger last time: will Sophie Scott, alias the heroine Enhancegirl, be able to rescue Stellar and May from their captivity? Who is the mysterious Insyte? What twists and turns await? Will more than one heroine fall into the grip of heavy ropes and thick gags? Find out, in "The Perils of Enhancegirl 5"!

It's time to choose your endings, ladies and gentlemen!
If you'd prefer to see the plot firmly resolved, and our heroines triumph, then check out Ending 1:

If you think this story needs even MORE D.I.D action, and for our heroines to, well, do something OTHER than triumph, then check out Ending 2:

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