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A gif of the scene that inspired me to write "Trouble in Paradise" in the first place:…
So, after uploading Trouble in Paradise 6 - my longest story to date - I gotta say I felt a little burned out. For this reason, it's probably going to be a while before another long OC story. That being said, it also started making me think about different scenarios for other things. As such, this is a rough guide to what you're likely to see coming up.

1. A story featuring Nadia and Fuyu from :iconlostonezero:'s awesome Fantasy Frontier series.
2. Another Eva story. I have three concepts - one featuring Misato and Ritsuko, one featuring Rei and Asuka (focussing on Rei) and another featuring Asuka and Rei (but focussing on Asuka).
3. A new Enhancegirl story (actually a commission from erstwhile pal :iconthedidsquid: )
4. TiP 7
5. Either TiP 8 or another Enhancegirl.

Naturally this is subject to change!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
"How long are we going to wait, Castagire?" Seral was impatient. She'd grown less and less confident in her leader's plan, and was beginning to think that it might invite disaster.
"As long as it takes." Castagire turned, her flowing, sea-green hair swirling behind her. "Q'dele, how is she coming along?" A wide, cruel grin was plastered on the infiltration mage's face.
"Oh, very nicely indeed," she said, laughing. She would not give any more details than that, however, telling the others merely that Lyna was 'making good progress'.
"See? All is going according to plan. I'd appreciate, Seral, if you didn't question me again." The scryer was cowed.

"I see something!" Jala said, raising her sword. "We have company." Castagire raised her spear, turning her eyes in the same direction as Jala. But soon her spear was lowered.
"Welcome back, Blade Maiden," she said, as Lyna was illuminated by their campfire, with Ruhani slung over her. "Such a good, obedient girl. Now, give her to us." Lyna hesitated, biting her lip. "Don't try anything now. It's far too late for you to grow a spine." Jala and Q'dele moved behind her threateningly. Hating herself, Lyna lay Ruhani before her.

"What's happening?!" The princess was now positively panicked. Lyna had not only kidnapped her, she had delivered her to a group of strangers. She looked up at the goddess closest to her. "Sea-green hair...a spear...this is the goddess that Lyna fought at Beatrice's mansion! Why? Why would she do this?"
"At last, the crown princess of Leádra. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance," Castagire said. "Jala, Seral, Q'dele! Make our newest ally comfortable."

Lyna heard movement behind her. Before she could react, though, they seized her.
"MMMPHH!!" she cried out, as a gag was whipped over her mouth, her wrists grabbed to stop her from removing it. The three goddesses wrestled the redhead to the ground. "Mmm-nnhhhmmphhh!" Lyna protested, as they began wrapping her up in ropes, overwhelming the maiden with their combined strength. Her arms were forced behind her, pinched tightly together at the wrists and elbows. She was turned over and over as they wrapped rope around her chest, squeezing her breasts and midriff. They laughed as they bound her, their servant now their captive once again, humiliation pouring into her. Ropes encircled her knees and ankles, pressing her supple, uncovered legs together. She writhed and fought, but she was as much in their power as Ruhani had been in hers.

"That's taken care of that," Jala said, standing up.
"Mmmnnhh! Ghhmmphh!" Lyna lay flat on her back, bound and gagged, so rapidly overpowered by her three foes that she'd scarcely had any time to think how to fight them, much less to actually do it. In the struggle, her dress had slipped from one of her shoulders, now revealing much of her chest. She was no longer an active part of events. She was a defeated, whimpering captive.

"Lyna, no..." Ruhani lamented, watching the goddess brought down to the same status as herself. "They bound her as well? She is as much a prisoner as I am. They...must have forced her to do this to me somehow...forced her to bring me to them. But...what do they want with me?" The four villainous goddesses now turned to Ruhani, standing around her in a circle.
"So this is the princess?" Jala said.
"Princess Ruhani, if I recall," Castagire said. "A famed beauty, apparently."
"Well, if that's the case..." Q'dele smiled. She knew very well the treasure that lay under that cloak. "Sectus," she said, swiping her hand across the length of Ruhani's body. The cloak and veil were cut away, and Ruhani was left in skimpy underwear, high heels, and nothing else. The only thing covering her body in the slightest were the ropes that kept the maiden helpless.

"Mmmhhh..." Ruhani turned her head to the side, cheeks reddening at her exposure.
"Oh, she's lovely, isn't she?" Jala crowed. "One might almost mistake her for one of us. Motus." Ruhani's body was manipulated by an invisible grip, and she was pulled up to her feet. Seral came close, inspecting her carefully.
"It's here!" she suddenly said. "The shard that the Serene gave to their mortal allies is here!"
"What?" Lyna didn't understand. She'd heard this group calling the Dalut 'the Shard'. How could Ruhani have another?
"Well, well," Castagire said. "Small wonder she looks like one of us. The power of the Second Star lies within her."
"Mmph?" Ruhani was mystified. What power were they talking about?

"Let me guess," Castagire explained, "women in your family have always been famed for their beauty, and you find that your family members live for a very long time?"
"What? Yes that's true, but...what does that have to do with anything?" the princess thought. "Mmmnnhmmphh!" she cried, as Q'dele grabbed her from behind.
"Oh, it's made you a lovely little minx, hasn't?" Q'dele crowed, sliding her hands down Ruhani's body, following the contours of her helpless form. "You're going to have to give us that power back, though."
"Grrmmmppphh!!" Lyna protested, seeing Ruhani fondled by the villainous goddess. "Ghhd yhhr hhhnds hhff hhhrr!"
"I think she's jealous," Q'dele whispered in Ruhani's ear. "How cruel of me to come between two lovers." Ruhani's eyes widened.
"She knows about...about what we did...but how?" Of course, using her infiltration magic, Q'dele had been witness to every intimate moment that the goddess and the princess had shared. Lyna had completely forgotten, betwitched as she was by the hazel-eyed beauty, but as Q'dele whispered to Ruhani, and gave Lyna a sly wink, the redhead realised that Q'dele knew everything.
"Oh no," she thought. Her struggles stopped, her svelte body awash with shame and guilt. "Ruhani...I'm so sorry..."

"Can you get it from her?" Castagire was talking to Seral. "I'd rather not have to take two captives to Maharaja if we don't have to."
"Two captives?" Ruhani looked at Lyna. "They're kidnapping her as well?" She saw the fallen goddess, bound and gagged, clothes dishevelled, ashamed and helpless on the ground. She could hardly believe that this was the same person as the whirlwind who had saved her in Koulton. "Oh, Lyna..."
"Yes," Seral said. "It shouldn't be too difficult."

She approached the captured princess, and placed both hands on her flat midriff.
"Mmmmnnnmmphhh..." Ruhani moaned, felt up by a second captor. But Seral's motivations were not lascivious: she had something very practical in mind.
"Sillni mua," she began, "atë që është e drejtë e jona."
"Mmmphh?" Ruhani began to feel very strange. There was something building inside her, some kind of energy. It was new, yet it somehow felt like it had been there all along. To her great surprise, her entire body began to glow with a deep purple colour.

"What are they doing to her?" Lyna watched powerlessly as the villains conducted their ritual. "If they harm her, I swear..." But even as she thought this she knew herself not to be in any kind of position to exact revenge. The glow intensified, as did Ruhani's struggles. She moaned plaintively, feeling as though something were being sucked out of her. Again, Lyna's emerald eyes met the hazel eyes of the princess, and though neither could speak, Lyna knew that Ruhani was begging her for help, begging Lyna to come to her rescue once again. "But I can't save anyone..." Lyna thought.
"Crystallise dhe të kthehet në ajër!" Seral chanted. Ruhani screamed, and the light poured out of her, seeming to take form, flowing up, swirling together in a brilliant maelstrom, before condensing, become more and more solid, until Ruhani had no more light to give, and the maelstrom had formed a crystal. A huge, violet crystal. Lyna instantly knew what she was looking at: an object like the Dalut, only twenty times more powerful.

"Mmmhhh...mmmmhhh..." Ruhani whimpered, feeling as though all the strength had been sucked right out of her. She fell back, completely limp, against Q'dele, the goddess' strong arms holding the near-naked damsel on her feet.
"It's done!" Seral cried out, almost as exhausted as Ruhani.
"Well done, Seral!" Castagire said, and the tone of her voice was completely sincere. "I can't think of the reward that Her Glory will grant you upon our return! It's more powerful than we could possibly have imagined!" The crystal began slowly descending, and it fell into Jala's hands. There was a moment of tension. She now held an incredibly powerful artefact, one that would make her easily the strongest being there, if she could use it.

Jala realised this as well. But she could feel its power and her own were separate. The shard had not chosen her. Reluctantly, she handed it to her commander.
"I cannot thank you enough, Blade Maiden," Castagire said, exulting in her triumph, staring into the heart of the crystal. "You have earned your prize. I will not harm the citizens of this city. Not today, at least." Ruhani, hearing this, used what little strength she had to turn her eyes to her captor and saviour.
"You did this to save my people?" Tears welled up in her eyes. "Oh, my noble goddess..."
"I'm so sorry Ruhani...I didn't know what else to do..."

"Discard the mortal, Q'dele. We don't need her anymore."
"Very well," the tall goddess replied. "Look princess," she whispered, "I'm going to reunite you with your sweetheart." She smacked Ruhani's firm behind, eliciting a squeal from her victim, whilst also pushing her towards Lyna. Her caramel skin still stinging, Ruhani fell forward, too weak to stand, collapsing on top of the red-haired goddess, her head coming to rest on Lyna's bare thighs.

"Mmmmmnnmmphhh!!" Lyna cried out at Ruhani's mistreatment, making another vain attempt at loosening her bonds. But it was entirely in vain. As she wriggled her body, she blushed, and for a moment she did not know why, until she realised that her breasts, partly exposed by her fallen dress, were rubbing against Ruhani's legs. She had wanted to be close to the princess, and fate had given her what she wanted in the cruellest way possible.

"Now, the question is," Castagire said, "do we take the Blade Maiden with us?"
"Another Paradise goddess will be useful to Her Glory," Jala said, "but compared with the two we already have this one isn't much. I'm not sure it's worth the trouble."
"But this one has been so intimately bound up in recent events," Q'dele said, Ruhani and Lyna knowing what the goddess meant by the emphasis, "it would be a shame for her part in the tale to end with her." Castagire considered for a moment.
"We'll take her as far as Wuldang," she said. "Perhaps Farah can find use for her, even if we can't. Certainly, after all the trouble you've given me," she said, addressing Lyna directly, "you cannot be allowed to keep your freedom." She gestured to Q'dele, who grabbed Lyna from where she lay, picking her up onto her feet.

"Nnnhh...nnhhh..." Ruhani whimpered as Lyna was pulled away from her.
"How tragic," Q'dele said in Lyna's ear, "she misses her lover already."
"Nnnmmphhh! Mm-mmph?!" Lyna found a rough hand caressing her legs, her body now being used to torment Ruhani in the same way that Ruhani's had been used to torment Lyna. Q'dele slid her hand over Lyna's smooth, pale skin, even reaching underneath the hem of her dress to squeeze her rear. "Mmmphhh..." Lyna whimpered, humiliated before the princess she craved.

"That's quite enough of that, Q'dele," Castagire admonished. "Let's just get out of here."
"As you wish," Q'dele said, roughly throwing the comely redhead over her shoulder, taking far less care with her than Lyna had done with Ruhani. "Say goodbye to your princess, Lyna," the redhead's captor said, making mocking use of her name, "I don't imagine you'll ever be seeing her again." With that, the four goddesses, with the fifth in tow as a powerless captive, vanished into the gloom, leaving Ruhani moaning, naked in her bonds, tears tracing her lovely cheeks.

However, the five goddesses promptly returned to view when a massive fireball exploded directly in front of them.
"Aaaghh!!" Castagire and Jala were knocked down, the other two almost being knocked over as well.
"What the-?" Q'dele looked to the left and right, but it was too dark to see much on either side. She dumped Lyna on the floor, unhooking a short staff from her waist.
"Aaahh!" Q'dele turned to see a spear of rock had burst out of the ground, striking Seral in the back of the head. She slumped onto the ground, unconscious.

By this time, Castagire had got to her feet, but she was just as bewildered as Q'dele. She drew her staff, and pointed it high in the air.
"Lumen!" she cried, illuminating a much larger area than the campfire. However, even as she cast the spell, a petite, yet curvaceous young woman was already rushing towards her, staff in hand. By the time Castagire saw her, Naviri's staff was already pressed against the lancer's chest.
"Saxum -"
"Fragor!" Unluckily for Castagire, Naviri spoke more quickly. Her spell was ordinarily used to rend the earth in two for various offensive uses. But that was not what happened when Naviri directed it straight against an opponent's body. Castagire was thrown back, twisting through the air as she flew.
"Uagghh!!" she groaned, slamming into a tree, and sliding down it. "How...urk...did this novice...get the better of me?" Lyna watched her comrade in astonishment. She had never seen Naviri fighting so effectively. Her power was astounding.

But there were still two goddesses left, and Naviri no longer had the element of surprise.
"Astra!" Q'dele cried, a blast of lightning shooting towards her green haired enemy.
"Disseptum!" Naviri countered, bringing up a shimmering shield. It took the blow well, and Naviri used the flash of the collision to outmanoeuvre Q'dele. She would have got a good hit in, had Jala not intervened.

"Tempestus," Naviri pronounced, but as she pointed her staff to aim the winds she summoned, Jala struck at her, knocking her staff aside. Her spell went off, but at no target in particular. Jala's blows came quickly, and Naviri was doing all she could to avoid them. Seeing Naviri in distress, Lyna began shuffling along the ground, trying to get to the spear of rock that Naviri had used against Seral. As Naviri fought, Lyna managed to reach it, and started rubbing the cords binding her hands against its sharp edges.
"Astra!" Naviri heard Q'dele call on her powers only just in time to raise another barrier. This one held too, but Jala was on her.

"Gotcha!" she said, seizing Naviri from behind, pulling her against her body.
"No! No! NNMMMPHHH!!" Naviri screamed, as Jala clamped her hand over the Dark Mage's mouth.
"Naviri!" Without her spells, she was beaten. Lyna rubbed as hard and as fast as she could, but the ropes were not wearing down quickly enough.

"That's put a stop to you," Q'dele said, approaching the wriggling, busty damsel. "I bet you thought you were so clever, but actually trying to take on the four of us was pretty stupid." She leaned in. "I'll bet you look adorable when you're all tied up."
"NNRRMMPHH!" Naviri growled and, to Lyna and Jala's great surprise, she headbutted Q'dele on the nose.
"Arrghh!" Q'dele roared in pain, clutching her face. Taken aback, Jala, reacted too slowly, and Naviri managed to wriggle her mouth out of her grip.

"FORTIS!!" she screamed, blasting Jala backwards. The goddess rolled with the impact, recovering quickly, but Naviri had regained the upper hand. "This time, I win. This time you run. This time, you remember that I, Naviri, defeated you! Tempestus!" Jala was immediately battered on all sides by a powerful wind. Blow after blow fell upon her, until she collapsed on the floor.

"Q'dele," Castagire had roused herself, and though she winced with pain, she could still move. "We...have what we need. There's no point teaching this upstart her lesson today..." She had picked Seral off the floor, and had the scryer's body over her shoulder. "Get Jala, and get out of here." Q'dele let go of her nose, and grudgingly obeyed, snatching the swordswoman's fallen body from the ground.
"No you don't!" Naviri said. But from her left, Castagire leapt at her, spear in hand. She dodged, a little awkwardly, tripping and almost falling on her back. "Incendantiae!" She threw a fireball at the lancer, but it passed right through her. "What?! An illusion!" Naviri turned her back, assuming a sneak attack was coming, but she was wrong. Castagire had merely been covering her retreat.

"Mmmphh! Mmmphh!" Lyna was still trying to free herself, when Naviri stepped over to her, breathing hard from her exertion.
"Flamma minima," she said, using a small flame to burn away Lyna's bonds.
"Ugh!" Lyna ripped away her gag, pulling herself back up. "Naviri...thank you...thank you so much."
"I'd say don't mention it," the dark mage replied, "but actually, I'd be quite happy for you to mention that I rescued you from being captured again by defeating four of Maharaja's goddesses single-handedly. Where are you going?" Lyna had turned on her heel, running towards Princess Ruhani.

"Mmhhmmhh..." the dark-skinned beauty whimpered as Lyna rushed towards her. Frantically the goddess untied her, taking off her gag, and pulling her into a tight embrace. Overcome with emotion, she choked back tears.
"I'm sorry...I'm sorry..." she said, holding Ruhani against her.
"Don't..." Ruhani said, weakly slipping her arms around Lyna, "Lyna, it's alright..." But Lyna had no ears for forgiveness.
"I get the feeling," Naviri said, "that you have a great deal of explaining to do."

It turned out that Naviri, after their brief encounter in the palace, had followed Lyna, suspicious that something had been going on. Though she'd not witnessed what had happened in Ruhani's chamber, she had witnessed her abduction. She gave chase, but Lyna had lost her in the darkness outside the city, and she only found her again when she saw the lightshow produced by the crystal being extracted from Ruhani.

Safely back within the confines of the city, Lyna and the others were discussing their options under the morning sun.
"So you're saying they have something even stronger than the Dalut?" Terrin said. The story had been a difficult one to digest, to say the least. "What the hell are we gonna do now, then?"
"If they can overpower even this," Fasalina said, clutching the Dalut in her hand, "is it not more imperative than ever that we stop them?" She had used her skills at healing to remove Q'dele's connection to Lyna's sight and sound, though the damage had been done by then, of course.
"Is that our mission now?" Naviri said. "We're not just rescuing Melisande and Gwethena anymore, we're trying to stop them all?"
"I don't know if we could," Terrin said. "But Lyna, you said those four couldn't actually use the shard they took from Ruhani, right?" Lyna had not spoken since explaining what had happened. She only nodded now. "Well we can use ours. Maybe there's still a chance."
"At any rate, we're heading to Wuldang next," Naviri said. "That's where their commander said they were going. They might be meeting Maharaja there."
"Maybe not," Terrin replied. "Remember what Sirena said about a possible alliance between the Tower and Wuldang? They might be going there for another reason. Not that I don't think we should go there, though. It seems like a good place to start. What do you think, Lyna?" Lyna raised her head.
"I..." If she had had anything to say, it never left her lips. For Queen Kara entered the meeting hall, wearing a grave look.

"Lyna," she said. "My daughter has told me of what happened." She lowered her eyes. "To think that a goddess would stoop so low..." Lyna wasn't fearful of the Queen's wrath. She almost welcomed judgement. "They are truly villains. And we once again owe you our thanks. Once again you have rescued my daughter." Lyna was confused.
"Your Majesty, it was Naviri who -"
"I know," Kara said. "Forgive me, mighty Naviri. We are greatly in your debt. But nonetheless, Lyna, you fought against four goddesses more experienced and powerful than yourself to save Princess Ruhani. Your valour will not be forgotten."
"Thank you, Queen Kara," Terrin said, knowing that Lyna did not have the words. "Nor will your hospitality and generosity."
"I understand you travel to the Obsidian Tower by ship?"
"No," Naviri said, "we're going to pursue this Castagire person directly, and we understand she heads for Wuldang."
"I see," Kara said. "I shall tell the boatswain to stand down then." She bowed and left, fearing that her suspicions about Wuldang had been confirmed.
"Are we ready to go then?" Naviri asked.
"An advantage of immortality," Fasalina said, "that I hadn't appreciated before this quest is that one can pack light without too much difficulty. I am ready."
"Me too," Terrin said. She'd obtained an outfit not unlike the one she'd lost in Beatrice's mansion, a tight, dark blue leotard, though this one was a little thinner than her last. Fasalina too had acquired a very similar replacement to her short, white dress.
"I need to do something first," Lyna said, abruptly leaving the room. Terrin shrugged.
"I guess this is something we probably don't want to interrupt..."

Lyna returned to the chamber she'd been given when she arrived. She wasn't entirely sure what she was doing there. Perhaps just wanting to be alone, she sat on the edge of the bed. Guilt racked her. Not only had she put Ruhani through a terrible ordeal, she'd delivered a powerful weapon into the hands of the enemy. The success of their mission, she felt, was becoming an increasingly remote possibility.
"Lyna?" The redhead jumped, rising to her feet. She was very surprised indeed to find Princess Ruhani standing in the threshold of the door.
"Princess? Wh-what can I do for you?" Ruhani closed the door.
"You needn't be so formal, Lyna." A flowing blue dress covered her, its hem trailing on the floor as she approached the goddess. "Please call me by my name." Lyna was almost too ashamed to look at her. It wasn't just what she'd done to her, she realised, it was what she hadn't done. In the end, it had been Naviri who had saved them both, not Lyna.
"Ruhani...why did you lie to the Queen? After what I did...I kidnapped you! I gave you straight to them..." Ruhani smiled gently. It was a smile that pierced the red-haired goddess. It pierced and warmed and soothed her fraught heart.
"I fear she would not quite have understood." Coming closer, she took Lyna's hand in both of hers. "What you did was an act of kindness. You did it to save life. You did it even though it made you suffer." She stared into Lyna's eyes. "I will never forget that, Lyna. You are the most valiant person I have ever known." She leaned in, and Lyna let her. She pressed her lips against the goddess' and Lyna let her. Their lips parted after a long, slow kiss, a kiss that both knew might easily be their last. "Pray, do not forget it either," Ruhani said.
"What I won't forget is you," Lyna replied. "I won't forget your wisdom, or your fairness...or your touch," she said, blushing shyly at the last word "...but..."
"But you have to leave."
"Of course you do," Ruhani said. "You're a hero, Lyna. And every hero has their quest." She turned away, holding back her desire to tell Lyna to stay. "And when you succeed - for all your doubt, you will succeed - perhaps you might return to tell me your finished tale."
Trouble in Paradise 6-3
Alright, alright, alright, welcome one and all to the sixth and pre-penultimate part of the DID epic, Trouble in Paradise! This has been in the works for quite a while and it is also my longest entry into the series - nay, my longest story PERIOD! I've had to split this one into three parts (though the third part is a little shorter). In this part, Lyna and the others make their way to Sirena's homeland, the sunkissed state of Leádra. They hope for respite in their journey, and what perils could possibly await them here?

For Terrin, there may be answers. For Naviri, there may be triumph. For Fasalina, there may be drunkenness, and for Lyna? Well, for Lyna there might be a memorable encounter with a princess. But who knows for sure?

You'll just have to read it and find out I suppose!

Part One here: Trouble in Paradise 6-1
Part Two here: Trouble in Paradise 6-2
So, after uploading Trouble in Paradise 6 - my longest story to date - I gotta say I felt a little burned out. For this reason, it's probably going to be a while before another long OC story. That being said, it also started making me think about different scenarios for other things. As such, this is a rough guide to what you're likely to see coming up.

1. A story featuring Nadia and Fuyu from :iconlostonezero:'s awesome Fantasy Frontier series.
2. Another Eva story. I have three concepts - one featuring Misato and Ritsuko, one featuring Rei and Asuka (focussing on Rei) and another featuring Asuka and Rei (but focussing on Asuka).
3. A new Enhancegirl story (actually a commission from erstwhile pal :iconthedidsquid: )
4. TiP 7
5. Either TiP 8 or another Enhancegirl.

Naturally this is subject to change!


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