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Okay, I'm aware I often fail to keep to these, but I thought I'd at least give you guys some indication of what I'm up to.

1: The FINAL (OMG) chapter of Trouble in Paradise (in progress).
2: A new story featuring some of the damsels of Final Fantasy.
3: A Resident Evil story.
4: Enhancegirl 6.



Okay, I'm aware I often fail to keep to these, but I thought I'd at least give you guys some indication of what I'm up to.

1: The FINAL (OMG) chapter of Trouble in Paradise (in progress).
2: A new story featuring some of the damsels of Final Fantasy.
3: A Resident Evil story.
4: Enhancegirl 6.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Page 2
"Mmmmphh!" A muffled cry escaped the soft, pink lips of a beautiful young woman. Her pale eyes were wide, her white hair stuck straight up into the air. Her eyes were fixed straight in front of her, seemingly entranced by what lay before them. "Mmmmmm-mmpphh!" Again, a muffled sound of protest came forth from her. For her lips were not visible. They had been covered by what looked like a strip of white tape. For all intents and purposes this was what it was - it stuck fast to the young woman's lips, covering her mouth completely, gagging her.

Indeed, the woman - Gloria by name - was gagged, deliberately prevented from being able to speak. For she had been captured, and reflected in her pale eyes was the image of her captor, whose own eyes bore the reflection of the white-haired damsel she had ensnared. An inhuman creature had caught her, a demonic being of considerable power. From the hips up, it bore the semblance of a woman, with teal skin, interrupted by red markings along her body. Instead of hair, she had two long, prehensile tendrils. Some parts of her were covered in thick, brown, organic armour, and her eyes were blank, like a blind man's. The creature could see all too well, though, and she was looking straight at her captive. The creature's name? Echidna.

"Such a pretty thing..." the creature said in a high pitched voice. There was a slight rumbling as it moved, for below her waist, Echidna was truly demonic, with a long, thick serpent's tail instead of legs. It was as if her humanoid body were a flower blooming from the top of the tail. Fittingly, she had some power over vegetation and plants: even the gag with which she had sealed her captive's lips was plant matter. She smiled slowly, her red lips remaining closed, as she put her hand on the back of her captive's neck, as if in a gesture of affection.

"Mph!" Gloria gave a quiet squeal as the felt the creature's fingers touching her slender neck and the hair of her head which remained sticking straight up. Or rather, straight down. For the creature's reflection in Gloria's wide, fearful eyes was reversed: the damsel was hanging upside down, suspended in the air. It was telling that Echidna's hand gripped Gloria only lightly. She had no need to handle her roughly: the voluptuous maiden was already completely under her domination.

Page 3
"Mmmnnnnmmpphhh..." Gloria whimpered, wriggling slightly. Her voluptuous body was clad in an extremely revealing outfit, and hanging upside down as she was, she was even more exposed than normal. She wore a very tight fitting white dress with lacy accents around her hips and the backs of her thighs. The front of her thighs were left exposed, the rest of her long legs covered by thigh high, heeled boots. As for her torso, her dress did not cover much. There was a long gap from her navel to her neck which only widened as it went up her body. Much of Gloria's midriff, and almost the entirety of her voluminous breasts were very much shown off by her skimpy outfit. 

"Oh no!" Gloria thought, as a slight breeze blew past her, the air caressing her firm, round ass. She realised that, hanging upside down as she was, the trailing part of her dress had flopped down, completely revealing her ass, as well as the thin white underwear which was now the only protection for the most intimate region of Gloria's body. She could do nothing about it, though. For as well as being gagged and suspended in the air, the curvaceous captive was tightly tied up.

Her hands and wrists were bound behind her back in thin, but strong vines, which held Gloria tightly. They were entwined around several of her fingers, as well as her wrists, as though she had been fighting while she was tied up. If that were true, it made no difference: whatever fight there had been had ended in defeat for Gloria.

Gloria's long legs too were bound. Vines snaked around her knees, and all the way down her calves, securing the silky-smooth limbs to each other completely. Echidna seemed to have been quite careful in the way she had done this. For the parts of Gloria's thighs that were left exposed by her dress were not covered by the bindings either, as if Echidna wanted to show off as much of her captive's beautiful, ebony skin as possible. One of the monster's tendrils snaked around Gloria, not touching her, but threatening to.

"Mmmmmmpphhh!" Gloria protested in a long, drawn out moan.
"Shhhh," Echidna said, touching a finger to Gloria's gagged lips. "Don't complain now, pretty one. After all, I've treated you verynicely."
"Mmph..." the buxom, bound beauty whimpered. Her eyes lowered slightly. "These tight...I cannot escape. did this happen? My body - I'm completely helpless..." As Echidna's fingers ran over her lips, Gloria thought back to how she had been captured in the first place...

Page 4
"Rather a nice day for a walk, I suppose," Gloria murmured to herself as she walked through the forest. Despite her long walk, and the many monsters that the capable Gloria had slain on her path, her bob-cut was undisturbed. She looked up to see some white birds flying overhead, and smiled. "No reason not to enjoy one's duties."

Gloria was a member of the Order of the Sword, an organisation which worshipped the Demon Hero Sparda, who had long ago turned against his own kind to save humanity from obliteration. Though her own motives were mysterious, she had proved herself a serious asset to her organisation when she brought them the Sword of Sparda, an item absolutely essential to the Order's plans. She was in the middle of showing her worth to her superiors again: she had volunteered to capture Dante, the half human son of Sparda, whose blood the Order required along with the sword.

Gloria had not been tested in battle against a foe of Dante's strength before, but she was confident that she would be able to have her way with him. The voluptuous maiden certainly had a way with men.
"If Dante can't be defeated," she said to herself, "then perhaps he can be...persuaded." She put her hand on her thigh, smiling.

Gloria found her path taking her through a gully, where the forest seemed very suddenly to be coming to an end. The lush vegetation was replaced by bare, grey rock. Stone rose up on either side of Gloria, as if the path through which she now walked had been carved, rather than eroded, into being.

As suddenly as it had started, the path stopped. Gloria looked down, to see a ravine beneath her. It wasn't very deep, but a fall into it would have seriously injured a normal person. Gloria, however, was a little more than normal. She noticed, something, though: a number of strange creatures. They looked like masses of indigo vines, each with a single, glowing red eye.

"Now this is going to be fun," Gloria said, smiling.

Page 5
Gloria surveyed the scene more closely. There were two paths through the ravine: one with a single, shining blue gate guarding it, the other with two. The gates, however, were not Gloria's concern. What did concern her were the five strange creatures she'd noticed before.

"Oh, my," she said, putting her left hand to her ample chest. "They do look rather funny." With amusement, she noticed that the thick tendrils on the creature's backs looked like an over-long hairstyle. She noticed something else as well: none of the creatures had yet noticed her.

"Don't I feel insulted!" she laughed to herself. With her looks, Gloria was not much used to going unnoticed under any circumstances. With her right hand, she lightly traced the contours of her own body with her fingertips, proud as she was of her own sexual allure. When she reached her thigh, however, she showed that she was not just being vain: she gripped the handle of a folding dagger of unique design. The creatures were going to be in for a very interesting experience.

Page 6
"Ghhrrk?!" One of the creatures - a Chimera Seed - heard something above it. There was a kind of whistling sound of rushing air. The Seed, with its limited intelligence, tried for a moment to ponder what it was that was making the sound, until it heard something of a very different nature.

"Hello there, boys!" came a seductive voice from above the Seed. It looked up to see a voluptuous, dark-skinned young woman hurtling foot-first towards them, a dagger clutched in her right hand. An expression of giddy excitement was on her face as she fell, the wind about her billowing up her dress and exposing much of her lower body. She didn't seem to mind in the slightest on this occasion. Gloria felt strong, fierce and sexy, as if nothing could stop her. Her daring leap was no risk, she felt. Engaging the Chimera Seeds was no risk either.

As the other Chimera Seeds were alerted to Gloria's presence, the pale-eyed beauty landed, scarcely an inch from one of the bewildered Seeds, her dagger at the ready?
"Ghhrkk!" the creature growled in surprise, as it noticed the blade in its foe's hand.
"Don't worry, my dear," Gloria said. "This won't take long."

Page 7
"GHHRRKKKGHHH!!" the Chimera Seed spluttered, as Gloria's deadly blade sliced through it. A light green liquid burst forth from the wound, the creature hissing and shrieking as it slumped onto the ground, vanquished. Gloria stood a few feet away from the spot to where the creature had stumbled, smiling. It had taken her one stroke of her knife to defeat the beast.

But there were four more of them. Two, seeking to avenge their comrade, hurled themselves towards Gloria, pointing long, sharp protuberances in her direction. They flew like bullets towards their target.
"Not fast enough, boys!" Gloria said, effortlessly sidestepping the creatures. One, oblivious, flew past her straight towards a rock wall, almost about to embed its sharp point in the wall. It stopped itself at the last moment, though.

The other was not quite so lucky. It reacted faster than its brother, landing on its two legs, and turning its eye towards its lovely target. It was Gloria's turn to leap now, though, and she caught the diminutive beast between her supple thighs.
"Hrrrk?" the creature was very confused. Gloria's smooth skin and soft, warm body provided the creature with a degree of arousal - no matter their shape, all demons found human females to be attractive: that was one of the reasons why they were so feared, of course.

But in this situation, Gloria used the demon's lasciviousness to her own advantage. It had ample opportunity for counterattack, but it was too distracted by its opponents sensuality.
"Believe me, friend," Gloria said. "You're a lucky little devil. Not everyone's last moments get to be so...pleasant. Sayonara!" She swiped with her dagger, snuffing the creature's life out. "You little guys are kinda cute," she said, "but if you're a demon, you've just got to go." There were three Chimera seeds left. " shall we deal with you?"

Page 8
Meanwhile, unnoticed by Gloria, a huge being flew through the air above the ravine. Its body was plantlike, but it was anything but a delicate flower. Massive, it bore a long, spiked serpent's tail. It's head was almost like a dragon's, large and muscular, though it too was plantlike. There was low sound as it cruised through the sky, as if the air was groaning from the creature's massive bulk.

It - she, rather - considered the forest as belonging to her, and right then she was patrolling, guarding against any intruder who might dare be so foolish as to come into her forest. As she travelled, however, she heard something beneath her: a hissing, shrieking sound.

As the being turned its large pink eyes down towards the ground, it saw six figures on the ground very far beneath her. Five of them she recognised: they were her Chimera Seeds, creature's of her own creation, her offspring, if you will. There was one figure she did not recognise: it was a human. A human female, by the look of her, and she was at the centre of the five Seeds.

As the being looked more closely, she realised that the female was actually engaged in combat with the Seeds. As she looked closer still, she realised with rage that saw that one of them had been felled.
"GHHRHHKKHH!" At that very moment, another Seed fell, slashed across with the female's knife as it sat between her pretty thighs, tossed aside by its victorious opponent.

The being's eye twitched with fury. This female was in her forest, trespassing, and now had the gall to destroy her offspring? Just when it seemed her rage could not increase any further, the female shot out one of her long legs at a Seed clinging to the rock wall, crushing it with the force of her kick. Needless to say, the being was now very, very unhappy.

Page 9
"What on Earth?" Gloria caught sight of the massive being in the sky above her. There was one Chimera Seed left, but she paid it little heed compared to this great creature. "Huh. So it's finally time for the main event, I take it. I wonder if you'll be any more interesting than your little servants," Gloria said, not taken aback for long. She'd seen demons before. She'd destroyed demons before. This one was big, but that would ultimately amount to nothing, Gloria thought. She smiled, swaying her hips to the left in a flirtatious challenge.

"GGGHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!" the being roared, shaking the ground with the force of its scream. This astonished even Gloria out of her composure. As it screamed, the being shook its long tail. This was not an idle gesture. Gloria saw how it had dislodged a number of seeds from its body, seeds which shot down towards Gloria. At first, the voluptuous knife-wielder thought that they were projectiles, but they were not aimed for her. They were aimed around her.

"WHUMP-WHUMP-WHUMP" went the sound of the seeds as they crashed into the ground, embedding themselves in a circle around the white-haired young woman. 
"What?!" Gloria saw as the seeds opened up, revealing tendril covered creature's with glowing red eyes within. Gloria was now surrounded by at least a dozen Chimera Seeds.

"Hhhrrrkk!" they growled as they emerged from their pupae, their eyes focussed directly on Gloria, their tendrils raised in an aggressive posture.
"Well, well," Gloria said, "you boys are very interested in me, aren't you?" But for all her flirtatious taunting, as Gloria looked at the many creatures surrounding her, she, for the first time, began to feel nervous.

Page 10
"GHHRKK!" the Chimera Seeds growled, menacing the lovely, ebony-skinned woman who stood in their midst. Gloria turned her head this way and that, taking stock of all the Seeds, trying to find some aspect of the terrain that she could use to her advantage. But the field was flat, and she could not think of a way to use the sheer ravine walls to her advantage.

As she was thinking, however, the Seeds took the initiative. At the same time, four of them hurled themselves towards Gloria from four different directions. Agile as a cat, Gloria managed to avoid all four by performing a dizzying feat of acrobatics, a handstand split. One Seed sailed over her extended legs, another beneath them. Gloria managed to kick a third, knocking it back. However, she did not succeed in vanquishing it. The fourth stopped its advance, attacking Gloria with its tendrils.

Gloria avoided the tendrils without too much trouble, skilled as she was, but she couldn't successfully fight back either. She swung her blade towards the Seed attacking her, only to be pressed at by two more Seeds, and prevented from striking a decisive blow.

More Seeds dived for Gloria, but she avoided them once again, scoring hits on their flanks which made them shriek and hiss as vile fluid spurted forth. But these were mere flesh wounds. Gloria realised that numbers were not the Seeds' only new advantage. With their Mistress hovering overhead, they seemed more organised, more intelligent.

One of the Seeds seemed isolated from the others, and Gloria made for it, seeking to both reduce her enemies' numbers, and possibly find a way to get past their circle, to find a more advantageous position in which to fight. But as she lunged, a second Seed leapt out from behind the first, having hidden very effectively behind it.

"What?" Gloria was caught off guard, and one of the Seed's tendrils snapped out, flinging the dagger from Gloria's hand. "No!" she cried, finding herself disarmed. Not beaten yet, she kicked away the Seed, but the one it had hidden behind had waited for just such an opportunity, and it leapt at Gloria...

Page 11
"My dagger, I - what?!" Gloria, penned in on all sides by Chimera Seeds. Just now, her dagger had been robbed from her by one of the tendril covered creatures, pressed on by their gargantuan Mistress who hovered above the battle. It was just as she was disarmed, however, that Gloria found a Seed leaping towards her. She didn't see it in time, and its dark tendrils grabbed her.

"Ugh!" Gloria cried, as the Seed's prehensile limbs shot out, instantly coiling around her left wrist and her right arm. She pulled at the vines to get them off her, but in terms of sheer physical strength, Gloria was no match for the monster. A mere instant after snaring her arms, the Seed wrapped its tendrils about her waist and her torso, slipping one between Gloria's ample breasts, snaking underneath the orange strap connecting one side of Gloria's dress to the other, her ebony skin pressed into directly by the wriggling tentacles. That tendril was then coiled twice above Gloria's bosom, then twisted over her left shoulder. Yet another coiled around Gloria's neck, not tightly enough to impair her breathing, but tightly enough to hold her.

"No! Release me at once, you foul beast!" Gloria yelled, as the creature tightened its grip. It pulled Gloria's slender arms behind her back, coiling over both wrists now, and holding them tightly together. Just to make sure she couldn't move her arms at all, the Seed snaked its tentacles about Gloria's upper arms, binding them too. The Seed moved behind Gloria, and as she felt it squeezing tightly around her waist, Gloria realised that it was lifting her up. Her back arched as she was lifted, her position exposing her skimpy underwear beneath her dress.

"No! NO!" she screamed, as the Seed secured her ever more tightly, wrapping more tendrils around her waist, pressing its body tightly against her back. Gloria was so concerned by the sight of her voluptuous, trussed up body that she did not notice that the end of the tendril around her neck was still moving. Without warning, it seized Gloria by the head, coiling its thick coils three times around her mouth, holding her pink lips tightly shut.

"NMPHHH!!" Gloria cried out, muzzled by the thick tendrils. Gloria was now bound and gagged by the creatures she had laughed at before. "Mmmph!" Gloria winced in frustration, as the tentacles wriggled over her, far too strong for the beautiful damsel to escape from.

Page 12
"Mmmphh...nnmm-mmphhh!" Gloria, having been so confident of her victory mere moments ago, was now bound and gagged by the plant-like creatures against which she had been fighting. One of them had anchored itself to her back, and wrapped its limbs around her, limbs which were too strong for the beautiful damsel.

"Mmph!" Gloria felt herself getting pulled down. She landed on her behind, her back to one of the rock faces of the ravine. Her legs splayed out in front of her as more of the Chimera Seeds began approaching. All urgency was lost. Gloria was caught, and they approached her slowly.

Above her, the creatures' Mistress hovered. Its draconic mouth couldn't smile as such, but it bore its teeth in the nearest facsimile it could produce. Gloria had seemed so smug, so sure of herself, and now she had been captured by one of the massive beast's servants. It hadn't even needed to engage her directly.

Immobilised, Gloria tried to wrestle free of the tight tendrils which entwined themselves around her. All she got for her resistance was a tight squeeze from the tentacles that coiled above and between Gloria's large, yielding breasts. "I can't move!" she thought. "It''s just too strong."

The other Chimera Seeds stopped getting closer to Gloria. It did not any longer seem necessary for them to do so. Gloria was no longer a threat. It seemed as if there was nothing that the damsel could do.

Page 13
"Mmm-mmmphh..." Gloria whimpered nervously, turning her head slowly towards the surrounding Seeds, the fellows of the creature which had caught her. The voluptuous beauty was thoroughly ensnared in tendrils. "I can't believe I let them capture me like this..." Gloria thought, her lovely body completely helpless in the Chimera Seed's grip. The other Seeds continued "I don't understand. I'm bound and gagged...they could just finish me off. What...what are they going to do to me?" she wondered, a small drop of nervous sweat slipping down her face.

"GRRRAAAHHKK!!" From the path Gloria had been walking down, the serpentine Mistress of the Chimera Seeds appeared, snaking its way through the forest. The Chimera Seeds did not turn to look at her. They kept their eyes thoroughly fixed on Gloria.

"Whhmmmgmmphh?!" Gloria saw the great beast approaching her. She realised why the Seeds were not doing more to her. They had captured her for their Queen. "I needn't have been asking what the Seeds would do to me," Gloria realised, "I need to be more concerned about what that thing is going to do to me!" She wriggled her body, her voluminous breasts jiggling as she shook herself from side to side, but the Seed held her tight.

Then the Beast began to do something strange. It paused, hovering over its Seeds while yellow lightning crackled from its maw.
"Mmmphh?" Gloria mewed, her pale eyes wide with alarm. She didn't know what the Beast had planned for her, but she did know that she wasn't going to like it, whatever it was. 

Page 14
As Gloria sat, wrapped up in thick, green tentacles which bound her arms and gagged her pretty mouth, she watched as the Chimera Seeds, the creatures which had captured her, began to emit an indigo light from their bodies.
"Whmmphh?!" Yellow lightning crackled from their Mistress, the Beast which had dispatched the creatures against Gloria. It seemed to be responsible for the change in its minions. "What's it doing? What is happening?"

The glowing red eyes of the Seeds began changing colour, glowing purple instead. Their growls lowered in tone, and they trembled with newfound energy.
"The's activated their Devil Trigger!" Gloria realised. The Devil Trigger was an ability which many demonic creatures possessed, that under circumstances they could vastly enhance their own power. She'd not thought that these small creatures would possess such power - perhaps justifiably, since they appeared to require their Mistress in order to gain that power.

As much as Gloria was fearful of the power the Seeds would possess once they completed the change, she was still very much sharp-witted enough to realise that while they were changing, they were not focussing on her. She had a chance.
"Mmmphh!" Using her legs alone, Gloria began to push herself up, trying to get back on her feet. The Seed on her back was heavy, and put her off balance, but with force of will Gloria tried to get herself up.
"GHHRRRKKKK!!" the Seeds growled, as the Beast surrounded itself with a yellow aura of power, triggering more and more of the Seeds.

"Nyyrrmmphh!" Gloria strained mightily, and at last managed to get herself up. With the added weight, her heeled boots were quite uncomfortable, but she was not about to give up for that reason. So, bound and gagged as she was, Gloria made a break for it. She ran through the centre of the Seeds' formation and - to her great relief - they did not try to stop her. She ran for a set of stairs in front of her, which led to a small house. Perhaps there she would find help.

Her arms were still tightly tied behind her back, and thick coils muzzled the bound beauty - but at least now she actually had a way to escape the situation.

Page 15
"Mmmphh! Mmmphhh!" Gloria groaned as she ran past the Chimera Seeds. Her arms were bound, her lips gagged, but she still had her legs. She turned back, seeing that the monsters were still not chasing her. Even the great, draconic serpent that hovered above them was not even looking in Gloria's direction.

"So far so good," she thought. "But why did they choose to activate their Devil Triggers then? I was already beaten, they had no need of further power. All it's done is give me an opportunity to escape!" Not that Gloria was complaining. She continued to run up the shallow flight of stairs, until she had a thought which made a shiver run down her spine.

"Unless...unless they know for sure that I can't get away." Gloria felt the creature on her back stirring. Its tendrils quivered, pulsating against her half-bare breasts and her slinky hips, sliding against Gloria's slender neck and tightening its hold over her soft, pillowy lips. Two of its tendrils were still free, and they raised themselves ominously.

"Oh no! No, no, please! Don't!" But her silent protests were useless. The tendrils began moving downward, gently stroking the outsides of Gloria's thighs, much of which were visible beneath the lacy covering of her dress, before seizing Gloria.

"NNMMPHHH!!" Gloria screamed as the tentacles began entwining her long legs, winding around and between them, squeezing against her thighs, directly against the flawless dark skin of Gloria's inner thighs - which were completely bare - pulling them together. At the same time, the tendrils snaked all the way down Gloria's legs, before entwining her calves and ankles, circling them first, before pulling tight, and fixing Gloria's legs into one, her ankles forced into crossing. 

"NNNMMMM-HHMMMMPPHHH!!" Gloria, now bound hand and foot, was incapable of balancing. The momentum of her run forced her into tumbling. And down she went: she fell onto her front, with only her soft, voluminous breasts to cushion her. "NMMMPHHH!! NNNNMMMMPPHHHH!!" Gloria cried through her gag, completely trussed up in tentacles, her legs now tied as tightly as her arms. "No! I can't get up! I - I - can't escape!" She thrashed on the ground, her voluptuous body wriggling impotently in the thick tentacles. The Seeds had not been stupid. They had known that Gloria didn't have a chance. Once again, she had been outwitted, and ensnared.

Page 16
"Mmmphhh...mmm-mmphh!" Gloria moaned, lying powerless on the stone ground, just a few inches from the small house that might have provided her with some refuge, or at least something with which to cut herself free. Her escape attempt had been thwarted, and Gloria now lay completely bound: her hands were tied, her thighs trapped together, even her ankles crossed over by the tight, organic bindings in which Gloria was trapped. "Perhaps..." she thought, "perhaps I can wriggle over the ground...make my way to that dwelling while they're still distracted! Perhaps -"

It was at that moment that Gloria realised that this plan would not work. The Chimera Seeds' trance was broken, and they were approaching their fallen prey. Their eyes glowing purple with the power of their Devil Triggers, they walked slowly and surely towards her. Several of the Seeds surrounded Gloria again, standing in a close circle.

"Mmmphhh..." Gloria whimpered, as her monstrous enemies loomed over her. Her voluptuous, desirable body was completely trussed up, the buxom damsel utterly trapped in the wriggling bonds. There was no longer anything she could do. "I'm too weak..." she thought. "They've...they've defeated me completely..." A single bead of sweat stroked her cheek, as she again began to wonder what they planned to do with their beautiful, scantily clad captive.

As the defeated maiden whimpered on the ground, her breasts pressing into the stone beneath her, she felt the bindings around her calves and thighs begin to unwind. Though she felt her long legs become less tightly pressed into each other, she knew that she was not being released. Whatever the creatures were doing, Gloria would not like it. However, there was nothing that the vulnerable, white-haired beauty could do about it.

Page 17
As Gloria writhed on the ground, gagged, and helplessly bound, she felt the tentacles that had bound her long, gorgeous legs to be doing something strange. They had released her legs just a few moments ago, perhaps because - Gloria had thought - it simply wasn't necessary to bind them now that she was surrounded. But as she felt two tendrils begin to snake individually down her legs, Gloria realised this had been much too hopeful a thought.

"Mmmphh!" Gloria mewed, startled as she turned her head to see what the Seed was doing. As the tentacles snaked past Gloria's bare thighs, they caressed her lovely, mocha-coloured skin. Gloria did remembered how the Seed she'd trapped between her thighs before she'd been captured had been rather aroused by the experience before she dispatched it. Now Gloria was helpless, and the creature binding her could do whatever it wanted to her voluptuous body.

But lasciviousness was not the Seed's ultimate object. It wrapped its tendrils all the way down to Gloria's ankles, coiling four times around each leg. Though her legs were not tied together, the sheer strength of the creature's tentacles was more than enough to keep Gloria from moving the supple limbs herself. However, this too, was not the creature's ultimate goal.

"MMPHH?!" Gloria's cry, muffled by her thick gag, was in response to something she had not expected in the least. Her legs were moving - but she was not moving them. The creature was. Using its strength, it caused Gloria to raise herself onto her knees, hips first. Gloria had a moment of embarrassment when she realised that she was essentially being forced to stick out her round posterior straight towards one of the other Seeds, but she soon had bigger concerns. Though her torso remained un-manipulated, Gloria's legs lifted her body up, causing her white hair to trail on the ground. "No, it can't!" Gloria thought. "It's...controlling my body!" Her head upside down, Gloria looked between her own legs, seeing the other Seeds staring at her. She thought of the Order, and how humiliating it would be if they saw her in such an exposed, pathetic state.

Page 18
"Nnnmmmpphh! Nnnnnnnnmmmmpphh!" Gloria moaned, as her curvy, feminine body was manipulated by the creature that had bound and gagged her, the tendrils around her legs pulling her up by the hips, causing her round ass to be particularly prominent as she rose. Her hair still trailed on the ground, as the other Chimera Seeds watched her.

Just a few minutes ago, Gloria had been battling heroically with the creatures. She'd slain some of them, but she'd been quickly overwhelmed and captured by the others. Even her escape attempt had been thwarted easily.
"Hhggmmphh!" Gloria felt a tug around the tendrils snaked above and between her breasts. "Whmmphh?" To her horror, she realised that she was being pulled up by the tentacles binding her arms and her torso as well.

At the same time, the tendrils gripping Gloria's long legs began forcing them to shift to the side, turning her around. As Gloria struggled in her prehensile bonds, she realised that she was being turned back towards the plain where she had been captured. She was now facing towards the creatures' Mistress, and kneeling helplessly in her bondage, Gloria looked as if she was bowing to it. Her head was lifted up, so Gloria could see the one she bowed to.

"This isn't happening," Gloria thought. "This can't be happening!" She tried to wriggle around, but the tendrils were now wound around every curve, every contour of her skimpily dressed body. They held her firm, preventing her from even trying to struggle. Kneeling, bound and gagged, Gloria looked like an offering to the Beast: like a pure maiden who'd been kidnapped by devil worshippers and brought as a sacrificial victim to satiate their Master's dark desires. Whereas in fact, it was Gloria who had chosen to engage the Chimera Seeds. She had blundered into the situation, and been defeated and tied up for her troubles. "I offered myself..." she thought despondently.

With that, Gloria felt another pull around her torso, and around her thighs, finally finishing the process of hauling her to her feet. She was standing again on her own two feet, but she couldn't have been more powerless.

Page 19
"Mmph!" Gloria mewed, taking a step. "Mphh!" She took another step. And so on, each step accompanied with a small, muffled protest. For Gloria was not taking these steps voluntarily. The creature, the Chimera Seed that sat on her back, that had captured her, that had slipped its tendrils over and around Gloria's body, binding her slender arms, her long legs, and even slipping its probing tentacles between her ample breasts, was forcing her to walk.

Gloria's legs were wrapped individually, wrapped up by the Chimera Seed so that it could take complete control of its dark-skinned captive. And now, bound in its coils, Gloria was being taken closer and closer to the massive creature that commanded the Chimera Seeds. Her steps were slow, and awkward, her long legs kept stiff by the Seed that ensnared them.

"Mmmmphh!" Gloria whimpered, her body trembling as she tried to fight against the Seed. But the tentacles were wrapped around too much of her body, and too tightly. She was able only to move in the way that the Seed desired. As she took step after forced step, all she could do was look down at her manipulated body. Her pale eyes were filled with confusion and shame, shame at her failure, at her defeat, that the proud, sensual warrior had been reduced to a whimpering, voluptuous marionette, forced to march wheresoever her captor demanded.

The celerity with which Gloria had been captured made it feel like a nightmare: for in nightmares one is so often powerless to fight against the imagined evils that threaten one. And for Gloria, it did indeed feel like a nightmare: a beautiful maiden being captured by foul monsters was, after all, typically the stuff of fairy tales - and now even her body was not her own, as in many a nightmare. But the evils threatening Gloria were not imagined, though they had rendered her as powerless as a dark dream might have done and, though Gloria was valorous, she was fearful as in a dream as well.

Page 20
Gloria walked with torturous slowness, her trussed-up body taking a long time to cross the short distance between where she'd been recaptured, to where the Beast that controlled the Chimera Seeds hovered, patiently awaiting the delivery of the voluptuous young woman.

Gloria was marched with an escort of Chimera Seeds. She had tried to escape her captivity before, and she supposed that the other Seeds were there to make sure that she did not try something like that again. But she couldn't. Her body was completely under the control of the Seed that had ensnared her, wrapping up her torso, binding her arms, and now manipulating her legs to force her to march towards its Mistress.

"Grrrrkkhh..." The great Beast growled, its shadow looming over Gloria. Its mouth was open, its great teeth bared to its minions' captive. Its tongue shot out of its mouth, tasting the air like a snake. But from the slow, deliberate manner in which it did this, it gave Gloria the nasty impression that it was licking its lips - and it was looking straight at her to boot.

"Mmmmphhh! Hhrrmmphh!" Gloria protested, anger at her capture and humiliation rising within her. Despite her umbrage, she couldn't think what to do. She couldn't move, couldn't struggle, couldn't even speak. It was immensely frustrating, not to mention demoralising. Gloria had a kind of elegance about her: her slow, almost sumptuous catlike movements, her drawling, seductive voice, and her lack of even one hair out of place even when fighting all contributed to this. Even her outfit, skimpy though it was, with its feathered shoulders and lacy accents made Gloria seem of a class above those around her. But now, bound gagged and played for a puppet, Gloria was the one being dominated, the one made to be beneath her captors. She felt that, and it stung her pride. She glared fiercely at the Beast, but glares meant nothing. It was a mighty demon, and Gloria a mere damsel in distress.

Page 21
Gloria stared up defiantly at the great Beast hovering above her. Her soft lips were gagged in tendrils, her arms were tied, and probing tentacles were wound around her long, smooth legs, forcing her to walk towards the Beast. Yet Gloria, after the humiliation of her capture, her all-too-quick recapture, and her manipulation by the Chimera Seed on her back, had found her reserves of willpower.

It didn't do her much good, of course. She was still powerless to escape her bonds. But her defiance held. That was, until she felt the tendrils between her ample breasts begin to pulse against her lovely, ebony skin. The creature that had wrapped her in its limbs was stirring. Gloria couldn't see it, but the red bud that made up the centre of the Seed was opening.

"Mmmmphh!" Gloria complained. All she could feel was the Seed gripping her more tightly, its tentacles moving back and forth above her breasts, round her slinky waist and all the way down Gloria's long, caressable legs. Nonetheless she kept her head held high, determined to - if nothing else - show that she was no weakling. But at that moment, the opened bud shot forth what looked like shimmering white spores from within itself. They burst out in a loud puff, swirling and rising around Gloria's body.

"Hhmmphh?" Gloria looked around at the shimmering particles floating about her, as they danced on the air. They were rather nice to look at. However, Gloria did not see what came with them: the particles were merely the visible part mixed into a colourless gas that the Seed had produced. And as she breathed it in, it began to perform the job for which it was intended.

"Strange..." Gloria thought. "I feel tired, I - what's going on?" Gloria's curvy body was becoming weak. Though she could not wriggle much against her bonds, she had at least needed to be held tightly to keep her in place. Now, though, Gloria could feel the tendrils relax their grip slightly. She gave her shoulders a shake, once again unable to keep her round, yielding breasts from jiggling, unsupported as they were by anything but the tightness of her revealing dress. But the shake was sluggish.

"Mmmphhh...mmmpphh..." Gloria whimpered, feeling increasingly drowsy as she breathed in more of the narcotising vapour. She could feel herself going weak at the knees, her curvy form growing soft, pliable as Gloria grew weaker. Her strength became drained to such a point that she would have fallen helplessly onto the floor had she not been being held up by the Chimera Seed that was drugging its winsome captive.

Page 22
And there Gloria stood, at the bottom of the sheer ravine into which she'd leapt with such wild abandon. But she was not wild anymore: Gloria had been thoroughly tamed. Her head was bowed, annulling her efforts to appear defiant. Her desirable, voluptuous body was completely trussed up in thick, strong tentacles. Her hands were pulled behind her back, her wrists entwined together. Her waist and her ample bosom also felt the Chimera Seed's tendrils, Gloria's breasts squeezed from above, and fondled by the tendril that ran between them, her hips squeezed by coil after coil of green tentacle.

Her long, boot-clad legs were enmeshed in the organic bindings as well, though not tied together. Gloria's soft lips were gagged too, with three coils muffling her seductive voice. She couldn't move even if she'd been able to try. But she was not able. It had not been enough for the Chimera Seeds to capture Gloria, to wrap her in tentacles, and gag her. It had not been enough even for them to manipulate her body, taking control of her and forcing her to walk herself towards their Mistress' clutches. They had gone so far as to drug Gloria, pumping a powerful sleeping gas about her and forcing her to breathe it in. Whimpering, she had fallen to it, and stood unconscious, only remaining on her feet because the Seed's tentacles still held her up.

The Beast had watched Gloria be bound, had watched her be manipulated and drugged. She now stood defenceless before the great demon. She looked Gloria over, took in the sight of her long legs, her voluminous breasts which seemed barely held in by Gloria's dress, her curvy, feminine hips...there were few demons who would not be itching to get their hands on such a beautiful captive as the dark-skinned damsel who stood helpless before the Beast now.

Never taking her eyes of Gloria, not even for an instant, she began to move slowly towards her captive, bearing down on the unconscious maiden with ominous glowing eyes, and an eager, greedy mind...
Luxuria Chapter One Narratives
Okay, ladies and gents, here's another odd-one out. I have for a long time been a fan of :iconshibaji: 's "Luxuria" series, in which Gloria, the ebony-skinned temptress of Devil May Cry 4 is captured by the monster Echidna. I strongly recommend the series, which can be found here:…

A while back I asked Shibaji if she wanted me to write some little vignettes to go in the descriptions of her series, and she agreed. So, each individual "page" in this story goes with a page of her artwork, hence the unusual and kind of bitty structure. This is no masterpiece, but I felt it might be good to have it on my page somewhere. Chapter Two narratives coming soon!
Okay, so my most recent story, "Cosplay Cuties Captured", got taken down. That's fine, I'm not going to complain. DA are kind enough to host our stuff, they don't have to have everything on it. I did, however, fail to backup this particular story. I don't, er, suppose anyone happened to save a copy?

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